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Board Meeting

October 23, 1999

10/24/99 11:20:35 AM,Nancy,Let's start the meeting, as we can expect Ron momentarily.
10/24/99 11:21:30 AM,Clipper,Don't forget I have to cut and paste to Shirley
10/24/99 11:21:48 AM,Nancy,We have in the current NetMeeting Nancy, Roger, Gerard, Clipper, and Jan. Ron is about to join, rebooting. Shirley is online via Clipper. Michel may be in IRC and is expected to join. We are starting the meeting.
10/24/99 11:22:29 AM,Nancy,The first agenda item is Geson's film clip. Approval was tabled last meeting due to many Board Members not have viewed it yet. We circulated the CD.
10/24/99 11:22:47 AM,Nancy,Roger and Clipper and Shirley, have you viewed or listened to the CD, and comments please?
10/24/99 11:23:38 AM,Nancy,Ron put his comments into a posting on tt-inc, which were essentially that he approved it as is, thought thought the Sitchen and Velikovsky text moved by too fast to read.
10/24/99 11:24:14 AM,Clipper,I have veiwed it, but had to do it on Lou's computer. I talked to Shirley and she said it would be a waste of time to send it to her since it had no voice over and she can not see it.
10/24/99 11:24:44 AM,Nancy,My understanding is that being a teaser, and having the zetatalk URL present at all times, those who want to actually read the text will go there or get the books, etc. It is not meant for the public to read, but to understand that related info is available from Sitchen and Velikovsky, etc.
10/24/99 11:25:07 AM,Roger,It looked excellent to me. My wife viewed it as well and commented on its fast pace, but said she would log onto the site for more info. Stan Marshall (the geologist lurker on the forum) came over and I let him see it too. He thought it was excellent as well.
10/24/99 11:25:11 AM,Nancy,OK. She will vote on this based on our comments then.
10/24/99 11:25:17 AM,Ron,I'm back
10/24/99 11:25:32 AM,Nancy,Hi, Ron, we are discussing the CD, Geson
10/24/99 11:25:57 AM,Ron,ok, will listen a minute
10/24/99 11:26:07 AM,Nancy,I explained (repeated what you said on tt-inc posting) re the text moving by too fast, but that this was a teaser to get folks to go to the site,, etc.
10/24/99 11:26:42 AM,Ron,The video is good enough for me.
10/24/99 11:27:02 AM,Nancy,If you missed Roger's comments, we can repeat. Jan, I think you stated that you also approved, could make some changes but then we'd NEVER get it out the door, etc. No one 100% approves, etc.
10/24/99 11:27:03 AM,Clipper,I liked the heck out of it.
10/24/99 11:27:21 AM,Nancy,Lets vote on approving it then. I cannot make a motion, someone?
10/24/99 11:27:46 AM,Ron,I move that we accept Geson's video for distribution.
10/24/99 11:27:55 AM,Jan,Nancy, you're right. I made my comments during the last board meeting, and am just waiting for the discussion to end so we can vote
10/24/99 11:27:57 AM,Nancy,A second?
10/24/99 11:28:03 AM,Clipper,I second
10/24/99 11:28:04 AM,Jan,I second
10/24/99 11:28:12 AM,Ron,yes
10/24/99 11:28:15 AM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded that we accept Geson'
10/24/99 11:28:34 AM,Nancy,Geson's film clip for distribution. All in favor say yes, opposed say no.
10/24/99 11:28:35 AM,Nancy,Yes
10/24/99 11:28:39 AM,Roger,Yes
10/24/99 11:28:42 AM,Jan,Yes
10/24/99 11:28:53 AM,Ron,yes
10/24/99 11:29:22 AM,Gerard,yes
10/24/99 11:29:43 AM,Nancy,While the votes are coming in, lets move to Agenda item #2. I did not have time to call CNN to see what one does with such a film clip, but Clipper did some exploration re Ad Council.
