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Board Meeting

October 19, 1997

"10/19/97 11:19:13 AM","Nancy","Please come to order so the Board Meeting can begin."
"10/19/97 11:19:25 AM","Nancy","I've posted the agenda on the whiteboard."
"10/19/97 11:19:35 AM","Ron","k"
"10/19/97 11:19:47 AM","Nancy","No one has notified me of additional items to place on the agenda, or voiced an objection."
"10/19/97 11:20:07 AM","Nancy","The first order of business is to consider a Grant Proposal."
"10/19/97 11:20:43 AM","Nancy","This is for production of a film script authored by me, Nancy, with 10% of any royalties going to the Inc."
"10/19/97 11:20:51 AM","Nancy","Any discussion on this agenda item?"
"10/19/97 11:21:11 AM","Clipper","None here"
"10/19/97 11:21:28 AM","Ron","are we asking for 10% of net earnings of film? not sure what 10% referrs to?"
"10/19/97 11:21:38 AM","Nancy","On the webbed agenda, I had a link to a draft of the Grant Proposal, which included links to sample ""snippets"" of the film script."
"10/19/97 11:22:16 AM","Nancy","The draft proposal states that the Inc would receive 10% of all net profits coming to the author, me."
"10/19/97 11:22:40 AM","Diana","how do we plan on having the script made into a film?"
"10/19/97 11:22:42 AM","Ron","thanks for clarification havnt had time to check the web stuff, or even chek my mail.."
"10/19/97 11:22:58 AM","Nancy","Well, I note in looking a what I webbed that I state the 10% in the agenda, but not in the Grant Proposal itself."
"10/19/97 11:23:51 AM","Ron","so it appears that we are looking at a donation from a board member, i have no problem with accepting this funding that you are generously offering the group."
"10/19/97 11:24:25 AM","Nancy","The Grant Proposal states .. in looking at it I see that I clarify in the agenda but NOT in the proposal itself! I need to state the intent of the Grant Proposal."
"10/19/97 11:25:15 AM","Nancy","This Grant Proposal is LOOKING for film producers and/or financial backers wanting to produce the film. Then would come forward, make an offer, and I and the Board would either accept or reject, based on their credentials and intentions, etc."
"10/19/97 11:25:39 AM","Gerard","Okay "
"10/19/97 11:25:59 AM","Diana","what about exposure? we gotta get them to look at it"
"10/19/97 11:26:20 AM","Gerard","That's right, Diana"
"10/19/97 11:26:41 AM","Nancy","For Ron I'll summarize what the Grant Proposal states: It has a Setting heading with snipped of film script as samples. It has a Goals and Objectives heading stating wanting to educate the public in a fiction setting as to positive outcomes of PS, etc. "
"10/19/97 11:27:01 AM","Nancy","It has a Timeline heading stating to coincide with millennium, production ahead of millennium."
"10/19/97 11:27:17 AM","Nancy","It has a Partners heading stating looking for film producers, etc."
"10/19/97 11:27:30 AM","Nancy","It has a Principal heading, stating me, the author, with an e-mail link."
"10/19/97 11:27:35 AM","Nancy","That's it."
"10/19/97 11:28:16 AM","Ron","not sure how to get a film produced, i assume this is actuall a request for proposal (RFP) that you will be sending to many producers, hoping that one will want to produce. if it gets picked up, then we can contract with you for the 10% they dont really have to know this part."
"10/19/97 11:28:26 AM","Nancy","Di, exposure at this point is on the web! Remember, Strange Universe broadcasts this coming Friday and the web is front and center in this, gets a link from THEIR site, etc."
"10/19/97 11:28:37 AM","Nancy","Folks go into ZT or TT and there is a link to the Inc., etc."
"10/19/97 11:28:43 AM","Gerard","Right"
"10/19/97 11:29:01 AM","Nancy","If the Grant Proposal gets accepted by the Board, then there would be a link to it from the Inc home page."
"10/19/97 11:29:15 AM","Clipper","Diana will be back in five..."
