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Board Meeting

November 23, 1997

"11/23/97 11:29:45 AM","Nancy","The November 23, 1997 Board Meeting of Troubled Times, Inc. will please come to order."
"11/23/97 11:30:29 AM","Nancy","I've placed the agenda on the whiteboard. The first item on the agenda is discussion and vote on the home page example that Geson, our public relations guy, prepared."
"11/23/97 11:30:50 AM","Nancy","I myself have reviewed this, and I belive Gerard has also. Di, did you get a change to check this out?"
"11/23/97 11:30:58 AM","Diana","yup--"
"11/23/97 11:31:05 AM","Nancy","Clipper stated he did not have an opportunity."
"11/23/97 11:31:19 AM","Gerard","i did but i forgot what's on it"
"11/23/97 11:31:30 AM","Nancy","Di, what did you think? Gerard and I have discussed that frames cannot be used by all, some browsers cannot deal with them."
"11/23/97 11:31:34 AM","Clipper","But I am confident in your desisions."
"11/23/97 11:31:55 AM","Diana"," Idon't think that frames are a good idea. tables, and hyperlinks are easier"
"11/23/97 11:32:00 AM","Nancy","My suggestion would be to have Geson put a link into a non-frame version, for use by those who don't have frame capability."
"11/23/97 11:32:15 AM","Gerard","and as far as i know frames loads much faster"
"11/23/97 11:32:53 AM","Diana","but some versions of IE and netscape, and people with slower computers can't load the frames "
"11/23/97 11:33:02 AM","Nancy","Di, I also use tables, but frames allow one to have the left hand side remain static. Perhaps we can let Geson decide what he wants to do."
"11/23/97 11:33:19 AM","Nancy","Perhaps we can state that we want the FIRST page to be a non-frame, with a frame option available!"
"11/23/97 11:33:26 AM","Diana","perhaps make sure that the frame targets are fast loading"
"11/23/97 11:33:34 AM","Nancy","This is what we do in TT, so that if they chose frames they get that from then on."
"11/23/97 11:33:41 AM","Diana","OR--a site map. to go to a non frame page"
"11/23/97 11:33:51 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:34:49 AM","Gerard","good idea, a site map"
"11/23/97 11:34:51 AM","Nancy","OK, we seem to be saying approval of Geson's design (it's quite impressive, this is his profession after all) but with the caveat that he must provide a non-frame version for those who cannot deal with frames."
"11/23/97 11:35:13 AM","Nancy","Does someone want to make a motion (you know I can't do that, being the chair)."
"11/23/97 11:35:18 AM","Clipper","A site map is a good idea."
"11/23/97 11:35:53 AM","Diana","I move that the web page design should be accessable to all "
"11/23/97 11:36:05 AM","Clipper","I would like to make a motion we accept the web page but with a non-frame option."
"11/23/97 11:36:17 AM","Nancy","Do you include accepting Geson's design in your motion?"
"11/23/97 11:36:24 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:36:28 AM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:36:44 AM","Nancy","Clipper has made a motion, which includes Di's motion, that the web page be accepted but with a non-frame option."
"11/23/97 11:36:45 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:36:59 AM","Nancy","Since there have been two motions, I will consider the motion seconded."
"11/23/97 11:37:16 AM","Nancy","All in favor of Clipper's motion say Yes, opposed say No."
"11/23/97 11:37:21 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:37:21 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:37:22 AM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:37:25 AM","Gerard","yes"
"11/23/97 11:37:32 AM","Nancy","The motion has passed."
"11/23/97 11:37:48 AM","Nancy","I'll relay our decision to Geson after the meeting, with the log."
"11/23/97 11:37:56 AM","Gerard","okay"
"11/23/97 11:38:17 AM","Nancy","The second item on the agenda is the business cards that Geson designed. 3 options, which we discussed a bit before the Board Meeting."
"11/23/97 11:39:03 AM","Nancy","The options are 1. the card end up, with the full logo at one end, 2. the card with a verbal logo alternate only, horizontal, 3. the card horizonal with a tiny full world logo at the left side."
"11/23/97 11:39:28 AM","Nancy","Clipper felt option 3 was the best."
"11/23/97 11:39:46 AM","Nancy","I like them all, but think the vertical style would be cumbersome."
"11/23/97 11:39:48 AM","Clipper","I still do."
