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Board Meeting

November 26, 2000

(Roger) Will everyone please come to order. Let's mark this as the beginning of the November meeting of the Troubled Times Board of Directors.
(Roger) With that, let's address Item #1. Any discussion with regards to last meeting's minutes?
(Nancy) Not from Nancy or Shirley.
(Gerard) Not from me
(Brent) none here
(Shaul) none
(Jurian) none here either
(Roger) Let's consider them ratified then. On to Item #2: please, let there be some discussion about the budget!
(Nancy) This budget was adjusted to remove salary, increase compensation (after the fact for efforts), and bring projects in line with our current project list.
(Roger) The only thing I would question is the 20k for campground. It seems to run counter to the new intent for the Wisconsin site or do we have an alternative site in mind...
(Nancy) If there are no changes, we can consider this the working model, as it is always only considered a guide.
(Nancy) Roger, we cannot use the Wisconsin site for campground, and Montana seems a good alternative. Is there something I'm missing?
(Roger) Probably not, I seem to have forgotten about the Montana alternative.
(Roger) Wasnt' the original intent of a campground to be a place for visitors/volunteers to stay?
(Nancy) Is there anything missing from the budget? That's the key point, as this is a guide.
(Nancy) Roger, this hit the dirt right off in that the Village here would not allow even parking on the street, much less activity like that, and we had a flood that would have washed campers away in the night, also.
(Nancy) Also, with the 30 minute TV documentary, we want to deflect attention from my home, etc.
(Roger) Precisely why I am wondering why we are considering funding a campground? I'm in favor of scraping the concept and using the funds in some other endeavour.
(Nancy) Roger, before any funds would be spend, there would need to be Board approval, etc. This is only a guide, NOT funding approval.
(Roger) We are steering toward video instruction and the use of the server to aid in distribution of video, et al. We should probably not guide ourselves toward 20k in campground funding.
(Brent) A campground in Montana would be good, if folks had a specific purpose in going there to begin with.
(Nancy) I think the idea was to allow projects a hosting site, and also allow get-togethers of like-minded folk, etc., nonprofit folk.
(Brent) Volunteer, help out on projects, etc.
(Nancy) I think the appeal of a campground was that tents/vacation time/casual attendance to help on any projects ongoing there. Prototype development, etc.
(Roger) Any other discussion of the budget?
(Nancy) Indeed, before funding, this would have to be crisp!
(Roger) Jurian, Gerard, Sol?
(Brent) yes, very specific!
(Shaul) nothing at this point
(Gerard) not from me
(Nancy) Shirley says NO! Let's approve it and move on.
(Shaul) fine
(Roger) Okay, strawman budget seems to be fine and will operate as the budget guideline.
(Roger) Item #3 is project status reports.
(Nancy) The strawman includes all items mentioned/discussed on tt-inc. This was much discussed, and Mary offered ther help, many folks liked the idea. Inclusion in the budget is NOT approving funding.
(Shaul) Sure, this is understood.
(Brent) Yes, understood...
(Nancy) Roger, do you want me to start reporting on the first project?
(Roger) Sure, take it away (sorry for not calling on you).
(Nancy) With the help of member Jon and friend Hugh, we setup an apples-to-apples comparison between regular hydroponics using store-bought nutrient solution and worm bed drainage and fish water.
(Nancy) The TDS (nutrient measurement) was 1250+ for regular, 1040 for worm drainage, and only 250 or so for fish water.
(Nancy) They all germinated, out the shoot, same time and appearance.
(Nancy) Now the worm drainage plants look greener, stronger, and larger. The fish water plants are clearly struggling - smaller thought the peas and navy beans are equivalent.
(Nancy) The good news here is that the worm drainage is doing so very well! Just 4 months munching compost and voila!
(Nancy) This was scheduled for fall/winter and is on schedule. Algae tanks are behind schedule, but .. we have no tanks or algae :-)
(Nancy) End of report
(Roger) Excellent work Nancy! Any questions for Nancy?
(Shaul) Great report.
(Nancy) Report on Brochure: I've finished the gardening topic, although I do plan to revisit it.
(Brent) Yes, good news about the worm drainage solution
(Roger) Okay, Brochure report Nancy?
(Nancy) I have started on the Shelter section, and have 2 more pieces under construction - 1 is the domes, and 1 is more non-traditional ideas on housing.
