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Asset List
Past and Current

EoY '99 we had purchased gardening equipment, which Ron used during the summer of '99 in Wisconsin. List and Value $1,165.89

Oct '00 3Q accounting List of Assets includes Troy-Bilt tiller and Hydroponic and Aquaponics equipment, all projects in full swing. $12,669.75

EoY '00 Annual Report shows CPA firm hand, excluding software and such items not considered a fixed asset. $12,341.43

Jul '01 2Q Asset Value $11,094.43 depreciated by 10% by CPA firm for '01 and expensed small items, per their policy. $2,628 depreciation and expensed items. $8,466.43

EoY '01 Balance Sheet produced by the CPA firm asset list and value remained the same as Jul '01 2Q $8,466.43

Apr '02 1Q Asset Value again remains the same, no increase in assets, no depreciation for '02 as yet. $8,466.43

EoY '02 Asset Value depreciated by 10% again for '02. $7,619 (note there is a typo on this link page)