"11/23/97 11:39:52 AM","Diana","i'm looking at them now"
"11/23/97 11:40:12 AM","Gerard","i think that a good vissible logo would be preferable "
"11/23/97 11:40:36 AM","Nancy","I like the appearance of the verbal logo, as it is easy to read, but this is not the official first choice logo, the world logo is!"
"11/23/97 11:40:52 AM","Clipper","Info would be more important than a big logo"
"11/23/97 11:41:01 AM","Nancy","Gerard, does this mean that the world logo would be better, in your mind, to the verbal logo only?"
"11/23/97 11:41:07 AM","Gerard","that's also right, Clipper"
"11/23/97 11:41:26 AM","Gerard","i have to see them "
"11/23/97 11:41:50 AM","Gerard","i don't have a visual image know so i can't decide right "
"11/23/97 11:41:57 AM","Nancy","Option 3 has both - full text on who and what and address and all, but with the world logo TOO. Perhaps he would make the world logo larger on version 3 .."
"11/23/97 11:41:57 AM","Clipper","Logo's get attention. A small one is good, but info is more important."
"11/23/97 11:42:26 AM","Gerard","I agree with Clipper about the info "
"11/23/97 11:42:36 AM","Nancy","Logo's are mostly important so that there is instant recognition. The big TT in a world will soon be known."
"11/23/97 11:42:52 AM","Gerard","i am right back"
"11/23/97 11:43:05 AM","Nancy","So, given the 3 options, which way are you guys leaning?"
"11/23/97 11:43:14 AM","Clipper","#3"
"11/23/97 11:43:24 AM","Diana","option 3 seems to be the best choice"
"11/23/97 11:43:39 AM","Nancy","I agree that option 3 is best. "
"11/23/97 11:43:45 AM","Nancy","Does someone want to make a motion, etc."
"11/23/97 11:44:14 AM","Gerard","3"
"11/23/97 11:44:16 AM","Clipper","I amke a motion that option #3 business card become our choice."
"11/23/97 11:44:27 AM","Nancy","Does someone second Clipper's motion?"
"11/23/97 11:44:31 AM","Diana","I second that "
"11/23/97 11:45:04 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that option #3 as stated above be the business card of choice. All in favor say Yes, all opposed say No."
"11/23/97 11:45:06 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:45:09 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:45:12 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:45:20 AM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:45:27 AM","Nancy","The motion has passed. "
"11/23/97 11:45:42 AM","Nancy","I believe that actally printing the business cards is another matter, as this costs money."
"11/23/97 11:45:50 AM","Nancy","We can cross that bridge when we come to it."
"11/23/97 11:45:56 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:46:11 AM","Nancy","At least, if available on, we know where to go for the Template of the business card, the format!"
"11/23/97 11:46:11 AM","Gerard","right"
"11/23/97 11:46:23 AM","Nancy","I'll ask Geson to leave this up there for that purpose."
"11/23/97 11:46:24 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:46:38 AM","Nancy","The next item on the agenda is financial status."
"11/23/97 11:47:02 AM","Nancy","I would like to propose that the full financial report be made at our NEXT Board Meeting "
"11/23/97 11:47:09 AM","Nancy","This would be leading into the end of hte year."
"11/23/97 11:47:19 AM","Clipper","I agree."
"11/23/97 11:47:31 AM","Gerard","I agrree"
"11/23/97 11:47:32 AM","Nancy","We determined at an earlier Board Meeting to have quarterly reports by our Treasurer."
"11/23/97 11:47:49 AM","Nancy","However, the start of the quarters was not determined at that Board Meeting."
"11/23/97 11:47:51 AM","Diana","Which would make Nov the due date fro the next one"
"11/23/97 11:48:18 AM","Nancy","I would like to propose that we sync our Treasurer's reports up with our Fiscal Year (part of the Bylaws voted upon by the membership and the Board)."
"11/23/97 11:48:32 AM","Clipper","I agree also"
"11/23/97 11:48:37 AM","Diana","Good idea"
"11/23/97 11:48:39 AM","Nancy","This would mean that reports come at the end or ending of March, June, September, and December."
"11/23/97 11:48:40 AM","Gerard","ok"
"11/23/97 11:48:46 AM","Clipper","Eng of December?"