(Nancy) Shirley says: Nancy and I have decided between us, that near the end of the brochure construction, a review must be carried out.
(Nancy) End of report.
(Roger) Good work here too.
(Shaul) Excellent effort, you guys
(Nancy) I was speaking for Shirley, who is on the phone here with me.
(Roger) Shirley, if you need any more consultation on the gardening revisit, feel free to ask :-)
(Nancy) TV Clip and promotion: I spoke with the producer of the 30 minute documentary just a day ago.
(Nancy) We had, as most of you know, a disappointment in that Jason Martell could not find the time or partners to produce what he hoped to - 12th Planet animation and BetaCAM of his interview.
(Nancy) So, Robert is filling this in, and is seeking help in his Tarzana, CA locale.
(Nancy) I put he and Robert the video technician together, thinking his would be help, but the technology is different.
(Nancy) However, Robert the producer states that the 30 minute draft will be ready for review in December.
(Nancy) End of report.
(Roger) Awesome!
(Brent) Excellent
(Gerard) Sounds good
(Roger) Will the server be up in time for us to view this draft?
(Roger) Opps, that's another report..
(Roger) Jurian?
(Nancy) Roger, when the draft is ready, I think we should cut copies for the Board to see, but remember that this is not a nonprofit project, per se. The producer did this all on his own time and funds. So, the nonprofit benefits, but is not in an approving mode.
(Nancy) They are playing Geson's 4 minute clip, in total, at the end. But this is in keeping with our rules on having as much exposure of this clip as possible.
(Nancy) However, I would like you all to see the draft. I'll see what I can do!
(Roger) Cool.
(Gerard) OK
(Shaul) That's good
(Roger) My we have Jurian's report on the Unix server?
(Jurian) I'm not entirely sure where we stand regarding the servers. We should be able to start working on them soon, but as they aren't online yet, there is not much to be done yet, except for some planning, and that's mostly been taken care of.
(Nancy) I can state on the Server project that they are up and running here in the office, my husband in from California and checking them out, etc.
(Jurian) Ah, so we just need to get them on the net, so I can start work on them. That's good.
(Nancy) I can also report that we researched this past week getting online with satellite uplink.
(Nancy) There are 2 operations that are options, but the MS option proved poor.
(Nancy) MS is working with StarBand, EchoStar, and Radio Shack. This is available NOW here, but you must have MS Office 2000 or some such, not UNIX.
(Nancy) The other option is a partnership between Hughs, AOL, Earthlink, and Juno Online, and seems more open to serve the broader public.
(Nancy) They promise this by end of year, but I checked to see if Earthlink serves this area, and they do not, yet.
(Nancy) This is a cheap alternative to the T1, would allow Jurian to get his hot hands on the servers, and we could debug and all.
(Nancy) We will continue to pursue this avenue!
(Nancy) Meantime, if Jurian want me to be his hands, we can do this via IRC, but I'm not sure what this would buy.
(Nancy) End of report.
(Roger) Satellite uplink might be cheaper, but will it be as reliable?
(Nancy) Roger, during heavy rainfall or cloud cover, it's poor, but for debugging and setup, will be OK I think.
(Jurian) It'd probably be easiest if I could just work on them myself, saves us both time. Any kind of connection would work, as it's just configuring and installing software, so if they could somehow be accessed over a network or whatever, that'd be fine, for now anyway.
(Roger) Well, let's leave that for the committee to iron out.
(Roger) Next report is the seed team which is shelling right along...
(Roger) We will be purchasing another 4 packages of Ark Institute seed c/o John Kelso's regular donations and blessings.
(Roger) I personally have not received any return of seed yet this year and am swamped with workload so do not have totals from my own efforts either.
(Nancy) I have a note in that I sent off for Ark free seed, 4 $25 packs for Toni and Roger, as our donor John Kelso approved and will be making a 4Q contribution, etc.
(Roger) Query--what is 4Q?
(Nancy) Roger, I likewise am still packaging the seed we collected here, and can distribute to you and Toni is you need any of this.
(Nancy) Fourth Quarter of the year.
(Roger) Oh (duh)
(Nancy) Clothing (no Wendy), On Foot (no Michael), CGA (no Barry), Radio (no Ron). To my knowledge, there is nothing new here on these projects.
(Nancy) We need to fund Clothing and On Foot, as their plans met with approval, etc., but I think this is later in the Agenda.
(Roger) Yes, it is...for now there is the 800/PO box project.