"10/19/97 11:29:18 AM","Ron","cool, well have to see the SU bradcast, sound nice."
"10/19/97 11:29:43 AM","Nancy","Ron, yes RFP is the correct concept, and perhaps the Grant Proposal should state that! I see this is confusing to you guys, though was clear in my mind :-)."
"10/19/97 11:30:47 AM","Nancy","I need to clarify that and the relationship to the Inc in the Grant Proposal, state ""this is a Request for Proposal to film producers or financial backers, with 10% of the net royalty proceeds acruing to Nancy, the author, going to Troubled Times, Inc."""
"10/19/97 11:30:52 AM","Nancy","How's that?"
"10/19/97 11:31:10 AM","Clipper","Sounds good"
"10/19/97 11:31:24 AM","Gerard","the same for me.. sounds good"
"10/19/97 11:31:36 AM","Nancy","Ron, Friday October 24, midnight on West Coast but seems to be 1:30 East Coast. Nothing overseas, however."
"10/19/97 11:32:07 AM","Nancy","This Grant Proposal may be setting a precedence, so we should consider this."
"10/19/97 11:32:28 AM","Ron","it is your contract, between you and the production company, therefore i dont see the relevance of the inc dictating any terms on your contract, i do however think that we should send a grant proposal to you aking for funding in that amunt.. i watch SU here almost daily actulally it is 11:30 pm in TX."
"10/19/97 11:32:36 AM","Nancy","Here the Grant Proposal is NOT asking for funding which would in TOTAL go to the Inc, which is what most assume a Grant Proposal would do!"
"10/19/97 11:33:02 AM","Nancy","However, in that I bring forward the work as a COMPLETED ENTITY, the film script completed and already written, this may be an exception."
"10/19/97 11:33:43 AM","Ron","but it would, the only relevant part here is your grant to the inc.. i dont think the inc should have any holds over you as an individual.. you need to seek production of your film as an individual, not as the president of our board... am i making any sense here at all?"
"10/19/97 11:33:50 AM","Nancy","However, we need to ensure that we state, if and when accepting this Grant Proposal, that this in no way opens the door to all manner of authors and writers and artists to rush forward to get their work on the web site, promising to give a percentage to the Inc."
"10/19/97 11:34:14 AM","Gerard","Right.."
"10/19/97 11:34:28 AM","Ron","exactly,, that is why i say we need a contract with you .. regardless of where you get your money from."
"10/19/97 11:34:33 AM","Nancy","Ron, correct. Perhaps the Grant Proposal should state that the film producer would be selected by the author, who owns the work, not the Board, etc."
"10/19/97 11:34:41 AM","Clipper","Right, but the movie should be the exception"
"10/19/97 11:35:17 AM","Nancy","My concern is not that the Board would have a hand in production, being a passive recipient of the 10%, but rather that we not set a precedence for all manner of artists and authors to rush forward with their works, etc."
"10/19/97 11:35:38 AM","Nancy","Note that the subject of the film if very pertinent to the Inc.'s objectives, etc."
"10/19/97 11:35:43 AM","Diana","I can link the outline of the script with my HQ page, that way it will get more exposure "
"10/19/97 11:36:00 AM","Ron","right, TT has no stake in the film this is an individual project of Nancy... What we need is simply a grant proposal to you for funding. and how would this board have any sayin the production, i guess i am missing this link in my mind."
"10/19/97 11:36:19 AM","Nancy","Ron, the Grant Proposal would be my contract with you, would it not? So I need to state in there the basis of our contract! "
"10/19/97 11:36:47 AM","Gerard","i am right back"
"10/19/97 11:37:05 AM","Nancy","I should state ""I, Nancy, the author of the film The Passage, commit 10% of my net proceeds from the production of said film to Troubled Times, Inc."""