10/24/99 11:29:50 AM,Gerard,

(Michel) yes
10/24/99 11:29:54 AM,Clipper,Yes (and waiting on Shirley)
10/24/99 11:30:47 AM,Nancy,There was an insight in that Granville also wanted the CD, to show to a local club.
10/24/99 11:31:16 AM,Ron,back in a moment
10/24/99 11:31:28 AM,Nancy,This may be a route to get ONTO national TV such as via CNN. If many local clubs, all over the place, are viewing it, it will be exposure and many voices will press to have it viewed on major media, etc.
10/24/99 11:31:56 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) what is a local club?
10/24/99 11:32:04 AM,Clipper,I would have to try it here and see how the system works. I have a friend who would help me get it on the air here.
10/24/99 11:32:13 AM,Jan,Roger has been awfully quiet. He does appear in the meeting list, but I doubt he is actually on. Roger, are you there?
10/24/99 11:32:14 AM,Nancy,I think that we should make a copy of the video available to any club or group or media outlet that requests it, and advertise it's availability on Usenets, on the home page, etc.
10/24/99 11:32:47 AM,Gerard,That might be a good idea Nancy
10/24/99 11:32:52 AM,Nancy,Michel, any club like a gardening club or fishing club that is only operating in a local area, but which would be interested in viewing the film clip.
10/24/99 11:33:33 AM,Nancy,Roger voted, but quiet since then. Perhaps getting a cup of coffee.
10/24/99 11:33:46 AM,Ron,I'm back
10/24/99 11:34:18 AM,Clipper,I think he may have problems seeing Jan's messages
10/24/99 11:34:42 AM,Nancy,I have noted on the Agenda that we need to cost out reproduction of the film clip. Ron states that we need VHS, and since the film clip would be made available worldwide, perhaps we should offer it in both PAL and N.. whatever the American version is, etc.
10/24/99 11:35:01 AM,Roger,I don't see either Jan's or Ron's messages.
10/24/99 11:35:03 AM,Jan,And I don't see his. If he can post and you read it, that's OK with me.
10/24/99 11:35:15 AM,Nancy,Roger needs to get off, and reconnect to the meeting?
10/24/99 11:35:52 AM,Clipper,I'm not sure whether I should vote on this; I think I will vote yes to
accept it, because if everyone else says it's good, then I believe it must be. Besides, Geson is an artist; under these circumstances I vote in favour.
10/24/99 11:35:55 AM,Nancy,I am getting Roger's messages, and Jan's so will repeat them as both Roger and Jan are connected to me.
10/24/99 11:35:59 AM,Clipper,FromHelena
10/24/99 11:36:05 AM,Gerard,Isn't it so that there are 3 systems Pal, NTSC and Secam
10/24/99 11:36:15 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) We got two local tv stations over here in the area of Amsterdam that are called AT5 and KleurNet. They both reach a wide audience. Shall I contact them via their website and ask them if they are interested in checking the cd out and if they like it if they want to show it twice a day for a week for free?
10/24/99 11:36:15 AM,Roger,Tried that last meeting. Didn't make a difference.
10/24/99 11:36:37 AM,Nancy,Shirley, your vote is actually not needed, as we have a quorum already. The motion passes and the film clip is accepted for distribution.
10/24/99 11:37:13 AM,Nancy,I will contact Geson to ask that he provide us with a master copy or copies that can be used for reproduction, and we can reproduce here in Wisconsin at the headquarters, etc.
10/24/99 11:37:13 AM,Ron,I can't see Roger either.
10/24/99 11:37:15 AM,Roger,My netmeeting window shows all in attendance, but the chat window shows only three other persons using chat.
10/24/99 11:37:27 AM,Gerard,I think a page from AT5 mentions the Troubled Times webpage if that's the staion, so maybe they could be interrested in it...
10/24/99 11:37:45 AM,Jan,Nancy, I think Geson has that equipment. Didn't he actually volunteer to do that conversion? The clip as we have it now is not of acceptable quality, it should only be regarded as a teaser. Too hevily compressed, and PC video is never of any good quality anyhow. We need the VCR (PAL and NTSC) tapes!