(Nancy) Ron's classes are on the web, self study.
(Gerard) the point I asked Roger some minutes ago is if I should send them the email for the meeting .. but no need... ... I forgot to email them
(Nancy) 800 number got signed out and physically installed last week. PO box is in hand. We are ready to go re a public contact.
(Nancy) I think I should start polling for individuals willing to fill out Public Access TV applications, now.
(Nancy) I have the specs from the 30 minute documentary producer, but did not want to start this too soon, before the draft was ready, etc.
(Nancy) I would like to pass by the board my thoughts on an answering machine message.
(Roger) Go ahead
(Nancy) I think we should ask for an e-mail or phone number, or a snail mail addy from them.
(Nancy) I think we might also mention our current offering, the web site, radio classes, TV Clip, seed team suport, but that may be too verbose.
(Nancy) Thoughts?
(Nancy) Oh, and we should mention the brochure, if it's ready and I seems it will be!
(Jurian) Just be sure to ask them to spell their email address, or many problems are likely to arise, I think
(Roger) It should be short, be as this is the first contact and they will likely be wanting information, I think it should include most of this sort of information.
(Brent) Some may be reluctant to give out a phone # or snail mail addy. In that case, just directing them to the website may suffice.
(Nancy) Shirley says: I think that we should leave the offerings part, until we get an actual contact from the person returning the call.
(Nancy) Shirley says: otherwise it will be too long, and might cause confusion.
(Nancy) Should we lead with a brief mention of offering, directing them to the URL, and then ask for contact info?
(Nancy) Is that the order? Or should we simply ask then to leave a phone number?
(Nancy) Unless we're actually answering the phone, they MUST leave a number of address!
(Roger) I think that will suffice.
(Brent) I would say direct them to the URL first, then they can always leave contact info later.
(Roger) An introduction is necessary rather than an immediate brush off to the website.
(Brent) Good point...
(Jurian) It might be good to mention the book as well, as not everyone will be able to go to the website ?
(Nancy) We should perhaps mention 1. leave a message, 2. leave contact phone no or addy, 3. offerings. I'll discuss this on tt-inc.
(Roger) Any further discussion? Can we further this by email?
(Nancy) Jurian, the book is not a TT product, and we separate TT and ZT.
(Roger) Okay. Moving on to Item #4... policy for project funding.
(Jurian) Right, sorry, my mistake
(Nancy) As a delayed adendum to 800 number, etc. Shirley may be able next year sometime to be the person answering! This would be great! Very early next year, etc.
(Brent) Sounds great
(Nancy) My recommendation as Treasurer is to establish a discretionary account for these principals so they can draw funds in accordance with the Board's understanding.
(Nancy) This is a limited fund, the Board puts a cap, and as long as they are submitting receipts in accordance with their approved plans, I as Treasurer reimburse them.
(Roger) I advocated for something similar several months ago and am pleased this has come before the board again.
(Nancy) They are requesting small amounts.
(Nancy) This has worked out for our other projects, as ongoing projects involve constant expense, little expense, and an overview approval and review if an overage is occurring is much more efficient all around.
(Roger) This is an excellent time-saving tool and we should use it for all projects. We give blanket approval for unspecified expenses with a dollar limit only.
(Nancy) I move that we fund the Clothing and On Foot projects in accordance with their submitted project plans, a discretionary account.
(Roger) I have a motion, is there a second?
(Jurian) I second the motion
(Brent) I second
(Brent) :)
(Nancy) Shirley and Nancy: YES
(Gerard) yes
(Shaul) yes
(Jurian) yes
(Brent) yes
(Roger) Wait, please, give me a chance to type for a vote!
(Roger) The motion passes!
(Roger) Next item #5, Treasurer's report. Nancy?
(Nancy) Sorry, Roger, I though the votecall had been made!
(Roger) Is okay. I was trying to word it when the votes came flooding in!
(Nancy) The Treasurer's Quarterly Report is as of end of September. Wegner LLP has proved efficent and timely and inexpensive.
(Nancy) I ran up a cash-on-hand ahead of the meeting and we have about $9,000 available. This does not include installing the 800 number, but that is relatively minor.
(Nancy) Our expenses this past month have not exceeded contributions, pleased to say.
(Nancy) Our major donor has not yet delivered a check, so this is a bird out of hand yet.
(Nancy) However, last year this came in January, even later, so this would in fact be early.
