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Linux Server Report

The Troubled Times Linux Server arrived in Hawaii safely, and was picked up at the post office on Monday. As it was insued for damage, I was anxious to boot it up. There was no obvious damage to the exterior packing, (thanks Nancy, great job!), but I was concerned about any internal damage. A friend of mine over here was gracious enough to allow me use of his monitor and keyboard to check status. Tuesday morning, I booted the server, and it came up just fine. As I am not familiar with Linux commands, I had more trouble shutting it down safely, than powering it up! I had my laptop with me, and connected to IRC. Fortunately, Gerard was online, and was able to help, (thanks Gerard!). He is also just learning Linux, and after working together about 45 minutes, we were able to safely shut it down.

Jurian then joined IRC, and we discussed software. Awhile back, he caught someone trying to hack this server, and booted them off line before any major damage could be done. However, he is concerned that we need to reload the Linux software. Nancy sent me the original copies of the Red Hat Linux software that went with that particular server, but Jurian would like to update it to a newer, safer version. He would like us to use Debian Linux Ver. 3, and has offered to help me reload the software. It is downloadable from the Debian website for free, or can be purchased from Lunux resellers preburned for a minimal price. There will be no cost to the nonprofit for any of this, as I am donating the time and money involved to get this server up and running. Also, I am donating the collocation costs, once I find a proper facility to house the server.

I would also like to reiterate that I will not be using this server for any personal use at all. I am solely interested in getting it up and running for use by Troubled Times, and/or Zetatalk if necessary.

End of Report