10/24/99 11:37:46 AM,Nancy, I see Roger and will pass along and repeat anything he says, or that Jan says so he can see Jan also.
10/24/99 11:38:00 AM,Nancy,Jan Nancy, I think Geson has that equipment. Didn't he actually volunteer to do that conversion? The clip as we have it now is not of acceptable quality, it should only be regarded as a teaser. Too hevily compressed, and PC video is never of any good quality anyhow. We need the VCR (PAL and NTSC) tapes!
10/24/99 11:38:04 AM,Roger,and Ron?
10/24/99 11:38:21 AM,Nancy,I will also pass Ron's comments along.
10/24/99 11:38:40 AM,Nancy,Jan, Geson did volunteer, and is just waiting for our approval vote, etc.
10/24/99 11:38:55 AM,Jan,I will try to h\log off and on and see if that helps. Right back!
10/24/99 11:39:35 AM,Ron,Everyone should connect to Gerard, so we can all see each other.
10/24/99 11:39:45 AM,Clipper,Yes
10/24/99 11:39:58 AM,Clipper,ICQ is where it's at
10/24/99 11:40:08 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) I once contacted them and mentioned troubled times and zetatalk, never got a reply.. If they have a link already to troubled times then they indeed might be interested. Refering to AT5
10/24/99 11:40:20 AM,Nancy,Lets move alone to Agenda item #3. Ron and I will cost out reproduction costs, and I will contact Geson for the master copies. Next Board Meeting we can adress distribution specifics. Clipper will inquire re a broadcast there, etc. We will have more info shortly, in a month.
10/24/99 11:40:32 AM,Roger,thanks. I agree about the PC video quality. VCR tapes are often used here for direct marketing. They usually are sent out by mail to those that request them (the tapes that is).
10/24/99 11:41:17 AM,Clipper,Agreed
10/24/99 11:41:32 AM,Nancy,Item #3 is acceptance of the $3,000. Our Bylaws require a Board Vote on anything $1,000 or more, or any smaller amount that specifies how it should be spent.
10/24/99 11:41:57 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) Maybe Geson is leading a hectic life at this moment, too busy to focus on the aftermath now of the production of the clip to tape... do we have other people who might be able to do this in the tt? We have a lot of members right now, thee might be one or two who can and will do this if we ask.
10/24/99 11:42:12 AM,Jan,What a wonderful gift. Do we know the Whites?
10/24/99 11:42:35 AM,Nancy,Since the contribution, Ron has looked at the foundation, and concluded that the stone foundation is NOT solid enough to support a good bermed structure, especially given earthquakes in this area likely during the shift, etc.
10/24/99 11:43:05 AM,Nancy,Also, he has priced metal roof's and thinks one may cost up to $5,000. Too pricy for a demo prototype, etc.
10/24/99 11:43:13 AM,Clipper,They found us through the Inc site
10/24/99 11:43:48 AM,Nancy,They wrote me in an e-mail at the same time they were corresponding with Clipper.
10/24/99 11:43:54 AM,Nancy,Michigan couple.
10/24/99 11:44:41 AM,Nancy,Yet another new piece of info is that my Japanese translator, who is visiting here, wants to be the first Biodome3 client and build a 30 foot diameter metal dome, bermed, near here.
10/24/99 11:44:52 AM,Roger,These gifts could be seed monies for the intended purposes. We could assign them for these purposes and then borrow from these funds for other projects as needed.
10/24/99 11:45:11 AM,Nancy,Since the Biodome3 panels allow a dome to be dismantled and moved elsewhere, he can move later if he wants.
10/24/99 11:45:36 AM,Nancy,Roger These gifts could be seed monies for the intended purposes. We could assign them for these purposes and then borrow from these funds for other projects as needed.
10/24/99 11:46:08 AM,Nancy,I am willing to let him setup on the old barn foundation, and he is willing to let his home be a model for others to view, an inside tour by invitation or appointment only, etc.
