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From: Toni

Subject: [tt-inc] Re: just got back from Kinkos with some prices 

     Today I went to Kinko's and Office Depot in Rochester, NY. I
assume many of us have these stores in our areas. I took my small
copy of the book Mary had printed, plus the 8 x 11 I had printed at
work. I asked for quotes on 1000 copies of the small book, told them
this was not final copy and it would need to be accessed on the web.
Kinko's estimate was $2860. plus tax of $228. equals $3088.

     Office Depot gave me a price quote of $3960 for the same job.
That price difference was in the comb binding, perhaps a misquote
from Office Depot. Both stores suggested that I talk with the Print
Center Manager or Commercial Business Rep during the week. If there
is a possibility of a reorder, and the fact that we are a Non Profit,
they should give a good discount. A smaller print shop may give a
better quote as well, particularly if there is a possibility of
repeat business, which there may be.

     These are ideas to discuss and also gives an idea of the value
of the work that Mary has been doing. Office Depot charges $100 to
cut the comb bindings and $12 to cut the paper on the order. (that
must be reversed) In any event, if the Board decides to do something
of this nature, I cannot take the responsibility of having it printed
and distributed in this area. As disabled as I currently am, I could
not carry the book order. As my printer is broken, I could not print
the shipping labels, etc. Then there is carrying these orders to the
post office. Since the fracture of my right fibula (leg bone) in July
of this year, being on crutches for three months being unable to
carry anything, then a cane, and still the leg is unable to bear it's
normal weight, thus disabled I am. Right now I need to focus on
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at least an hour a day. I expect
to slowly go off these email lists and most of my volunteer work
while I am in therapy. Someone else will need to assume this