"10/19/97 11:37:09 AM","Ron","only a grant proposal stating that you decide to donate a specific amount to be determined at the end of your negitiations... "
"10/19/97 11:38:13 AM","Ron","yup, that is it... and you need not divulge your intents to production companies, unless you feel the need, i doubt that they will care one way or the other what you do with your royalties... i cant imagine any writer tells a production company what they will do with their money.. if the production company itself was to grant us money it may be different."
"10/19/97 11:38:18 AM","Gerard","I am back"
"10/19/97 11:38:42 AM","Nancy","Ron, I want to state ""a minimum of 10%"" so that it can't be constructe to be .000000001% or some such. If my life is in order and I personally don't need the money, I will give more!"
"10/19/97 11:39:11 AM","Ron","i know that. :) feel it. actually,,, "
"10/19/97 11:40:00 AM","Nancy","I will also state, to clarify who owns the work and makes the decision on production company, etc., ""The selection of a production company or acceptance of financial backing is the sole preogative of the author, Nancy."""
"10/19/97 11:40:19 AM","Nancy","Did any of you get a chance to read the script that I sent out a month ago?"
"10/19/97 11:40:22 AM","Nancy","What do you think?"
"10/19/97 11:40:28 AM","Clipper","I read it..."
"10/19/97 11:40:34 AM","Clipper","I love it.."
"10/19/97 11:40:40 AM","Diana","i read most of it-- good so far"
"10/19/97 11:40:46 AM","Gerard","I read it (not the whole script), but it's a good script"
"10/19/97 11:41:03 AM","Ron","sorry, as i said, i have not had any free time in so long... i trust your judgement, and skills though. and support you in any endevour you persue."
"10/19/97 11:41:13 AM","Nancy","Ron, sounds like you were too busy, a state of life I fully understand! :-)"
"10/19/97 11:41:21 AM","Ron",":)"
"10/19/97 11:41:52 AM","Nancy","So, other than the concerns voiced and the text to be included in the Grant Proposal to address those concerns, do we need any more discusison?"
"10/19/97 11:42:36 AM","Nancy","I will include the text within quote "" "" that I outlines as solutions to Ron's concerns. Actually, they were omissions on my part, so that the Grant Proposal was not entirely clear on certain points."
"10/19/97 11:43:04 AM","Nancy","I'll include text to say who owns it, who makes the decision on partner selection, 10% minimum to the Inc., etc."
"10/19/97 11:43:08 AM","Ron","probably not, i feel that it is premature to accept a contract with you until you have your production of the film set up, and we can get you a grant proposal specifying what TT will use the money for"
"10/19/97 11:43:48 AM","Nancy","Ron, you raise a valid point! This is not so much a Grant Proposal as an offer of funding!"
"10/19/97 11:44:03 AM","Nancy","Perhaps the terminology is wrong. Is this a Gift Proposal?"
"10/19/97 11:44:38 AM","Gerard","It seems like a gift proposal to me"
"10/19/97 11:44:38 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"10/19/97 11:44:40 AM","Ron","and you are not really in a position to make this offer in my oppintion until you actuall have a contract to produce the film,,, can you see what i am saying... we need dates, amounts, ect before accepting a gift even.. "
"10/19/97 11:44:59 AM","Nancy","If a Gift Proposal, then the Board agrees they will decide what to do with the money when it comes in. However, most Gifts are slated for specific funding, but not necessarily!"
"10/19/97 11:45:28 AM","Ron","exactly, but dates are necessary for any contract to be valid.. and i dont think you can give us any dates yet? "
"10/19/97 11:45:38 AM","Nancy","Ron, then how does it get on the web for exposure? It must be a Gift or Grant Proposal and accepted by the Board before a link can be make from the Inc home page!"
"10/19/97 11:46:15 AM","Gerard","That's a good point Nancy "
"10/19/97 11:46:32 AM","Nancy","Ron, the Grant/Gift proposal is just that, a PROPOSAL, and does not become a GRANT until money is in hand and actually offered. Humm .."
"10/19/97 11:46:41 AM","Ron","we can allow you to put your proposal on our pages, as a service to others act, each will be looked at by the board, as i assume other authors will also see our pages as a venue to promote their works, and we will have to see if they fit our mission before allowing web space,"
"10/19/97 11:46:54 AM","Ron","i am quite comfortable with allowing your RFP to be publicized on the pages."