10/24/99 11:46:23 AM,Clipper,We also have another $100 from John Kelso for Seeds, ect
10/24/99 11:46:51 AM,Jan,Nancy, the information on Biodome 3 goes for a very large structure. Are there any revised plans for such smaller biodomes? (I could be interested myself in persuing this further)
10/24/99 11:47:13 AM,Nancy,Ron and I have been so burried in the many parallel tasks going on here, that we only yesterday located the White's e-mail address. so we have not had time to explain alternate uses for their $1,000 designated for the metal roof.
10/24/99 11:47:14 AM,Ron,Clipper, what is the current Gift Pool total?
10/24/99 11:47:29 AM,Roger,I need that $100! I agreed to wait until this meeting to request it since we didn't have the funds to reimburse me at the time.
10/24/99 11:47:46 AM,Nancy,Clipper, would you verify what they stated the purposes of their $2,000 designated for the bermed hut and metal roof. Are these their words?
10/24/99 11:48:29 AM,Clipper,$3,432.14 as of 10/20/99
10/24/99 11:49:08 AM,Nancy,Jan, the Biodome3 inventor, Kurt Haberman, can make any size structure, and has done a Japanese version for this client. Can be quanset, square, any size, etc.
10/24/99 11:49:14 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) I am also interested in a smaller biodome version, as the big one is only an option for the filthy rich.
10/24/99 11:49:37 AM,Clipper,Not without sorting through email to find it, but yes, thats about it.
10/24/99 11:49:38 AM,Nancy,I am noting that Roger needs more Seed TEAM funds for postage, etc.
10/24/99 11:51:30 AM,Nancy,OK, to move onto the next items and not lose our opportunity to vote, lets accept the White's gifts. The $1,000 not designated can be accepted as we can determine what to do with it later. The $1,000 for the bermed hut can be accepted and used for a back hoe and clearing the site, no small thing with the stumps. The 3rd $1,000 for the metal roof needs special treatment.
10/24/99 11:52:06 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) Tell Roger that the seeds he send me look alright.
10/24/99 11:52:19 AM,Nancy,I think we can accept the 3rd $1,000 if we state in the motion that we will NOT spend the $1,000 until the White's have been contacted re a revised bermed hut with metal roof plan, and agree how this $1,000 should be spent, etc.
10/24/99 11:52:35 AM,Nancy,Roger, can you see what Gerard posts OK?
10/24/99 11:53:08 AM,Roger,Yep
10/24/99 11:53:42 AM,Roger,I move that we accept the $3000 gift from the White's per Nancy's explanation.
10/24/99 11:54:03 AM,Clipper,I second
10/24/99 11:54:37 AM,Nancy,Would someone make a motion re accepting the $3,000 from the White's? The motion should state that the $1,000 designated for the metal roof not be spend until the White's are contacted and agree to a new plan, i.e. a metal dome on the site. Since they mentioned this in an e-mail to me, I think we are actually all on the same page!
10/24/99 11:54:56 AM,Jan,It would be a shame to turn down a donation because we cannot comply with the consitions. I propose we enter into a dialog with the White's. If they cannot accept any other use, let the USD 1,000 sit in the checking account till we gert enough additional donations to afford that roof.
10/24/99 11:55:34 AM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded that we accept the $3,000 from the White's, one $1,000 not to be spend until the White's are conferred with and concur with a new designation for the $1,000. All in favor say yes, opposed say no.
10/24/99 11:55:37 AM,Nancy,Yes
10/24/99 11:55:42 AM,Jan,Yes
10/24/99 11:55:45 AM,Roger,Yes
10/24/99 11:55:50 AM,Ron,yes
10/24/99 11:55:51 AM,Gerard,yes
10/24/99 11:56:19 AM,Clipper,Yes
10/24/99 11:56:31 AM,Clipper,Awaiting Shirleys reply
10/24/99 11:57:17 AM,Nancy,6 is a quorum, so while awaiting Shirley and Michel's response, the motion has passed!
