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Board Meeting

Oct 23, 2005

The meeting was called to order at approximately 17:56 UT. Those attending: Roger, (chairing President), Gerard, and Nancy.

Agenda Item 1: Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
- Since there were no objections, the Minutes of the last Board Meeting were considered ratified as correct.
Agenda Item 3: Projects Review – Discussion
- The inventory of CD twinsets is currently at 600, with 380 twinsets shipped. The inventory of booklets is currently at 1,100 with 990 shipped. This inventory is considered adequate for present demand.
- The postage account has been depleated, but Roger is using the Paypal account to cover postage. The nonprofit has approximately $2,700 at present, adequate funding.
- For the next booklet printing, the address and phone number on the back cover will be changed. PO Box 249 in Baraboo, WI will be dropped and replaced with PO Box 10 in North Freedom, WI. The 800 number listed will simply be dropped, as it has been inactive for some time.
- Germination tests on seed collected in 2000 in Wisconsin proved 95% or better for meal corn and Diakon raddish and tomato, but only about 65% for spinach.
- The Kansas server has been setup on Roger's LAN, using a DMZ. The next step is to install the OS. Providing the CD and booklet content to those wanting to distribute to the public for free is anticipated to be a prime use of the server.
- Troubled Times website of survival content is often featured on the new Blog radio show, The Connection, hosted by Nancy. A pre-taped ad for the nonprofit CD and survival booklet is featured often. Guest from the tt-forum message board are also featured, discussing survival issues as experts. The Blog is increasing phenomenally in popularity on the Internet.
Agenda Item 4: Adjournment
- The meeting was adjourned at 19:00 UT.