"10/19/97 11:47:45 AM","Nancy","We have the concept of Grant Proposal in which someone would say ""I'll work on worm recipes if I can get $5,000 for worm bed production"" or some such. This is a Grant Proposal and if accepted by us and and posted on the web site, then it is a PORPOSAL only."
"10/19/97 11:48:19 AM","Nancy","Then someone comes forward with the $5,000 and we accept the GRANT, and now the proposal is removed from the web and a grant gets placed in our accounts, etc."
"10/19/97 11:48:22 AM","Nancy","Right?"
"10/19/97 11:49:15 AM","Nancy","So .. the word Grant Proposal would be appropriate, as if the proposal gets a grantor, meaning a production company or financial backers offering royalites, THEN it would be a funded GRANT!"
"10/19/97 11:49:28 AM","Nancy","What's missing, I think, is what would be done with the money, if forthcoming."
"10/19/97 11:49:46 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"10/19/97 11:50:00 AM","Ron","ok. it would be used for furthering our mission i would assume."
"10/19/97 11:50:15 AM","Clipper","I think we hold that untill you get the film going."
"10/19/97 11:50:17 AM","Nancy","Ron, well stated on venue to promote works, etc. The point being that this film is VERY appropriate to our mission, the Inc. mission, in my thoughts anyway."
"10/19/97 11:50:30 AM","Ron","i envision a page someday, sayint we are looking for the following projects to fund:"
"10/19/97 11:50:54 AM","Ron","list of projects, and deadlines for proposals to meet the goals, and decide based on the proposals we get who to fund."
"10/19/97 11:51:13 AM","Nancy","Ron, if you accept this Grant Proposal, it should be a link off the home page, and your wording is appropriate for a lead-in to the list, yup."
"10/19/97 11:51:34 AM","Nancy","We have Board Meetings, and would have Grant Proposals, as lists down the home page, side by side."
"10/19/97 11:52:13 AM","Ron","i would also not say ""5000 for worm farm"" but that we are looking for research prljects on alternate protien production.. and accept many alternative ideas with budgets before deciding how much to fund on what project."
"10/19/97 11:52:43 AM","Nancy","I think in the Grant Proposal I need to state ""10% to be used at the discretion and direction of the Board of Directors of Troubled Times, Inc."""
"10/19/97 11:53:13 AM","Ron","good wording.."
"10/19/97 11:53:30 AM","Nancy","This way, it would be treated like a gift to the Inc., not funding of a specified activity."
"10/19/97 11:53:57 AM","Gerard","Right"
"10/19/97 11:54:08 AM","Clipper","Then we choose what to do with it..."
"10/19/97 11:54:20 AM","Ron","if and when you get your contract until then it is a moot point to TT."
"10/19/97 11:54:27 AM","Nancy","Ron, last month we had a list of acceptable proposal subjects voted on, a list of subject that the Board agreed they would entertain. It included the items you mentioned."
"10/19/97 11:55:17 AM","Ron","i would suggest that tt only submits grants to only funders with the means to offer a grant. not to be cynical, but it could take years to get a film produced from a raw script... "
"10/19/97 11:55:34 AM","Nancy","Ron, you mentioned deadlines for proposals to meet goals. I think the deadlines are all past and the time terribly tight, so that is all moot too!"