10/24/99 11:58:03 AM,Gerard,Michel is saying yes
10/24/99 11:58:16 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) I say yes
10/24/99 11:58:27 AM,Clipper,:-)
10/24/99 11:58:41 AM,Nancy,Agenda item #4 is distribution of funds, not designated. There is $200 more than Ron was aware of, I think, so we do have funds. Ron, what is the total of the non-designated funds available to be distributed?
10/24/99 11:59:10 AM,Nancy,This is considering that $2,000 from the White's is NOT in the pool to be distributed as nondesignated funds available, etc.
10/24/99 12:00:27 PM,Jan,I believe the $3,432.14 in the gift oppl are the $3,000 and the $500 donations. What is in the checking account?
10/24/99 12:00:41 PM,Jan,oppl = Pool
10/24/99 12:00:59 PM,Nancy,While Ron is computing the nondesignated fund total, I will place into the log my request that Jan's stipulation on April 26, 1998 Board Meeting and Clipper's motion at that time be called in, that being that the startup cost gifts be compensated to me later. I could use the money to pay this years taxes of $1,300 which will be due in January.
10/24/99 12:01:07 PM,Nancy,Jan I believe the $3,432.14 in the gift oppl are the $3,000 and the $500 donations. What is in the checking account?
10/24/99 12:01:08 PM,Ron,checking account = 3,228.46
10/24/99 12:01:38 PM,Ron,correction ... checking = 902.03
10/24/99 12:01:55 PM,Nancy,I'm confused. We have $6,000? I know this isn't the case.
10/24/99 12:02:18 PM,Nancy,OK, and the total is around $4,300?
10/24/99 12:03:10 PM,Ron,No, gift pool total + checking = $4,130 including Whites contribution (not including any recent gift pool additions)
10/24/99 12:03:23 PM,Nancy,We must remove $2,000 from this as designated funds. Also, Ron, does this include funds for projects already authorized and funded by the Board, such as the cottage door fixup and the worm bed lumber?
10/24/99 12:03:27 PM,Clipper,
10/24/99 12:04:25 PM,Clipper,That was Shirley for the last vote
10/24/99 12:04:26 PM,Jan,That means you have $698 in the checking account, or what?
10/24/99 12:04:38 PM,Ron,No. designated funds is $736 and accounts payable = $1500
10/24/99 12:04:39 PM,Nancy,I recall a discussion that about $700+ was needed for already designated funding, such as campground and worm beds, etc.
10/24/99 12:05:21 PM,Ron,current checking account has $902
10/24/99 12:06:02 PM,Nancy,OK, what we need is $xxxx is total funds in a combined Gift Pool and Checking Account. $xxxx - $2,000 White's designated and $736 authorized but not spent yet = $zzzz available to be spent.
10/24/99 12:06:12 PM,Nancy,Can we have such an equation?
10/24/99 12:06:56 PM,Ron,yes, give me a couple minutes to figure out what we have available to spend
10/24/99 12:07:12 PM,Nancy,$xxxx - ($2,000 + $736) = $zzzz (note that $zzzz is the amount of money we can now designate.)
10/24/99 12:08:18 PM,Nancy,While Ron is computing, there needs to be a discussion on just what was meant on April 26, 1998 when I offered $1,500 for what was then to be an attorney's review for the IRS 1023 application for nonprofit status.
10/24/99 12:09:59 PM,Clipper,That you would be reembursed when we had the funds to do so.
10/24/99 12:10:01 PM,Nancy,I put the relevant Board Meeting log on the web with the Agenda. Essentially Jan refused to vote until we 1. agreed to repay such startup gifts only made because the corporation lacked funds, later, 2. start a solicitation program perhaps polling members for dues or some such.
10/24/99 12:10:32 PM,Jan,Nancy, I think the saved log is crystal clear. It was the board's view that you should be reimbursed for the $1,500 once we could afford it. I think now is the time to do that
10/24/99 12:10:32 PM,Nancy,Jan only approved acceptance of my $1,500 with that caveat.