"11/23/97 11:49:10 AM","Diana","It would make the fiscal year run the same as the regular year"
"11/23/97 11:49:13 AM","Clipper","Agreed"
"11/23/97 11:49:20 AM","Nancy","There are a couple items open before Diane can give a comprehensive report. 1. there are vouchers to be submitted with expense reciepts from Gerard, Clipper, and I believe Brand too on PO box expenses. "
"11/23/97 11:49:21 AM","Diana","Agreed here"
"11/23/97 11:49:34 AM","Nancy","Plus, Clipper, you need to detail your mailing costs!"
"11/23/97 11:49:47 AM","Clipper","Yes."
"11/23/97 11:49:55 AM","Nancy","All this must be in to the Treasurer before mid-December so she can complete the 1997 Balance Sheet!"
"11/23/97 11:50:06 AM","Clipper","Agreed"
"11/23/97 11:50:11 AM","Gerard","by mail or by email ?"
"11/23/97 11:50:18 AM","Diana","both"
"11/23/97 11:50:19 AM","Clipper","By mail"
"11/23/97 11:50:28 AM","Gerard","k"
"11/23/97 11:50:47 AM","Nancy","So, I think we should table the third agenda item until the December Board Meeting, which would be past the 15th as all our meeting are."
"11/23/97 11:50:49 AM","Diana","send me e-mail so I can at least get the Journal straight"
"11/23/97 11:50:55 AM","Clipper","Okay"
"11/23/97 11:51:07 AM","Gerard","ok"
"11/23/97 11:51:09 AM","Clipper","Agreed"
"11/23/97 11:51:20 AM","Diana","Agreed"
"11/23/97 11:51:29 AM","Nancy","Gerard, I sent you my first two Voucher's by e-mail, with a hypertext budget attached for each, as an example. Use e-mail with attach, its so much faster!"
"11/23/97 11:51:50 AM","Gerard","okay"
"11/23/97 11:52:13 AM","Nancy","Well, if all are in agreement to table agenda item 3, take this up in December and have the Treasurer's quarterly reports sync with the annual year, we need a motion on that :-)."
"11/23/97 11:52:45 AM","Diana","I move that the treasury reports sync with the annual end of the year.."
"11/23/97 11:52:48 AM","Clipper","I make a motion that we table item 3 untill December meeting."
"11/23/97 11:53:01 AM","Diana","foe Dec 3 meeting"
"11/23/97 11:53:02 AM","Diana","for"
"11/23/97 11:53:11 AM","Nancy","Two motion have been made but we also need both seconded !"
"11/23/97 11:53:17 AM","Gerard","i second that"
"11/23/97 11:53:40 AM","Gerard","i second that"
"11/23/97 11:53:40 AM","Diana","I'll second Clipper's motion"
"11/23/97 11:53:40 AM","Nancy","I'll take a vote on these one at a time."
"11/23/97 11:54:21 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made by Diane and seconded to syn the quarterly reports up with the annual year, All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"11/23/97 11:54:23 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:54:30 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:54:32 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:54:46 AM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:55:05 AM","Nancy","The motion passes, the quarterly reports will be made at or near the end of March, June, September, and December."
"11/23/97 11:56:00 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made by Clipper and seconded to table the third agenda item until the December board meeting, which would occur during the latter half of December. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"11/23/97 11:56:02 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:56:11 AM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:56:15 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:56:30 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 11:56:53 AM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"11/23/97 11:57:10 AM","Nancy","One thing I'd like to point out on the Budget is that all incorporation expenses for 1997 and 1998 have been paid."
"11/23/97 11:57:31 AM","Clipper","Good"
"11/23/97 11:57:51 AM","Gerard","good"
"11/23/97 11:58:02 AM","Nancy","$155 in 1998, whichcan be covered by the $1,000 gift to be used for incorporation expenses but this is getting tight if used for 1998 too."
"11/23/97 11:58:26 AM","Nancy","My intention was to give a $500 gift for 1998 expenses, which I plan to do shortly, perhaps for December Board Meeting."
"11/23/97 11:58:38 AM","Clipper","Time for seriuos Grant applications."
"11/23/97 11:58:48 AM","Nancy","However, we need to vote on that, accepting the gift, if I am to do so!"
"11/23/97 11:59:11 AM","Clipper","Are we voting for this now?"
"11/23/97 11:59:43 AM","Nancy","Clipper, all we have done so far is putting the structure together. We are even just now discussing the web page and business card formats, and in point of fact, have YET to approach the IRS with an application for non-profit status."
