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Board Meeting

November 23, 1997

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, and was called to order and proceded according to the published agenda. Whiteboard contents during the meeting were the scheduled Agenda, the 2 Year Budget, Application for nonprofit status requirements, and the Articles of Incorporation as filed with the State of Delaware. 4 of the 8 active Board members were in attendance, a quorum - Clipper, Diane, Gerard, and Nancy. All votes were unanimous, the 50% of the active board required by the Bylaws or better.
1. Approval of Home Page Layout, with the following caveat:
- the Home Page must have a non-frames version available, as an option.
2. Approval of Business Card #3 to be used as the format for any future Business Cards.
3. Vote to sync the Quarterly Report on Financial Status to line up with the Fiscal Year:
- reports will be due toward the end of March, June, September, and December
- the report anticipated during the November meeting was thus deferred until the December.
4. Vote to accept $500 gift from Nancy for 1998 Operating Expenses.
5. Vote to defer decision on Articles files versus approved by the Board until December.
6. Discussion on 1023 Requirements, with following conclusions:
- the President will secure a Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
- the Treasurer will prepare a Balance Sheet for 1997
- the Vice President will prepare a solicitation list
- efforts will target completion for review at the December Board Meeting