10/24/99 12:11:24 PM,Jan,After some board discussion, we did start a fund raiser program, and I think it is a success so far
10/24/99 12:11:50 PM,Clipper,So do I
10/24/99 12:11:59 PM,Nancy,Clipper's motion did not state an amount, but specified startup costs and admin costs, etc. Ron has computed the total such costs todate, and it is just over $1,000 and climbing. $1,200 with the recent Delaware Agent fees paid, etc.
10/24/99 12:13:13 PM,Nancy,Clipper's motion also indicated that any such compensation (which seems to be only my $1,500) would require a Board approval before such repayment of a gift would occur. That seems to be now.
10/24/99 12:13:26 PM,Ron,checking is $902 + gift pool is 3,432.14 minus $2000 for foundation and roof is $2334.14 less reserved of $736.06 is $1598.08 less $1500 accounts payable leaves $98.08 total available funds. (I think)
10/24/99 12:14:08 PM,Nancy,A good time for me to call in this Board Resolution, as I have already spent my retirement, have quit my job, and am face this January with real estate taxes due for 1999. Last year the bill was $1,300.
10/24/99 12:14:19 PM,Jan,And that accounts payable is for reimbursing Nancy, right?
10/24/99 12:14:32 PM,Ron,I have not yet received voucher for the Deleware agent fees and is not yet included.
10/24/99 12:15:26 PM,Ron,Jan, yes ... repayment of Nancy's 1500 intended for paying a lawyer but latter put into the general fund.
10/24/99 12:15:31 PM,Roger,The $1500 accounts payable is the startup donation in question?
10/24/99 12:15:33 PM,Nancy,OK. I think Roger needs funds for Seed TEAM, and Ron was going to make a request to be compensated for cutting and welding tool (apx $100) he purchased.
10/24/99 12:16:34 PM,Nancy,Ron, the year 2000 Delaware Agent fee has not yet been vouchered, and can wait. I don't have the receipt yet, etc.
10/24/99 12:16:58 PM,Roger,What is the account payable?
10/24/99 12:17:00 PM,Nancy,Roger, the $1,500 Accounts Payable is the $1,500 to be repaid to me, yes.
10/24/99 12:17:04 PM,Ron,Good, we don't have the money to pay for it yet.
10/24/99 12:17:36 PM,Roger,Okay, I move that we disburse $1500 to Nancy to clear up the account payable.
10/24/99 12:17:39 PM,Nancy,I would like to say that I DO NOT NEED the $1,500 today, and Roger and Ron's bills can be addressed now, given that we will no doubt get more funds in between now and January, etc.
10/24/99 12:18:25 PM,Nancy,Roger, what are the Seed TEAM needs at this time?
10/24/99 12:18:34 PM,Ron,Accounts payable is a bill (from Nancy for reimbursement) that has not yet been paid.
10/24/99 12:18:52 PM,Nancy,Ron Accounts payable is a bill (from Nancy for reimbursement) that has not yet been paid.
10/24/99 12:19:05 PM,Roger,There is another $100 gift from John Kelso that hasn't been voted on yet. That gift can finish up my reimbursement. That would leave us 92 cents short for Ron.
10/24/99 12:19:07 PM,Jan,Nancy, you decide: Should we reduce your reimbursment to $1,300 at this time to allow for the seeds and the welding tool to be paid, or should we postpone those costs until further funding, reimburing you the $1,500 now?
10/24/99 12:19:52 PM,Jan,How much will have to stay in the cheching account as a minimum deposit?
10/24/99 12:19:55 PM,Ron,I can wait for reimbursement.
10/24/99 12:20:30 PM,Ron,checking account only needs enough to pay monthly service charges.
10/24/99 12:20:33 PM,Nancy,Can we vote on reimbursing $1,500 to me, in January, and other costs now, and be temporarily in the negative for a couple bucks? Seems this would only be dollars, not even $100, in the negative. Accounting possible?
10/24/99 12:20:35 PM,Roger,Sorry, new math. I meant to say one dollar and 98 cents. :-o
10/24/99 12:21:54 PM,Nancy,Clipper, was the $100 from Kelso for Seed TEAM included in the $3,400 in the Gift Pool? If not, then we HAVE all the funding needed!
