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Board Meeting

November 28, 1999

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, IRC, and via e-mail. More than a quorum attended - Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Mitchel, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron. All votes carried without opposition.
1. Report on Short Wave Classes
- The kickoff was successful with upwards of a dozen individuals interested
- Chats are being held, a curriculum developed and opinion poles in process
2. Vote on Operations on Home Page
- The Home page and TT INC pages will be combined
- Operations will replace the TT INC button
- Current operations are the Short Wave Radio classes and the Film Clip
3. Vote on Gift Pool Closure
- Closure and change in Bylaws approved
- Article 6 of the Bylaws, Funds, amended accordingly
- Verification of Donor Log due and pending from Clipper
4. Vote on Video Projects Separation
- Principals Michel and Ron agreed to separate projects
- Board approved this change
- Existing Video of Pole Shift will become Michel's exclusively
- Ron and Nancy will draft their projects for next Board Meeting
5. Vote on Headquarters Expense
- Board approved adding expenses to Admin & Ops proposal purpose
- Admin & Ops request updated accordingly
6. Vote on Corporate Accounting Review
- Board approved Annual Audit to replace bookkeeping service
- Article 9 of Bylaws, Grants, amended accordingly
7. Discussion on Potential Project Funding
- President presented new 3 Year Budget
- Items will be prioritized if funding is inadequate, as backup plan
- No objections or new inclusions arose during discussion