(Nancy) I will be going back to Wegner LLP with the end of December figures, so we can do year-end stuff for the Annual Report, etc.
(Nancy) It appears we will NOT need an audit this year, if the major donation comes after December 31st.
(Nancy) We will need to issue 1099
(Nancy) 1099's to those folks who got compensation, and change the term to be, perhaps, volunteer services or some such that does not imply an employee.
(Nancy) End of Treasurer's report.
(Roger) Any questions for Nancy?
(Brent) none here
(Jurian) none here either
(Roger) Okay, next item is the watching room policy (Item #6)
(Gerard) OK
(Nancy) I drafted a Watching Room policy, based on Jurian's e-mail, etc., and it has been on the web as Policy6.htm for this past month. Link off the Agenda. Happy to change this in any way ...;
(Roger) A policy has been drafted and is listed as a link off the Agenda. We simply need to approve this or make changes, etc.
(Shaul) It sounds good, no objections here
(Roger) Is there a motion?
(Gerard) It sounds good and it works fine..
(Jurian) I move we accept the policy regarding the watching room. (please correct me if I'm not doing this right, first time :P)
(Nancy) Shirley says: I move that the policy be adopted as stated.
(Brent) I second
(Roger) Okay with Jurian's motion and Shirley's restatement taken as a second, I call for a vote. All in favor, yes; opposed, no.
(Shaul) yes
(Brent) yes
(Nancy) Shirley and Nancy: YES
(Gerard) yes
(Nancy) I'm getting PING from you folks. Are we still together?
(Brent) I'm still here..
(Shaul) I'm here
(Shaul) probably a 'bot ping'
(Roger) Fine here. Waiting for Jurian's vote...
(Jurian) yes
(Roger) Okay, the motion passes.
(Jurian) Sorry, internet connection is acting up.
(Roger) The next item is for discussion and clarification of the recruitment policy. The floor is open...
(Shaul) I have nothing to say, myself. I'm willing to go with whatever is said here.
(Nancy) The example of a contributor who would be a problem, big time, was given by George recently. We do indeed need an avenue whereby someone like this is NOT invited to join the nonprofit.
(Roger) It's good that the heat has dissapated from the discussion on the lists. But there has been a misunderstanding and we need to iron out the proceedure.
(Nancy) I think I put out a strawman that the committee could put forth a votecall to the Board in these cases, getting approval for omitting such an individual.
(Roger) That's fine, but shall we invite a prospective member to join the list while awaiting the 14 day period?
(Brent) We all still together?
(Jurian) Yes, we are
(Brent) OK
(Roger) Still here.
(Nancy) In addition, I think that if the general view is that tt-inc join should be delayed until the applicant has passed a 14 day period, then we should just clarify the Bylaws. I have no problem with that.
(Shaul) Yup
(Brent) Agreed
(Shaul) That was in answer to 'are we still here...'
(Nancy) Maybe the bylaws should NOT state the applicant starts the process by joining tt-inc, but just by submitting an application, or accepting an invitation or whatever.
(Nancy) Then there would be less confusion, I think.
(Roger) That sounds reasonable.
(Shaul) The bylaws state right now that the applicant starts the process not by JOINING the tt-inc but by submitting an APPlICATION to join
(Nancy) The order should be, to my understanding 1. contributions are made, 2. member either applies or is invited, 3. membership is alerted for 14 day, etc., 4. member is finalized and joings tt-inc. Right?
(Shaul) That's right, and now we're discussing the process for number 2 on that list
(Roger) Yes, I think so.
(Shaul) And I'm saying, that there already is an application which the prospective member submits - it is the application to join the tt-inc mailing list.
(Shaul) Why do we need another application?
(Shaul) Number 2 on Nancy's list was actually divided into two parts by the Membership Committee:
(Roger) Hmmm, that's an interesting point. Could the application also cover email acceptance of an invitation?
(Shaul) First, I invited the person to join, that would be 2(a)
(Shaul) THEN the person whom I invited APPLIED to join, and that would be 2(b)
(Shaul) OK?
(Nancy) Sol, there is an application on the home page, has been for years, etc., so maybe this is confusing or not noticed!
(Shaul) What, you mean a whole official application, in addition to what's on the e-groups site?
(Nancy) We don't say on the home page that membership involves the tt-inc, but rather explain that contributions are required, and what these contributions are.
(Shaul) Do you mean on the non-profit home page?