"11/23/97 11:59:57 AM","Nancy","So, we are doing things in the right order, I think :-) "
"11/23/97 12:00:04 PM","Clipper","Okay"
"11/23/97 12:00:10 PM","Diana","I think the gift vote shoudl wait until next meeting"
"11/23/97 12:00:29 PM","Gerard","Yes let's wait"
"11/23/97 12:00:29 PM","Clipper","We may need before the next meeting."
"11/23/97 12:00:45 PM","Nancy","I want to formally state my intention to gift to Troubled Times, Inc a $500 gift to cover 1998 operating expenses. Thsi would be forwarded to the Treasurer prior to the end of the 1997 fiscal year."
"11/23/97 12:01:01 PM","Nancy","If someone wants to make a motion to accept this gift, that would be appropriate at this time."
"11/23/97 12:01:24 PM","Clipper","I amke a motion that we accept the $500 gift from Nancy."
"11/23/97 12:01:30 PM","Diana","I second that "
"11/23/97 12:01:44 PM","Nancy","OK, I'll put it on the next agenda item, as there is enough $ with the $1,000 to cover all actual expenses!"
"11/23/97 12:02:01 PM","Nancy","Ooops, problem with not being face-to-face :-)."
"11/23/97 12:02:12 PM","Clipper","Let's do it now."
"11/23/97 12:02:19 PM","Nancy","OK, a motion has been made and seconded to accept a $500 gift for 1998 operating expenses."
"11/23/97 12:02:27 PM","Nancy","All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"11/23/97 12:02:28 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:02:32 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:02:32 PM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:02:33 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:03:00 PM","Nancy","The motion passes. Look for a check shortly, Di, and then it can be included in your Balance Sheet as an actual or whatever you call it in accounting terms."
"11/23/97 12:03:13 PM","Diana","hehehe great nancy :)"
"11/23/97 12:03:28 PM","Nancy","The last item on the agenda is preparations for the 1023 form."
"11/23/97 12:03:34 PM","Clipper","Thank you Nancy."
"11/23/97 12:04:02 PM","Nancy","I've placed on the whiteboard, page 2 I believe, a copy of what was one the web as a link off the agenda."
"11/23/97 12:04:32 PM","Nancy","I'll tick off the items one at a time."
"11/23/97 12:04:46 PM","Nancy","1. the EIN, which we have in hand. That's a done deed."
"11/23/97 12:05:51 PM","Gerard","k"
"11/23/97 12:05:55 PM","Nancy","2. Certificate of Incorporation. We got a letter from TCC with the content, but this is not an OFFICIAL, signed by a State of Delaware official, etc. This was going to cost us $35 if ordered from TCC, acting as our agent to secure this. I ordered this by phone early this past week, and it should be coming to you shortly, Clipper."
"11/23/97 12:06:22 PM","Clipper","I will look for it."
"11/23/97 12:06:37 PM","Nancy","When this arrives, I will need a few copies. I think the original needs to go to the IRS, not sure yet. We can discuss this when you get it."
"11/23/97 12:06:49 PM","Clipper","Agreed"
"11/23/97 12:07:20 PM","Nancy","3. Articles of Incorporation. Here's where we need to vote on a matter, in my view, as the Articles we voted on July 20 are NOT the same as the Articles that TCC filed with the State of Delaware."
"11/23/97 12:07:46 PM","Nancy","They are in essense the same, and there is no conflict. The TCC version gets more wordy, and our version is terribly brief."
"11/23/97 12:08:12 PM","Gerard","be right back.... "
"11/23/97 12:08:16 PM","Clipper","So, you are saying we should adobt theirs?"
"11/23/97 12:08:29 PM","Nancy","However, we must send into the IRS a copy of our Articles, and we can't be sending them something that differs from what the State of Delaware is going to certify!"
"11/23/97 12:08:43 PM","Diana","maybe take thiers and make it a little more consice"
"11/23/97 12:09:02 PM","Clipper","It has to be the same words."
"11/23/97 12:09:03 PM","Nancy","My suggestion has been to adopt what TCC filed and Delaware acepted as our oficial Articles. They are on Whiteboard page 3, for your review. "
"11/23/97 12:09:45 PM","Nancy","One can compare them to the Articles on the web, if one wishes. I'll get you the URL in a second."
"11/23/97 12:10:09 PM","Clipper","On page 4 you meen."