"10/19/97 11:56:11 AM","Nancy","Are you saying that we want to do thus and so, and need money by this date, etc.? I'm not aware of any such deadlines, per se. "
"10/19/97 11:57:25 AM","Nancy","Ron, in the Grant Proposal, I state ""Partners will be evaluated based on their demonstrated capacity to produce and distribute films"""
"10/19/97 11:57:41 AM","Ron","that is because we dont have funds to fund any projects, lets assuem TT had a million dollars inthe bank.. then we could prioritizae areas of research we want funded, and state that all proposals need to be by december 31, and that grants will be awarded on jan 31.. for instance.. but since we are undercapitolized at this time, "
"10/19/97 11:58:21 AM","Nancy","Then I go on to specify that the MOTIVES of the production company are also to be evaluated, and ""partners must agree not to dilute the message the film is relaying"""
"10/19/97 11:58:32 AM","Ron","again this is between you and your production comanies, i dont see where TT has any investment in your film, other than to offer you a means to promote your script to companies. you own the work, you need to get a contract, and you can do what you wish with personal assets.."
"10/19/97 11:59:16 AM","Nancy","Ron, OK, I see what you're saying! If we are assigning funds, and perhaps this or that will not be funded unless X comes through, then dates are appropriate!"
"10/19/97 11:59:25 AM","Clipper","I think the movie is very appropreate to TT, inc and exceptions to help get it produced are necessary."
"10/19/97 12:00:23 PM","Nancy","So .. as a Grant Proposal the film The Passage is looking for a Grantor in the form of a production company or financial backer, and then become a Gift to the Inc. Right?"
"10/19/97 12:00:28 PM","Ron","I guess i need to re-read the mission, but as i see this it is your intellectual property, and unless you sign over some rights to TT we dont have the right to tell you who produces your film."
"10/19/97 12:01:00 PM","Nancy","I need to clarify that Gift part in the Grant Proposal, under the heading Gift, so that the flow of money to the Inc is clear."
"10/19/97 12:01:37 PM","Clipper","The film should not become a gift. It should be Nancy's film. But what I am saying that we need to help as a corporation to get it produced some how."
"10/19/97 12:01:40 PM","Nancy","Ron, correct, no rights, and I mean to include the sentence I put in quotes above re that. This will be clarified,. Good point :-)."
"10/19/97 12:01:47 PM","Ron","or to set up ANY restrictions on who produces your film for you, you can have anybody do it you want the money is a separate issue completely as it is a contract between us and you. if you hit the lottery you can also grant us money,,"
"10/19/97 12:01:51 PM","Gerard","I am right back.. getting some coffee.. brb "
"10/19/97 12:02:23 PM","Nancy","Clip, if I as the author have sole rights to select the production company, then the Inc is just a passive recipient of the 10%."
"10/19/97 12:02:34 PM","Nancy","However, anyone wanting to help is welcome, etc.!"
"10/19/97 12:02:50 PM","Clipper","Nancy needs the back up of the corporation. As an individual. a producer can run right over her."
"10/19/97 12:03:08 PM","Ron","do we have any other choice, we have no authority to control the personal assets of board members,, that would be like the board telling me i can only sell my car to a service to others personality... "
"10/19/97 12:03:14 PM","Nancy","Producers would know that I confer with you guys, for sure!"
"10/19/97 12:03:48 PM","Clipper","I see your point Ron. This should be some sort of an exception some how."
"10/19/97 12:04:31 PM","Nancy","Anyway, I may only be 5'4"" and of the female variety, but I don't get run over easily. I'm reminded of the little woman who came to grapple with the spirits in Poltergeist, the movie. She was about 4"" and in going in alone to face them, said ""stand back you'all, you're messing up the vibes"""
"10/19/97 12:04:38 PM","Ron","exactly, they know we are here, but if she needs to define her role, is she acting as the president of our board, or as an individual... i dont see how we can support individual goals of our board members and still keep our objectivity. if you were going to give us the script then we could negotiate contracts for you, but if not,we have no legal basis to dictate what you do with it."
"10/19/97 12:04:39 PM","Nancy","Something like that anyway."
"10/19/97 12:05:24 PM","Clipper","It is a freindship thing"
"10/19/97 12:05:52 PM","Nancy","Well, the Grant Proposal will say this is my property (already does) that I have sole rights to select a production company, and that the Inc. is a ""passive recipitent of the 10% in proceeds"", so that there can be no confusion. How's that?"
