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Board Meeting

November 24, 2002

((Brent) OK, ready......Lets call this meeting to order
(Brent) item 1 Ratification of the minutes....comments?
(Gerard) No comments
(Mary) None.
(SteveH) none
(Roger) none here
(Jan) None
(Stan) none
(Brent) OK, then the minutes are ratified as correct....
(Brent) Item 2 Major donation
(Mary) Is this donation different from the one at last meeting?
(Brent) Milly has made an unqualified donation of 1500 to TT Inc
(Mary) Oh sorry, spoke too soon.
(Brent) Yes, Mary....
(Mary) I move we accept the donation.
(Brent) Because it is over 1000, board approval is necessary..... Comments or questions?
(Roger) Thank you Milly! I move to accept this donation.
(Brent) Shirley 2nds
(Brent) All in Favor vote yes, opposed, no
(Roger) yes
(SteveH) yes
(Brent) Brent yes
(Stan) yes
(Mary) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Brent) shirley yes
(Jan) Yes
(Brent) Motion carries, Thank you Milly for the Donation! :)
(Jan) Thanks to Milly as well!
(Brent) Item 3 Booklet.....Mary?
(Mary) We had a major order of 40 books to Colorado, They were mailed on Wed. I have about $160 +/- in postage money left and 155 books. Questions?
(Brent) 40 to Colorado? from one person or group?
(Mary) One person.
(Brent) WoW!
(Mary) Unless we get more large orders like this, we should be good until sometime next year.
(Brent) very good. Shirley:Of course Nancy is doing another show, mabe the orders will increase again.
(Mary) True.
(Mary) Last time the orders were free, we still may get lots of orders.
(Mary) Roger is able to get the books printed and shipped in about 10 days, so we have this fined tuned for reorders.
(Brent) True, even at a minimal cost...
(Gerard) Also order from across the ocean, i mean like foreign countries?
(Mary) Gerad, very few, less than 5 in the last 2 months, if memory serves me right.
(Mary) I must now fill out a declaration form for each overseas order.
(Mary) No big deal, just annoying.
(Brent) Ya, customs forms....
(Mary) Do you know NO orders have been received from S. America or Africa, strange.
(Stan) Has any contingency been made for a rush of orders at the end of March when the planet will be visible to the naked eye
(Brent) nteresting....
(Brent) Interesting
(Mary) Stan, the cost, US for 1st class is only $.10 more, will do that towards the end if needed.
(Mary) Overseas, it's closer to $15.00 US. for 1st class.
(Roger) But how do we estimate how many booklets to have on hand for that eventuality?
(Stan) Yes Roger, that was my question
(Brent) Well, we don't......We'll just make sure we have a good supply on hand, and when they run out, they run out.
(Jan) Mary, I believe they have anough on their plate already in these areas...
(Mary) Also depends on the postal service, if it is still up and going.
(Stan) good point
(Mary) Does the board feel we should keep at least 100 copies on hand at all times?
(Roger) That would certainly be reasonable.
(Mary) Currently we have sent out about 400 books over a 1 1/2 year period.
(Mary) It also depends on whether I can GET to the P.O.
(Mary) I am 24 miles away.
(Jan) Mary, yes I think that would be reasonable, and could server as the last frontier in April / May if & when Planet X is there for everybody to see
(SteveH) That's far away Mary!
(Mary) Well, I do live WAY out of the way.
(SteveH) That's not a bad thing hehe
(Mary) Actually, for rural ..., thats not a bad distance.
(Jan) Mary, the Zetas have stated that transportation should run more or less as normal up until the actual pole shift.
(Mary) Jan, yes I believe that too, unless there is no gas to be had like in the '70's.
(Roger) How long will this board be operating? It was my understanding that most of us would be anxious to get to our safe places and make our final preparation well in advance of May.
(Mary) Good question Roger.
(Brent) Yes, mabe we should discuss this at the beginning of the year....
(Mary) The by-laws also state all inc. property be dispersed to charities, etc. (I think)
(Brent) No Mary, returned to the original doners.
(Brent) If they want it.
(Jan) Roger, I have full Internet services available at my place. I would hope that the board could be operational as long as normal business is possible.
(Mary) Like booklets, printers, servers.?
(Brent) Lets burn that bridge early next year......
(Mary) OK.
(Jan) Also, in case May 2003 comes and goes and nothing happens, we need to properly close down the operation.
(Mary) Anyway, my report is done.
(Brent) Moving right along....Item 4 Thank you Mary! :)
(Jan) We should discuss this further in January / February.
(Brent) Item 4 800 number cancelation....
(Brent) Shirley: so far I have heard nothing from Cass this month. (more)
(Mary) So, no final bill yet? Is the number disconnected?
(Brent) I informed her after last meeting that the cancellation was an offical go.
(Brent) Shirley: I told her that all final bill had to be sent to Nancy.
(Mary) OK, so we wait until more information is received from Cass.
(Brent) Shirley: I just assumed that all this would automatically be done.
(Brent) Shirley: having heard nothing, I will check with Cass to see weather or not everything is finalized. I will inform the Inc via email.
(Jan) brb
(Brent) Shirley: end of comment.
(Mary) Thanks Shirley.
(Brent) Comments or Questions?
(SteveH) nope
(Gerard) no
(Mary) no
(Jan) None
(Stan) no
(Brent) OK, good...shirley will report back via email.
