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Board Meeting

October 23, 1999

1. Film Clip Approval - Vote or NOT
Geson's film clip had not yet been viewed by all Board members at the last Board Meeting in August, 1999. The CD received by Nancy was circulated to Ron, then Roger, then Clipper, then Shirley for their review. Board members in Europe (Jan, Gerard, and Michel) were able to retrieve it from Geson's web site. The clip is now ready for an approval vote. Lacking a quorum on this vote, any absent members will be polled via e-mail.
2. Film Clip Distribution - Discussion on Approach
A VHS copy of the film clip, in both common formats, will be requested from Geson upon approval of his clip. Since the August, 1999 Board Meeting it has been learned that free air time is limited and usually given to nonprofits sponsored by Hollywood stars and the like. A member has expressed interest in a copy of the CD for his local club. Thus, broad distribution to any club or station willing to give coverage might be an option. The cost of copies and distribution has not yet been determined.
3. Acceptance of $3,000 Contribution(s) - Vote or NOT
The corporation has received several generous $1,000 gifts from the White's in Michigan. $1,000 has a stipulation that it be used for the bermed hut and another $1,000 has a stipulation that it be used for the metal roof or dome which is to be a protection from high winds. The third $1,000 carried no stipulation.
The Bylaws state in Article 6, Section 2, that Gifts of $1,000 or less, carrying no stipulations or restrictions, do not require review or approval by the Board of Directors, but all gifts over $1,000 or which carry stipulations or restrictions do require such review and approval by the Board of Directors. Thus, acceptance of these gifts requires approval of the Board.
Since separate funding to build a Biodome prototype has recently been made available for Duralock Panels, Inc., and since the prototype client wishes this 30 foot dome to be situated on the bermed hut site and partially bermed, it may be possible to combine the effect of these two contributions. The $1,000 specified for a metal roof may have to be accepted, conditionally, upon the donor's wishes being ascertained and accommodated.
4. Distribution of Gifts - Vote or NOT
Additional gifts have been received, including a $500 (nonspecific) gift. This combined with the $1,000 nonspecific gift from the White's of Michigan presents the Board with over $1,500 in available funds to be distributed. Where much work on the prototypes has been accomplished, there are allocated funds for the campgrounds (including cottage repairs) and worm beds that have not yet been spent or put to use.
The headquarters site is hosted by Nancy, who has given up her paid job to move to the locale, and is temporarily financially distressed and over extended. During the April 26, 1998 Board Meeting, a Caveat on acceptance of $1,500 from Nancy as a gift for startup costs was placed on acceptance of the gift. The gift was to be repaid at a future date, when funds were available. Since taxes of $1,300 will be due in January, Nancy has called in this Board resolution at this time. The April 26, 1998 vote required discussion an approval by the Board prior to any such repayment..
5. Quarterly Balance Statement - Report by Treasurer
The Bylaws require the Treasurer to report on the financial status of the corporation, quarterly. The Treasurer has prepared a Balance Statement. The purchase of a copy of Quickbooks for the Internal Auditor has been make, which will be shipped pending verification that the software is compatible with the Treasurer's version.
6. Conditional Use of Headquarters - Report by President
The Village has zoned the headquarters site for residential use, but a business can be operated from the home contingent upon compliance with a Village Statute that require a hearing to be held and approval by the Village Board. The Board next meets on November 14, 1999. The President intents to apply for such use, pay the $150 fee required for the hearing, and address any questions raised. Until such approval is granted, no shingle can be hung on the premises.