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Board Meeting

November 28, 1999

1. Short Wave Internet Classes - Report by Ron
Within the past month, Ron has initiated short wave radio classes, a notice posted on the Troubled Times discussion mailing lists which are essentially open to the public. The intent of the classes is not to teach short wave radio but to encourage the development of a functioning network which can relay e-mail and simple graphics as well as voice. This is one of the corporations prime Objectives. Where such packet relay already exists and is practiced occasionally by ham hobbyists, it is spotty. Ron's network will have the relay stations, among Troubled Times members, which will enable it to function during satellite failures and after the pole shift. Ron earlier signed the Binding Agreement required by the Bylaws.
2. Operations on Home Page - Vote or NOT
Some of the corporations projects are maturing to the point of offerings to the public. Significantly, Geson's video clip, to be made available to TV stations or organizations, and Ron's short wave network classes. There is no spot on the home page menu where such offering can be advertised. The President is recommending that the Home and TT INC buttons be combined such that the TT INC content is a link from the Home page from the words Troubled Times, Inc., and that the TT INC button be replaced with an Operations button linking to a page advertising the corporations offerings. This page would, at this time, include the video clip offering and the short wave network classes.
3. Gift Pool Closure - Vote or NOT
When the Gift Pool concept was added to the Bylaws, the corporation did not have a headquarters or a stable Treasurer arrangement. The Gift Pool was established for the Vice President's convenience as he was the e-mail contact on the home page. The cost of money transfer from the Gift Pool to the corporate accounts is now an unnecessary overhead as the corporation has a stable corporate account local to the headquarters. The Gift Pool concept (the light blue text) should be removed from the Bylaws, the current Gift Pool closed, and contributors directed to the headquarters address and bank account when making contributions. Clipper is verifying the Log of Donation so a single list can be maintained at the Headquarters as Required by the Bylaws.
4. Video Projects Separated - Vote or NOT
Video production was originally setup as a single 1998 grant proposal, when it became apparent that Geson wanted to develope a short film clip and Michel a longer educational video. The Film Clip proposal was set aside for Geson's production, and the Pole Shift video to hold Michel's storyboard. The Pole Shift video was expanded in mid 1999 to include Ron's survival information. It has come to the President's attention that we again needs a split, into at least two more video projects - 1. the Film Clip which has been completed and is in the distribution phase, 2. Michel's educational Pole Shift video, 3. Ron's woods survival with a pole shift Aftertime emphasis, 4. Nancy's concept of a video production showing Solution Sets, in accordance with the corporations objectives. The Board needs to approve again separating video production with conflicting focuses into separate projects.
5. Headquarters Expenses - Vote or NOT
The President is requesting that the current Admin & Ops proposal be Expanded to include payment of headquarters Expenses where they directly relate to the corporation. This request in no way holds the corporate hostage, as the offer to use the site as a headquarter stands, regardless of expenses incurred. Payment of expenses is being not being requested at this time, as no funds exist for such payment, but rather a change to the Grant Proposal is being requested at this time. These expenses have already been paid, by the Treasurer, Vice President, and President. Each expense would individually be approved by the Board, and payment of these expenses could be considered in liew of rental or tradesman expenses.
6. Corporate Accounting Review - Vote or NOT
The current Bylaws state that any gift of $5,000 or more will require the corporation to hire a bookkeeping service. These Bylaws were established at a time when the corporation had a reluctant Treasurer who did not have the time to devote to bookkeeping. At the time, the corporation was not receiving large gifts, so an annual audit in preparation for IRS filing (required when a nonprofit receives $25,000 or more in gifts per year) was not anticipated. Currently, the corporation not only has a headquarters with a resident Treasurer willing and able to do the bookkeeping, it also has an Internal Auditor qualified to review such bookkeeping. In addition, large gifts are a reality, and an IRS filing in 2001 a distinct possibility. The Bylaws should be changed to require an Annual Audit by a CPA, rather than a bookkeeping service. These CPA reviews would be funded by the 5% of Large Grants now required by the Bylaws to be set aside for such purposes. Should the anticipated large gift be received, an initial review of the structure of the accounts should be done without delay.
7. Anticipation of Significant Funding - Report by President
The President has received notice that a significant funding, of perhaps $20,000/year, may be recieved by the corporation. This significant gift is being arranged by the Presiden't film producer, who is in the process of negotiating production of the film The Passage. The President has developed a new Budget with a recommended expenditure plan. The President requests that extensive discussion of this plan be deferred to the end of the Board Meeting, after other business before the Board has been completed.
Film Clip : funding for distribution ($500/year)
Bermed Hut with Metal Roof: funded to finalize ($1,450)
Hydroponics & Worm Beds : funded infrastructure ($2,000)
Hydroponics and Fish Tanks : funded to purchase ($1,200 + $2,400)
Wetlands for Food : wild rice sown reimbursed ($120)
Root Cellar : funded for lumber ($400)
Aftertime Living : funding for kitchen setting ($250)
Video of Solution Sets : development ($2,150)
Streaming Video : funding to build 2 Linux servers ($4,300)
NT Server : funding for co-location ($3,600/year) starting July of year 2000
Purchase of NT Server and software from President ($3,900)
Short Wave Network : intercontinental antenna ($6,000)
Admin & Ops : funded for 1 year ($500/year)
Admin & Ops : 1999 expenses reimbursed ($3,500)
Campground Cottage : funded for repair (additional $1,500)