(Brent) Item 5 Server Project....questions?
(Gerard) any idea, when it will be running at the colocation?
(Jan) Brent, no direct questions regarding your server, but a more general question about TT vs. ZT
(Gerard) I know of course you have to find a colo first
(Brent) Gerard: not yet.....I'm finding that
(Jan) Originally, the ZT server hosted both ZT and TT. Now that we have separate TT server(s), the ZT server still points to local copies of TT on the ZT server.
(Gerard) okay
(Brent) most of the ISPs here have all their hardware on another Island...Oahu.
(Brent) Only 1 has hardware here...
(Jan) Should we try to separate ZT and TT better, so that all pointers from ZT properly points out to the TT servers?
(Brent) and I'm still playing email tag with the CEO that I must talk with about price.
(Brent) Also, I'm looking into cable ISP service ( not DSL)
(Jan) Also, how should we organize the 2 TT servers? Being at different locations, yours would have to be a mirror with a separate domain.
(Gerard) Brent: it has to be fast enough the connection as you know in order to do more with the server
(Brent) Gerard: true....I'll make sure of that before I go with cable connection.
(Brent) Jan: first I need to find a colocation company, then reload the software, then worry about domains. As we have 4 mirror sites already, I will just follow the same procedure that has been done already.
(Brent) any other questions or concerns?
(Roger) none here
(Jan) Brent, those are ZT mirror sites, are they not? Anyhow, I agree that this will have to be second priority to getting it up & running at a coloc & connected to the net.
(Mary) no questions or comments.
(SteveH) none here
(Stan) none
(Jan) No other q's or concerns
(Gerard) none here. Brent i am sure you will get it up and running
(Brent) Jan: true, but I believe they also point to TT....not sure though, I will find out.
(Brent) Gerard: thanks....doing my best! :)
(Brent) OK, moving along to Item 6...ongoing projects.....
(Brent) Roger...acerage project
(Brent) Roger?
(Roger) Not much to report. We harvested sweet potatoes and the rest of the fall crop of potatoes.
(Roger) The yield was very disappointing.
(Roger) Most of the beans were lost do to time and weather conflicts. It was too wet, then there wasn't time to get out there, then it was too wet again. The pods never dried out completely and the beans are moldy on the vine!
(Brent) That was the last harvest? You are finished for the year?
(Brent) Wht a shame....
(Roger) We are finished for the year. The ground will lay idle this winter and next spring, Stan and I will have to do a lot of supplemental work to bring the soil conditions were they should be.
(Roger) We had signs of calcium deficiency as well as pH problems.
(Brent) Are you going to plant next year?
(Roger) Yes. Next year should be more of a variety of plants. The beans were mainly a test crop with the hopes that genetic diversity would be maintained. Beans also fortify the soil (added plant matter and nitrogen fixation).
(Roger) Next year's garden will be a combination feeder and seed harvester garden.
(Jan) Roger, when can you start planting in your area? Will you take the potential new geography into consideration when deciding what to plant?
(Roger) Our climatology won't change. We will rotate and swap compas directions, but not move to a different climate "zone." In other words, the planting will start in March, as usual and that takes into consideration the effects of a poleshift of this type.
(Stan) We might get a jump start on some crops if we have time to get some greenhouse type structures up
(Roger) That is true. And we have plenty of space for them.
(Roger) Any other questions?
(Jan) Nope
(SteveH) no
(Brent) no shirley:no
(Roger) end of report
(Mary) None here.
(Brent) OK....Shortwave project....questions?
(Roger) nope
(SteveH) no
(Stan) no
(Jan) Keep up the good work, Shirley!
(Gerard) no questions about the shortwave project,no questions about the garden either from me.
(Brent) Shirley: Thank You! :)
(Jan) No questions though
(Brent) OK....Seed Team; seed distribution......
(Brent) Roger: any comments on seed distribution?
(Roger) Nancy has distributed seed packets to some 60+ persons. I will be reviewing the list of seed she sent and supplementing from the stock here as needed.
(Brent) Great! Thanks Roger! :)
(Roger) She prepared about 150 packets for distribution and when this store is exhausted, I will continue the distribution.
(Brent) More comments?
(Gerard) No comments from me
(Mary) none.
(SteveH) none
(Stan) no
(Jan) Roger, for an area like mine where the climate may change dramatically, are there seed packets that could fit with a new near-equator climate, or should I start collecting elsewhere (like in SA where I am now)?
(Brent) Roger?
(Roger) For the most part, our seed packets include seed that will grow most anywhere. The primary concern will be when to plant and how much watering, etc. is needed to get a harvest. There will be some shortened season concerns, but the packets aren't tailored by climatology.
(Jan) Thanks! No further questions
(Brent) OK.... thats the end of the agenda items....Just a reminder:
(Brent) there will be no December meeting because of the usual.
(Gerard) I already thought so
(Roger) Cool, have a happy holiday season everyone!
(Mary) OK, may we all have a great holiday, one last time.
(Jan) It feels a little too early, but as there will be no December meeting: Happy Xmas to all!
(Gerard) Thank you
(SteveH) :-)
(Roger) I move to adjourn until next year!
(Stan) Happy Holidays to everyone
(Brent) Very good! so if there is no objection....the meeting is adjourned.