"10/19/97 12:05:58 PM","Ron","and we can offer our support morally and spiritually to nancy, but we have not got a legal foot to stand on if we try to dictate what she does with her personal assets."
"10/19/97 12:06:00 PM","Clipper","I want nothing out of it personaly, just want to help protect the film."
"10/19/97 12:06:25 PM","Ron","and i would ask for credits in the movie in exchange for your web space i feel this is appropriate."
"10/19/97 12:06:48 PM","Nancy","Ron, correct. I don't think with the wording included, the above wording that I've put between quotes so that none can be confused, that this will be an issue."
"10/19/97 12:08:24 PM","Ron","clip, it is our duty as a board to protect the interestest of the Inc. we have fiduciary duties... we have to keep objectivity and treat this exactly as we would any other author asking the same, understand, our status as a non-profit entity could come into question if we enter into ""non-arms-length"" agreements with affiliated people... it could be construed in a court of law later that nancy is trying to gain tax free status with the corp if we were to promote her individual interests also... just a thought."
"10/19/97 12:08:34 PM","Nancy","Ron, GREAT THINKING! I'll state ""Additionally, Troubled Times, Inc will be mentioned in the credits of said movie."""
"10/19/97 12:08:40 PM","Nancy","Do we want to get more specific?"
"10/19/97 12:08:45 PM","Clipper","My oppinion is....I don't care if TT, inc gets anything. the film is very important. I will help accept money if need be but is not my prority."
"10/19/97 12:10:12 PM","Nancy","Ron, do I need to state ""In accepting this Grant Proposal the Board of Troubled Times, Inc. in no way accepts responsibility for the production of the film, The Passage, nor is the Board acting in any fiduciary capacity."""
"10/19/97 12:10:17 PM","Nancy","How's that?"
"10/19/97 12:10:22 PM","Ron","i agree the film is important... dont get me wrong, i just want to make sure i am representing TT in this matter"
"10/19/97 12:11:06 PM","Nancy","Re the credits, beyond just saying the Inc will get a mention, lets design the content of the Credits! How should this be phrased?"
"10/19/97 12:11:16 PM","Nancy","Some movie credits say ""Thanks to .. """
"10/19/97 12:11:17 PM","Ron","i would think that would be appropriate nancy, do you see my point about being sued someday for tax evasion? this org is not a tax shelter for our personal monies... and we need to say that..."
"10/19/97 12:11:22 PM","Ron","i was thinking of something. like "
"10/19/97 12:11:27 PM","Ron","exactly "
"10/19/97 12:12:00 PM","Ron","THans to ""tt"" for their support in providing information and making this film a reality. or something like that."
"10/19/97 12:12:25 PM","Gerard","I am right back"
"10/19/97 12:12:41 PM","Nancy","Ron, I could also say "" .. and in no way is it to be constructed that production of the film, The Passage, has tax exempt status or is being produced under the gist of a non-profit organization"""
"10/19/97 12:12:43 PM","Ron","i move that we designate 2 megs of disk space to nancy to use for her proposal to production companies, to put up the script for revew."
"10/19/97 12:12:51 PM","Diana"," as far as the ""thanks to"" thing, that isn't really important right now. That can be neogeotiated when the contract is drawn up for film production"
"10/19/97 12:13:55 PM","Ron","right d. we will have a lot of work to do later, now we must offer suport, and expect nothing in return... if the contract is negotiated then we will work directly with nancy about funds."
"10/19/97 12:14:53 PM","Nancy","The credits should state ""Special thanks to the membership and board of Troubled Times, Inc. for their support and assistance in making this film a reality."""
"10/19/97 12:14:55 PM","Ron","and we may find ways you need help in promoting your film later, but now our only asset is the web page and i cannot in good faith commit more assets than we own as a corp."
"10/19/97 12:14:57 PM","Nancy","How's that?"
"10/19/97 12:15:06 PM","Ron","looks good to me."
"10/19/97 12:15:25 PM","Clipper","Good!"