(Nancy) The person going to that page is then asked to fill out, submit (it's an e-mail to the home page contact) and that starts the process, my understanding.
(Shaul) Well, that's not how the tt-inc accepts new members, has it ever been?
(Shaul) The way members were accepeted before, is that you told them they're eligible, and then they joined the e-groups mailing list, wasn't that so?
(Nancy) Yes, give me a minute, and I'll find the exact URL and how the visitor gets there, etc.
(Nancy) Here's the route. From the home page, it displays on the TOP of the body the word Troubled Times, Inc. If you click on this, it leads to the corporat.htm page, and the top of the list is Application, which if you click on this, leads to the application.
(Nancy) This corporat.htm page also has the 1023 forms, which are required by law, and the Annual Reports.
(Nancy) The Application page states "No fee is required for membership in Troubled Times, Inc. Per the Membership Bylaws, application for membership to the Troubled Times, Inc. can only be made by someone who has been a contributor to the content located at the Troubled Times web site. This is to screen potential members for serious intent and ability to contribute to a cause. If you qualify, please indicate."
(Shaul) ok, I see it. But has anybody ever used it before? That's the question
(Nancy) And asks for them to state their contribution to TT web site content or otherwise.
(Shaul) The question remains, has this method of applicaton ever been used or whether we've just invited anybody who had become eligible
(Nancy) Yes, most of the walk-ins have. Except for the case where I issued a blanket invite to the 146 contributors to the TT web site content last spring.
(Shaul) Who are the 'walk-ins'?
(Nancy) However, it is clear we need an invitation process, as MOST folks do not poke around on our home page!
(Shaul) Right!
(Nancy) Sol, when I was the contact on the application, I'd get this form filled out, and then do the 14 day thing, etc. I'd not reach out to them, they'd apply to me, etc.
(Shaul) Ah, I see. so those are 'walk-ins'?
(Nancy) So, maybe the Bylaws should state either be invited or apply via the Application, and put the joining of tt-inc in the Bylaws after the 14 day period has passed?
(Shaul) It would have to be something like that, then.
(Nancy) Sol, yes, a walk-in from a cyber-stroll point of view :-)
(Shaul) Right
(Roger) It seems there is a resolution in site. Shall we consider wording changes and asking the Membership to vote on it?
(Nancy) I also thing the committee would like a guideline from the Board regarding invitation priority, if they are very busy. Should quantity, quality, and significance of contribution be the guide or oldest first, etc.
(Shaul) I feel that this is a must.
(Shaul) I mean, something of that nature.
(Nancy) Roger, yes, and the reason for asking for a vote would be if we chose to NOT invite, and can the Board be involved in this decision, etc., as in a votecall.
(Nancy) This is a new restriction, not currently in the Bylaws.
(Shaul) Why does the entire membership have to vote on it (not that I'm against having the membership vote, just as a point of order)
(Nancy) Shirley says; I believe that contributions should set the guidelines.
(Nancy) Shirley says: Quality and significance of contributions.
(Nancy) Shirley says: If we have many contributions, and they're not good, then what's the point!
(Roger) Exactly and what about duplicated information?
(Shaul) Well, inclusion in the web-site would indicate that they're 'good', no?
(Nancy) Sol, the Bylaws state that any amendments made by the Board that affects their membership rights MUST be approved by the membership.
(Shaul) Ah, right, ok.
(Shaul) but this does not affect the rights of existing members, only the process of accepting new ones...
(Nancy) Roger, there are some folks who contribute by pointing to a book, and others who creatively lay out a plan or prototype, there are vast differences in contributions, which is generally recognized right off!
(Nancy) I think the committee would just like a word of guidance from the Board, so they feel they are tracking right, etc.
(Roger) So, the clarification is that the prospective member is either invited and submits an application and directly submits and application.
(Nancy) Sol, right, existing membership is not affected.
(Shaul) so, do we still need a membership vote, then?
(Shaul) Sorry if this is just taking up time.
(Roger) The application is considered for a period of 14 days, after which the prospect is subscribed to tt-inc.
(Shaul) Subscribed to the tt-inc mailing list, yes. Such was the gist of my original proposition.
(Nancy) I'll draft a motion, here ...
(Roger) The need for a membership vote is in reference to skipping certain disruptive, yet elligible members as per Nancy proposed Bylaw change.
