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Board Meeting

November 26, 2000

The meeting was called to order at approximately 18:04, Universal Time. Those attending: Roger, current President-at-Large, and chairing the meeting; Nancy, Shirley, Jurian, Gerard, Sol, and Brent.

Agenda Item 1: Approve Minutes of Last Meeting.
- There being no objection, the minutes of the last meeting were accepted.
Agenda Item 2: Discussion on Budget Review
- The budget was discussed and, though it was not specifically stated, the new strawman budget was implicitly approved.
Agenda Item 3: Report on Project Status
- A report was given by Nancy on the Worms/Hydroponics/Aquaponics/SynergyLab Project, then one by Shirley on the Brochure. Nancy then gave another report on the TV Clip and Promotion, and Nancy and Jurian reported on the status of the servers. Roger then updated the Board on the progress of the seed team.
- Nancy pointed out that since Michael (for On-Foot), Wendy (for Clothing), Barry (for Community Garden) and Ron (for shortwave Radio) were not present, there could be no reports on these projects. However, she asserted that she was certain there was nothing new on any of them.
- The 800 No./PO Box: Nancy stated that the 800 number has been signed out and physically installed, and the PO box is in hand. There was then some dialogue concerning exactly what message should be put on the answering machine. This was not really resolved, and it was agreed that the item needs more discussion. At this point, Shirley said that, very early next year, she may be in a position to physically answer that phone, once the logistics have all been worked out.
Agenda Item 4: Vote on Project Funding
- Motion, made by Nancy, seconded by Jurian: "That we fund the Clothing and On Foot projects in accordance with their submitted project plans, a discretionary account.
- Carried unanimously.
Agenda Item 5: Report on Treasurer's Quarterly Report
- There were no questions on, or discussion of, this report.
Agenda Item 6: Vote on Watching Room Policy
- Motion, made by Jurian and seconded by Shirley: "we accept the policy regarding the watching room."
- Carried unanimously.
Agenda Item 7: Vote on Recruitment Committee
- Motion, made by Nancy, seconded by Shirley: "that the Bylaws on membership applications be changed to specify that the process is started either by an applicant filling out the application or a response to an invitation from the committee.. and that undesirable individuals can be excluded from this process if a votecall is made to the Board and the Board approves the exclusion ... and that this amendment should be approved by the Membership as it affects Membership rights."
- Motion carried, with one abstention.
- Action Items:
Draft the Bylaw change.
Issue a votecall to the membership.
Later, Nancy volunteered to draft the bylaw change; Shirley will then do the votecall.
Agenda Item 8: Vote on President-at-Large
- Brent was nominated, but pointed out that he had already held this position, and Brent then nominated Jurian, Roger seconding. Roger then nominated Gerard, since Jurian seemed reluctant to take the PAL position. Jurian seconded that nomination.]
- There was then a votecall for a choice between Jurian and Gerard. The motion carried for Jurian, with Jurian himself abstaining, and Roger voting for Gerard.
- Motion, made by Brent, seconded by Jurian: "That during the same vote, we skip the December meeting because of the holiday."
- Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Nancy, seconded by Shirley: "That we adjourn." Motion carried unanimously.The meeting was adjourned at approximately 20:18, Universal Time.