"11/23/97 12:10:36 PM","Nancy","Clipper, page 4, pardon me."
"11/23/97 12:10:57 PM","Clipper","Would it be too much to ask if we can table this untill next meeting?"
"11/23/97 12:11:09 PM","Nancy","Yes, I think we have to take the Articles as filed, cannot change them. They aren't a problem really, no verbiage that causes problems or creates a conflict."
"11/23/97 12:11:23 PM","Clipper","These are important words and should be looked at carefully."
"11/23/97 12:11:35 PM","Gerard","right"
"11/23/97 12:11:57 PM","Diana","I agree with Clip on that "
"11/23/97 12:12:29 PM","Nancy","URL of what we voted, and what we have on the web, is ../nonproft/articles.htm"
"11/23/97 12:12:40 PM","Gerard","k"
"11/23/97 12:12:51 PM","Nancy","I just reviewed it again, and we are 1. more brief, 2. list the Board Members out. "
"11/23/97 12:13:49 PM","Nancy","What the TCC Articles state is that the number of Board members can be set, and changed, from time to time, etc. "
"11/23/97 12:14:02 PM","Clipper","By who?"
"11/23/97 12:14:49 PM","Nancy","Oops, I just noticed that the whiteboard chops a large text! The full text of what TCC filed is on at ../nonproft/nov19971.htm"
"11/23/97 12:15:28 PM","Nancy","OK, especially as we don't need to have this clarified until I am ready to file the 1023 form, and this will take until next month anyway."
"11/23/97 12:15:42 PM","Clipper","Good"
"11/23/97 12:15:44 PM","Nancy","Please make a motion to table this until next meeting, and someone second this, ec."
"11/23/97 12:16:11 PM","Clipper","I make a motion that we table the bylaws untill next meeting."
"11/23/97 12:16:32 PM","Diana","second that"
"11/23/97 12:16:56 PM","Nancy","Well, Clipper, its the Articles issue that we are tabling. I'll assume that's what you meant, as this was what we were discussing."
"11/23/97 12:17:12 PM","Clipper","Yes, that is what I meant."
"11/23/97 12:17:40 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to table the vote on the Articles, filed by TCC on July 22 and as voted upon by the Board on July 20, at the next Board Meeting. "
"11/23/97 12:17:47 PM","Nancy","All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"11/23/97 12:17:49 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:17:51 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:17:54 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:17:59 PM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:18:06 PM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"11/23/97 12:19:40 PM","Nancy","I note in looking at the TCC Articles that they don't actually say WHO is a board member. They state they are the incorporators, acting as agents for the TT, Inc. membership. They let this all fall to what occurred in the TT Inc. meetings, etc. What happened is that we voted on officers, voted in Bylaws, held board meetings, etc. "
"11/23/97 12:20:07 PM","Nancy","Their standard form is legal in Delaware, covers what the IRS requires, and is not overly restrictive, that's for sure!"
"11/23/97 12:20:41 PM","Nancy","OK, 4. the 1023 requires a copy of our Bylaws, which is no problem, already in hands (I've even printed them off)."
"11/23/97 12:21:03 PM","Clipper","Good"
"11/23/97 12:21:10 PM","Nancy","5. Description of activities, but the IRS states that if this is stated in the Articles or Bylaws that this sufficies."
"11/23/97 12:21:14 PM","Diana","Sounds good :)"
"11/23/97 12:21:27 PM","Nancy","Our Bylaws include a Mission Statements, so I intend to point to all this, for sure."
"11/23/97 12:21:36 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:22:19 PM","Nancy","6. Balance Sheet, which if we all get our gifts and Vouchers into Di in proper time, should be in hand for the (late) December Board Meeting."
"11/23/97 12:22:56 PM","Nancy","This Balance Sheet needs to show Expenses and Receipts, as well as Assets and Liabilities. Guess this is the standard Balance Sheet, right?"
"11/23/97 12:23:15 PM","Diana","Yup :) and the journal, and income statements-----"
"11/23/97 12:23:43 PM","Nancy","Actually, on page 4 of the whiteboard, I've got this as items 6 and 7, both relate to the Balance Sheet."
"11/23/97 12:24:12 PM","Nancy","8. Fund Raising activities description, what we intent to do, what we have done, etc."