(Nancy) I move that the Bylaws on membership applications be changed to specify that the process is started EITHER by an applicant filling out the application or a response to an invitation from the committtee .. (more)
(Nancy) and that an undesireable individuals can be excluded from this process if a votecall is made to the Board and the Board approves the exclusion .. (more)
(Nancy) and that this amendment should be approved by the Membership as it affects Membership rights.
(Shaul) I have to tell you guys, this is not that good, because it has the potential to totally flood the Board if there's lots of new members coming.
(Shaul) And I disagree that this affects Membership rights. When one talks of Membership Rights - one talks of rights of existing members.
(Shaul) Those who are not members yet have no 'rights' within an organization, and this is an issue pertaining to those who're not members yet.
(Shaul) I'm sorry if I'm not being clear enough.
(Roger) But it directly influences the future membership of the corporation and the rights of those future members should be represented by a larger group than the board.
(Shaul) Ok, you're right on that one.
(Shaul) It's a deep philosophical issue that we can't solve here.
(Roger) Sol, what do you mean by flood the Board?
(Nancy) Sol, historically, we've had very few exclusion possibility. I can think of two, one of which is before the committee now.
(Shaul) well, if everytime the Recruitment Committee feels that someone shouldn't get invited - they have to have a vote by the Board, right?
(Nancy) There has to be a disruptive element, big time.
(Shaul) If many people start applying, as was once envisioned, there could be many who may be considered undesirable.
(Shaul) It's true that this hadn't happened much before, I agree.
(Roger) This shouldn't occur too often and can be addressed in relatively short time... ie, a blanket disapproval of a list.
(Nancy) Sol, maybe grouping the exclusions would be OK, etc.
(Shaul) So ok, perhaps we can just vote to have that change now, but if the 'flood' of members comes - then we'll need to change this again, because the Board will be voting on this a lot...
(Roger) If the list and the reasons for being on it are on the agenda, the Directors should read in advance and can voice any concerns, etc. prior to the votecall.
(Shaul) Yeah, you're right.
(Roger) I think this is a reasonable solution at present. Do we have a second to Nancy's motion?
(Nancy) Shirley seconds.
(Roger) I have a motion and a second on the issue of recruitment. All in favor, yes; opposed, no
(Jurian) Yes
(Brent) yes
(Shaul) abstain
(Gerard) yes
(Nancy) Shirley and Nancy: YES
(Roger) I vote yes.
(Roger) The motion passes and will now be placed before the general membership for approval by email.
(Nancy) The action items, it seems, would be 1. draft the Bylaw change, 2. issue a votecall to the membership. Whose going to do those items? The new PaL?
(Roger) Seems the most logical choice.
(Roger) In light of that, we should move on to our final item--nomination and acceptance of the next PaL and a decision concerning the tradition of skipping the December meeting in light of a heavy holiday load.
(Brent) I nominate Jurian for the position of new Pal
(Roger) I second that nomination.
(Nancy) I and Shirley nominate Brent.
(Brent) I've already been PaL
(Jurian) erm, please, note that I have NO experience whatsoever, and to be honest, I don't think I'd be a good PaL
(Shaul) Why not?
(Jurian) Because I am very busy with work at the moment
(Brent) Come on Jurian, I didn't have any experience either
(Nancy) The next session includes kicking off the annual elections, very organizational. Shirley does the votecall, however.
(Gerard) Roger was busy too... and he managed it
(Shaul) Give you some good corporate experience, Jur.
(Brent) And the purpose of the PaL is for the board members to GET the experience!
(Roger) Was a fairly easy month!
(Roger) Thanks
(Shaul) You're a lucky man... and you did a good job
(Jurian) I really do not think I have the time for it :/
(Nancy) Shirley says: If Jurian takes the PaL, she will help him with the nomination process, kicking this off, etc.
(Shaul) See, it ain't that hard, man.
(Shaul) The youngest PaL yet!
(Brent) Indeed!
(Roger) Jurian, you would basically have two months to do this. We likely will skip December.
(Nancy) I do think that Jurian would be good at this!
(Jurian) argh
(Gerard) Gerard too
(Shaul) Looks like you got no choice, man...
(Jurian) There is always a choice.. but..
(Jurian) I guess, that with some help, I'll be able to manage..
(Nancy) And in addition, he also serves who does a bumbling job, in that the PaL is supposed to expose the membership to a comparison, etc.
(Roger) Precisely. Too take the pressure off, I nominate Gerard.
(Nancy) Shirley knows the parliamentary procedures very well, and would be a guide, etc.