"10/19/97 12:15:28 PM","Gerard","good"
"10/19/97 12:15:31 PM","Diana","ok"
"10/19/97 12:15:53 PM","Ron","""the strengh in a board is diversity"""
"10/19/97 12:16:07 PM","Nancy","Of course, as it moves to distribution, we can come back to the exact wording :-). Time for that, for sure."
"10/19/97 12:16:18 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"10/19/97 12:16:25 PM","Nancy","Ron, quite agree!"
"10/19/97 12:17:31 PM","Nancy","OK, as I've put in quotes the text I intent do include in the Grant Proposal, are we ready for a motion? Please remember to include not only the Grant Proposal as put on the web, the film script as provided to the Board for review, and the text changes included in this Board log. All that bounds the proposal being put to a vote."
"10/19/97 12:18:45 PM","Ron","i move that we allow the author ""Nancy"" to place a request for proposal on out web site, in anticipation of getting a film produced from script that we have reviewd as it is accordance with our mission statement."
"10/19/97 12:19:10 PM","Clipper","I second that motion"
"10/19/97 12:19:45 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"10/19/97 12:19:55 PM","Ron","Yes"
"10/19/97 12:19:57 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"10/19/97 12:19:57 PM","Diana","yes"
"10/19/97 12:19:59 PM","Clipper","Yes"
"10/19/97 12:20:01 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"10/19/97 12:20:06 PM","Nancy","The motion has passed. "
"10/19/97 12:20:25 PM","Nancy","The second item on the agenda is discussion only, if necessary. Template documents."
"10/19/97 12:20:39 PM","Ron","Congratulations nancy you now have a venue to put out your RFP, i recommend you utilize other means of spreading your rfp also. :)"
"10/19/97 12:20:47 PM","Nancy","I sent those out as a zip attach to e-mail to the Board Members, and the Voucher is already in use."
"10/19/97 12:21:03 PM","Clipper","What is an RFP?"
"10/19/97 12:21:07 PM","Gerard","I didn't use the voucher yet, still have to send it"
"10/19/97 12:21:20 PM","Nancy","Ron, yes, but it needed a home that folks could readily visit :-). Now it has that home."
"10/19/97 12:21:44 PM","Nancy","RFP = Request for Proposal, meaning that I want producers to make me an offer, essentially."
"10/19/97 12:21:52 PM","Clipper","Got it"
"10/19/97 12:22:13 PM","Ron","yup, and hopefully you will get more thatn one.. on to the next order, do we have the forms on the white board?"
"10/19/97 12:22:58 PM","Nancy","Di, I sent you a Voucher for incorporation costs. Does that look OK?"
"10/19/97 12:23:06 PM","Diana","looks fine :) "
"10/19/97 12:23:21 PM","Nancy","Ron, no, but I'll put them up. Give me a minute!"
"10/19/97 12:23:34 PM","Ron","thanks"
"10/19/97 12:23:59 PM","Gerard","I will send mine this week, i didn't felt that well for a couple of weeks, and other things at my mind"
"10/19/97 12:25:39 PM","Ron","we are approving the forms themselves, not the content correct?"
"10/19/97 12:27:26 PM","Nancy","OK, I've got the invoice on the whiteboard!"
"10/19/97 12:28:08 PM","Clipper","Where?"
"10/19/97 12:28:10 PM","Gerard","I don't see it"
"10/19/97 12:28:17 PM","Gerard","k.. now i see it"
"10/19/97 12:28:23 PM","Nancy","Ron, correct, and I wasn't sure if the forms themselves were something the Board would need to approve. We are either discussing them or approviing them, not clear to me."
"10/19/97 12:28:45 PM","Nancy","I inserted the Invoice as the first whiteboard page, in front of the agenda."
"10/19/97 12:28:53 PM","Clipper","I say we approve them"
"10/19/97 12:29:21 PM","Diana","I have to go to work, the forms are fine for me, if you guys agree with them. "
"10/19/97 12:29:52 PM","Gerard","I approve the forms "
"10/19/97 12:29:56 PM","Nancy","These are template documents that Word 6.0 provided, standard. The Invoice and Purchase Order are standard. I made up the Voucher as we needed some way to submit expenses to Di and they didn't have a Voucher in their list of templates."
