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                From:   Jan
                Date:  Mon Sep 29, 2003  5:21 am
                Subject:  Resignation from TT Inc. Board of Directors

                I hereby resign from my position as Internal Auditor and Vice
                President of  Troubled Times Inc, effective immediately.

                The reasons for my resignation are:

                * The lack of proper accounting and Annual Report for 2002, making it
                impossible to carry out my duties as Internal Auditor.
                Please see the Internal Auditor's statement for 2002 in
       for further

                * The lack of activity and future planning within the Inc.
                Over the 3 last months, the board has been discussing the future operation
                of the non-profit, while the only activity has been less than 2 dozen
                booklet requests. No other projects are currently operating.

                The discussion on future operation ended up as a discussion on booklet and
                mission wording only. No discussion has been initiated on the operation of
                the non-profit as such, suggestion or initiation of any new activities or
                projects, fund raising etc.

                * The relationship between the TT Inc and the so-called volunteer group.
                In a message dated June 21, 2003, I initiated a discussion on the
                relationship between the two entities.
                See for further details.
                This initiative was first obstructed from the July agenda by the VP Admin,
                then tabled by the President in that same meeting, and now omitted from
                the August agenda.

                As a result, the only assets available to the TT Inc. is the non-profit
                section of the ZetaTalk web-site (plus some agricultural equipment and two
                inoperable Linux servers.) The Troubled Times web content is without any
                defined ownership, and free for anyone to use. Currently, it is only
                available as an integral part of the ZetaTalk site. The TT lists are
                likewise without defined ownership. The TT Forum is currently inactive
                with respect to any relevant solution sets, and TT Watch dominated by

                * Unprofessional conduct during the Board Meetings.
                I'll refrain from going into any details on this issue, as the logs are
                available for anyone interested.

                It is my opinion that the TT Inc. has not shown itself capable of dealing
                with the situation arising after the failed ZetaTalk prediction of a pole
                shift in May, 2003, and is now without justification for further operation.

                Jan Rypdal
                former VP & Internal Auditor
                TT Inc