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                From:   Brent 
                Date:  Mon Sep 29, 2003  2:57 pm
                Subject:  Re: Resignation from TT Inc. Board of Directors

                I would also like to note for the record that since the beginning of
                the discussion and vote by the membership on the future of the
                nonprofit, it has always been Jan's position that TT Inc. should be
                disbanded. I'll take the issues below one by one:

                "lack of proper accounting" - please see my email addressing this
                issue in reply to his resignation as Internal Auditor.

                "lack of activity and future planning within the Inc." - The last 3
                board meetings have been devoted to this issue exclusively. We have
                also had a membership vote call, and enlisted the support on a
                consulting basis of TT-Forum. This is not an over night process and
                has taken some time to solidify a new direction. From the feedback I
                have received, the majority of members are optomistic about the
                future of the nonprofit.

                "The relationship between the TT Inc and the so-called volunteer
                group." - This issue has alread been explained to Jan several times,
                not only by the board, but many in the membership lists. Jan still
                does not understand that the nonprofit and the INC are two seperate
                groups, and WILL REMAIN THAT WAY. Some how, Jan has felt that the
                nonprofit had or shoud have some sort of control over the volunteer
                groups and website. This will never happen, and has never been
                considered except by Jan.

                "lack of ownership of the tt lists, information free for anyone to
                use, lack of activity on tt-forum." - As far as ownership of the
                lists THEMSELVES, they are "owned" by Clipper & myself. This also
                refers only to the email lists, not the massive Troubled Times
                website of survival information. The information on the website has
                always been free, and will remain so. It was generated by many
                volunteers on their own time. The information was given freely, and
                can be used freely, period. As far as lack of activity on TT-forum, I
                don't see this at all. There has been quite a bit of activity there
                recently, even though it's been five days since the last post. The
                most current solution set being discussed is in regard to CD backup
                of the info on the TT website, so that long term survival info can be
                accessed without relying on the internet.

                "It is my opinion that the TT Inc. <snip> is now without
                justification for further operation." - As I mentioned above, Jan has
                felt this way since the discussion & vote about the future of the
                nonprofit, and I believe was quite surprised when the membership
                voted to continue the nonprofit, but with changes.

                Brent Freemont
                Troubled Times, Inc.