"10/19/97 12:30:44 PM","Ron","due to the lack of resources it is important to keep investment in our board by the members at this time, and i agree that we should approve the formes we use,,, but the treasurer has the authority to pay or deny invoices based on the validity of claims, and the audit committee will have to check her judgement.. i like the forms, are we gonna have any three parts printed or anything, or just use them from word for now?"
"10/19/97 12:31:10 PM","Ron","i secont geralds motion they look great from here."
"10/19/97 12:31:11 PM","Nancy","Looks like the form got chopped! I'll try again with the bottom half."
"10/19/97 12:32:09 PM","Nancy","I was only planning on having an electronic form for now, as there is a spot on the far left corner for a tiny logo, when Geson gets these made up. We could have printed forms, but as we operate exclusively on the Internet for now, this suffiices. "
"10/19/97 12:32:38 PM","Gerard","Ron: just for the info, it's Gerard not Gerald :) "
"10/19/97 12:32:47 PM","Diana","I'm going to work now. Have to be there at 3:30 . let me know if everyone agrees with the present forms."
"10/19/97 12:32:52 PM","Nancy","When we get Grants to operate research or prototype sites, etc., and are operating off the Internet with suppliers or whatever, THEN we will probably need printed forms."
"10/19/97 12:33:08 PM","Nancy","Printing costs money, and unnecessary expense at the current/instant time, no?"
"10/19/97 12:33:21 PM","Gerard","bye Diana"
"10/19/97 12:33:30 PM","Ron","i agree, just checking "
"10/19/97 12:33:36 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to approve the template forms."
"10/19/97 12:33:46 PM","Nancy","All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"10/19/97 12:33:51 PM","Diana","Yes"
"10/19/97 12:33:55 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"10/19/97 12:33:57 PM","Clipper","Yes!"
"10/19/97 12:34:03 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"10/19/97 12:34:05 PM","Ron","yes"
"10/19/97 12:34:21 PM","Nancy","The motion passes. Of course, this issue can be revisited as necessary in future."
"10/19/97 12:34:30 PM","Diana","have a good meeting all :) "
"10/19/97 12:34:39 PM","Clipper","Woof!"
"10/19/97 12:34:41 PM","Ron","absolutely at least we have standardized forms, that is a great first step. "
"10/19/97 12:34:43 PM","Gerard","thanks"
"10/19/97 12:34:44 PM","Diana","Yip "
"10/19/97 12:34:45 PM","Nancy","The last item on the agenda is a matter that should be deferred, my thoughts, as Geson is not here."
"10/19/97 12:34:47 PM","Diana","bye :)"
"10/19/97 12:34:50 PM","Gerard","bye"
"10/19/97 12:34:55 PM","Ron","merry parting diana, "
"10/19/97 12:35:29 PM","Nancy","Clip, now the world knows that one of our Board member is in reality .. Super Dog! "
"10/19/97 12:35:52 PM","Clipper","Yep!"
"10/19/97 12:36:05 PM","Nancy","I did state on the agenda that this was a discussion item only, and only if Geson were present, which he is not."
"10/19/97 12:36:15 PM","Ron","sounds like a plan... i also have other priorties this afternoon our ""week without violence"" kicks off today with a dedication of a park to the victims of domestic violence, and i have to be there."
"10/19/97 12:36:48 PM","Nancy","If there is no objection, I'll close the Board Meeting. Are there any other issues that should come before the Board?"
"10/19/97 12:37:01 PM","Nancy","(Remember, we must give 3 days notice if material is to be reviewed.)"
"10/19/97 12:37:18 PM","Ron","not that i know of,, hope by the first of the year i can put the energy into this that is requied.. "
"10/19/97 12:37:26 PM","Clipper","No objections here"
"10/19/97 12:37:33 PM","Nancy","No objections having been raised, the meeting is adjourned."