"11/23/97 12:24:24 PM","Nancy","As we are new, mostly this is a forward description, our PLAN. "
"11/23/97 12:25:02 PM","Nancy","Here I'm looking for input from our Vice President. Clipper, do you think you could produce a list of foundations and government agencies that we intend to solicite? "
"11/23/97 12:25:41 PM","Nancy","Also, I think we should detail that we have a web site, point to this (I'll include a printout) and state that we intent to register with search engines and post on the Internet, refer to this, etc."
"11/23/97 12:25:45 PM","Clipper","Yes, but the list big. I can have it ready for next meeting."
"11/23/97 12:26:15 PM","Gerard","okay"
"11/23/97 12:26:21 PM","Nancy","Clip, bit is better, I think :-). The point being, we DO intend to solicite!"
"11/23/97 12:26:33 PM","Clipper","Yes we do."
"11/23/97 12:26:36 PM","Nancy","bit=big"
"11/23/97 12:27:15 PM","Nancy","So, since we have deferred the vote on Articles, there is no more business to attend to unless there is an unscheduled item that is pressing. Is this the case? Anything more?"
"11/23/97 12:27:33 PM","Clipper","Targeted solicitaions."
"11/23/97 12:27:59 PM","Clipper","Just a thouht for next meeting."
"11/23/97 12:28:17 PM","Nancy","I can end the official meeting is our business is completed. "
"11/23/97 12:28:22 PM","Gerard","btw Clipper what about what you showd me before Nancy arrived?"
"11/23/97 12:28:24 PM","Nancy","What, Clipper, what thought?"
"11/23/97 12:28:29 PM","Clipper","Business is complete."
"11/23/97 12:28:43 PM","Gerard","k"
"11/23/97 12:28:53 PM","Nancy","The official Board Meeting will be concluded as soon as someone makes a motion to conclude."
"11/23/97 12:29:02 PM","Clipper","That can and should be include as a group at the next meeting."
"11/23/97 12:29:26 PM","Clipper","I make a motion that this board meeting be concluded."
"11/23/97 12:29:50 PM","Nancy","Does someone second the motion?"
"11/23/97 12:29:57 PM","Diana","One more intem...sorry"
"11/23/97 12:29:57 PM","Gerard","i second"
"11/23/97 12:30:00 PM","Diana","item"
"11/23/97 12:30:02 PM","Gerard","k"
"11/23/97 12:30:06 PM","Clipper","Okay"
"11/23/97 12:30:19 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that the meeting be adjourned. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"11/23/97 12:30:21 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:30:33 PM","Clipper","Diana has one more item"
"11/23/97 12:30:36 PM","Gerard","yes"
"11/23/97 12:30:42 PM","Diana","Sorry--I almost forit"
"11/23/97 12:30:48 PM","Nancy","Oops, yes, what is that item Di?"
"11/23/97 12:31:42 PM","Diana","Nancy, i was talking to my International Dir (sufoit/para-4) and we both want to know if there is any way that SUFOIT can help further TT"
"11/23/97 12:32:38 PM","Nancy","Further TT Inc. or the TT web site? They are different. If you are referring to the web site, the volunteer group, then that is not Inc. Board Meeting business."
"11/23/97 12:33:19 PM","Diana","No, TTinc"
"11/23/97 12:33:52 PM","Nancy","What we would need is a proposal from SUFOIT, but what you are asking for here is ideas! Humm .."
"11/23/97 12:34:32 PM","Nancy","I would think that a web link, or basically advertising, would be the biggest help and something that could be done."
"11/23/97 12:34:59 PM","Diana","It will be done"
"11/23/97 12:35:06 PM","Gerard","k"
"11/23/97 12:35:14 PM","Diana","ok-I'm through"
"11/23/97 12:35:15 PM","Clipper","I love it!"
"11/23/97 12:35:21 PM","Diana",":)"
"11/23/97 12:35:21 PM","Nancy","Can we return to the motion to adjour again?"
"11/23/97 12:35:26 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:35:29 PM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:35:32 PM","Gerard","yes"
"11/23/97 12:35:47 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to adjour. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No. And the votes are already rolling in :-)"
"11/23/97 12:35:49 PM","Nancy","Yers"
"11/23/97 12:35:53 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:35:53 PM","Diana","Yes"
"11/23/97 12:35:56 PM","Gerard","yes"
"11/23/97 12:36:01 PM","Nancy","The meeting is adjourned."