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Board Meeting

October 19, 1997

1. Grant Proposal 97-001 - Vote
Draft pole shift fiction called The Passage, a film script. Proposal states that Troubled Times, Inc. would receive 10% of the net profits coming to Nancy, the author, and seeks both a producer and/or investor interested in backing the film. The film draft was distributed to the Board several weeks ago, in preparation for the vote to approve Proposal 97-001 or NOT.
2. Word Template Documents - Discussion
Template documents were distributed to the Board members for consideration, and the Voucher put into use by Nancy, Gerard, and Di. A formal vote is not required, but a Board discussion on these Templates might ensue during the forthcoming meeting.
3. PDF Format for Video - Discussion
Geson provided the group with a PDF Demo on his web site some weeks ago. Discussion of the pros and cons of this medium might ensure during the forthcoming meeting if Geson is able to attend.