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Board Meeting

October 22, 2000

The meeting came to order at approximately 18:10, UT. Present: Shaul, President-at-Large, and Chairman of the meeting; Roger, Jurian Gerard, Brent, and Shirley. Also in attendance were two observers, Wendy and Michael, who had been asked to report on the status of their respective projects.

Agenda Item 1: Approve Minutes of Last Meeting.
- There being no objection, the minutes of the last meeting were accepted.
Agenda Item 2: Vote on Review Committee for Server Software
- Motion, made by Roger, seconded by Brent: THAT we install Jurian as Chairman of the Software Committee in Ron's absence.
- Carried unanimously.
Agenda Item 3: Vote on Approving Router and T1 Line
- Motion, made by Roger, eventually seconded by Jurian: THAT provisional approval of the T1 Line be offered, with the provision being two-fold.
- The first provision being the receipt of the necessary grant funds as anticipated.
- The second provision being additional comparison of cost and access limitations of other providers, namely Sprint Ion.
- Carried unanimously.
Agenda Item 4: Vote on Compensation for Brochure Efforts
- Motion, made by Jurian, seconded by Roger: THAT we compensate Shirley for her brochure efforts.
- Carried, with Shirley abstaining.
Agenda Item 5: Vote on Approving Watching Room for Guests
- Motion, made by Roger, seconded by Brent: THAT we draft a policy stating that a watch room be used by visitors of our Board Meetings.
- Carried Unanimously
Agenda Item 6: Discussion on Absent Staff
- There was some confusion here because although absence of officers is covered in the bylaws, the situation of having to have a President-at-Large is a temporary one, so the discussion concerning what should be done if the Chairman suddenly left the meeting, for whatever reason, was fairly relevant, and the more so since during it, Shaul's connection to the net terminated.
- While waiting for his return a very short dialogue took place re the Seed Team Project, followed by a longer discussion concerning instructional videos for the Clothing Project, and streaming video in general.
- Upon Shaul's return, he agreed to formulate something regarding Item Six, for the next meeting.
Agenda Item 7: Vote on 800 Number Change
- Motion, made by Roger, seconded by Brent: THAT we approve the purchase of an answering machine for the headquarters that will be capable of recording at least 90 minutes of messages.
- Motion, made by Roger, seconded by Brent: THAT this purchase is NOT in lieu of an 800 phone number, but in addition to it.
- Both carried unanimously.
Agenda Item 8: Report on Treasurer's Quarterly Report
- In view of Nancy's absence, this item was tabled for the next meeting.
Agenda Item 9: Discussion on Budget Review
- It was agreed that this item warranted more discussion on the TT-Inc. list, and it was postponed until the next meeting.
Agenda Item 10: Report on Project Status from Principals
- A report was given by Helena on the status of the brochure preparations, which are, as of now, slightly ahead of schedule.
- The project status reports included in Nancy's email message were taken as read.
- At this point, discussion on Item 10 was paused. Discussion of Item 10 was resumed after Agenda Item 11.
- Jurian stated that his report on the server had already been covered in Agenda Item 2.
- Michael then reported on the On-Foot Project. He stated that nothing has really changed since he posted his summary on the TT-Inc. list.
- No reports were given on either the Community Garden, or the Short Wave Radio Projects.
Agenda Item 11: Vote on President-at-Large
- Shaul nominated Roger for next month's President-at-Large, and Brent seconded the nomination. However, on realizing that the President-at-Large could not make a nomination, it was agreed that Brent's second would stand as the nomination, and Helena then seconded.
- Everyone was in favour, except for Roger's abstention.

Motion, made by Gerard, seconded by Jurian, that the meeting should be adjourned. Carried unanimously.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 20:45.