(Brent) And I move that during the same vote, we skip the december meeting because of the holiday
(Shaul) That's a great idea, Brent
(Brent) Thanks
(Roger) I have also nominated Gerard. Is there a second?
(Jurian) I second
(Jurian) heh
(Shaul) Wait a minute Roger, there was already a motion and a second for Jurian's nomination.
(Nancy) I know of no issues except the annual election, which is stat by now, known. I will volunteer to draft the Bylaw changes, also, and can submit this to the Board for approval before a membership votecall is done by Shirley.
(Shaul) Read back.
(Roger) Yeah, but we can have a choice and a vote!
(Shaul) That's right
(Brent) Lets take care of one vote at a time, mabe?
(Gerard) Of course, but only in case he realy doens't have the time . .
(Roger) Okay, we have a choice between Gerard and Jurian for PaL for the next meeting. I hereby call for a vote for next month's PaL.
(Jurian) I AM very busy with work, as we're getting very close to our deadline and still alot to do..
(Shaul) Jurian you type and read fast, and you have time to read some material and make a posting or two, for sure.
(Shaul) Just sleep less... (:-)
(Nancy) Jurian, the annual elections are a no-brainer. Just call them, then Shirley takes over!
(Jurian) True, I just mean that I have no clue as to what I am supposed to do, but again, I guess I'll manage with some help :-)
(Nancy) We know you're young, but young is often fresh!
(Roger) The vote is between Jurian and Gerard. Mark your choice by typing either person's name (joke in reference to our election problems :-)).
(Nancy) Shirley says: new perspective on life!
(Brent) We'll all help Jurian!
(Jurian) Fresh? only after I've showered, hehe
(Jurian) OK then :)
(Gerard) I think you will manage it with help :))
(Shaul) I vote JURIAN!
(Brent) I vote Jurian
(Nancy) Shirley says: I vote Jurian.
(Nancy) Nancy says: I vote Jurian.
(Gerard) Jurian
(Jurian) Abstain
(Shaul) Wise guy
(Gerard) In fact I had to abstain ...
(Brent) Congrats, Jurian! :)
(Shaul) No, you did right
(Jurian) I'm not supposed to vote for myself, am I now :P !?
(Shaul) Congratulations, oh, young PaL!!!
(Roger) Well, I did nominate Gerard, so I'll vote for him: Gerard!
(Jurian) Thanks brent, I think :-)
(Roger) Jurian, congratulations. You'll do fine.
(Brent) We'll all give you a hand, just ask if you have a problem
(Jurian) OK, and thanks everyone :-)
(Shaul) Juiran will handle it just fine
(Brent) Yup!
(Jurian( I'm amazed by the apparent confidence :-)
(Roger) The other issue is concerning the tradition of skipping December. We have a motion on the table (by Brent) to continue the tradition.
(Gerard) Think so too, with some help i am sure he will manage it ..
(Roger) Is there a second?
(Jurian) I second the motion
(Roger) Will December be skipped? All in favor, yes; opposed, no
(Shaul) yes
(Brent) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Jurian) yes
(Nancy) Shirley and Nancy: YES
(Roger) The motion carries. Jurian will be the PaL for the next two months!
(Shaul) Yyyeeaaahhhh!!!!
(Brent) Not much to do in Dec, though....:)
(Roger) True, true
(Shaul) Just make sure you have a warm coat, that's all.
(Nancy) For January, by the way, Jurian, you need to establish a date when all Board can attend, and on agenda, only Item I know is the Treasure's report.
(Jurian) OK, so, as there is only one item right now, late in januari would probably be best, right?
(Nancy) Shirley asks Jurian to send her the log, immediately.
(Roger) Is there a motion to adjourn?
(Gerard) just email to the list Jurian .... with a few dates mentioned ..
(Nancy) I move that we adjour. Shirley seconds.
(Jurian) Aye, tho there is a small part missing (about one minute) in the log, but nothing important in that part, as far as I know
(Roger) A motion and second for adjournment has been entered, all in favor, yes; opposed, no
(Jurian) I vote yes
(Shaul) yes
(Nancy) Shirley and Nancy: YES
(Brent) yes
(Gerard) I will send mine too... my log ...just in case
(Gerard) yes
(Roger) The motion carries. Thanks all for allowing me to serve. It was an excellent experience. Jurian, (tag) your it! (hehehehehe)