10/24/99 12:22:03 PM,Ron,Yes, total assets can be negative but not any bank account like gift pool and checking account.
10/24/99 12:22:31 PM,Clipper,Yes, it has been deposited and reflects the amount given
10/24/99 12:23:00 PM,Ron,I think Clipper included the $100 in the new gift pool number he gave me and I used in the calculation.
10/24/99 12:23:07 PM,Clipper,Yes
10/24/99 12:23:18 PM,Nancy,I think we should approve all the distribution requests at this time, and if my check is delayed a bit, the checking account and gift pool will not go negative. We need to leave a bit in the Gift Pool anyway, as I recall. We are getting regular funding, and this will sort out before January, I have faith.
10/24/99 12:24:22 PM,Nancy,Can we have a motion on the $1,500, approving Ron's $100 for cutting tool (used everywhere on all manner of things) and Roger's $100 additional Seed TEAM expenses?
10/24/99 12:24:32 PM,Ron,I agree with Nancy. Approve all outstanding requests, including $100 for Roger. I will dispurse funds as required.
10/24/99 12:24:48 PM,Clipper,I think we should get our bills paid. even if it reflects a negative amount.
10/24/99 12:25:04 PM,Roger,I second Clipper's motion.
10/24/99 12:25:09 PM,Nancy,We're talking pennies here, a temporary situation.
10/24/99 12:25:11 PM,Jan,I motion we approve reimburing Nancy $1,500, Ron $100 and Roger $100
10/24/99 12:25:30 PM,Ron,Clipper, we can vote to pay them, but must await funds to actually cut all the checks.
10/24/99 12:25:48 PM,Ron,I second Jan's motion
10/24/99 12:26:03 PM,Jan,Clip, how much do you lose on international donations?
10/24/99 12:26:09 PM,Clipper,I don't think that will take long
10/24/99 12:26:32 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to reimburse Nancy the $1,500 gift given to cover startup costs on April 26, 1998, and to set aside $100 for Seed TEAM expenses, and another $100 to reimburse Ron for metal cutting tool. All in favor say yes, opposed say no.
10/24/99 12:26:32 PM,Clipper,I lost none that I know of.
10/24/99 12:26:48 PM,Jan,I meant, how much in bank charges?
10/24/99 12:27:28 PM,Nancy,Yes
10/24/99 12:27:33 PM,Roger,Yes
10/24/99 12:27:48 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) yes yes yes
10/24/99 12:27:50 PM,Gerard,yes
10/24/99 12:27:52 PM,Ron,yes
10/24/99 12:27:59 PM,Roger,I think we also pretty much covered item number 5 on the agenda.
10/24/99 12:28:06 PM,Clipper,It costsus $15 to send to Baraboo. Thats all that I know of
10/24/99 12:28:10 PM,Clipper,Yes
10/24/99 12:28:32 PM,Clipper,Awaiting Shirley's response via email
10/24/99 12:28:47 PM,Ron,it costs $5 on the Baraboo end
10/24/99 12:28:50 PM,Jan,Clipper, when you receive an international donation for say $500, how much do you actually get?
10/24/99 12:29:09 PM,Clipper,$500
10/24/99 12:29:24 PM,Nancy,While awaiting Jan and Shirley's vote, the motion already has passed with 6 yes votes. The motion passes.
10/24/99 12:29:46 PM,Nancy,I agree with Roger that Agenda item #5 has already been beaten to death. We understand the balance sheet.
10/24/99 12:29:51 PM,Jan,I seem to recall that you reported a lower figure before, that the bank charged @35 or some?
10/24/99 12:29:53 PM,Jan,Yes
10/24/99 12:30:00 PM,Clipper,I have never noticed any change when recieving monies.
10/24/99 12:30:20 PM,Jan,Clip, lets take this offline via e-mail
10/24/99 12:30:29 PM,Clipper,Yes, but it has always been refected in the amounts I gave the treasurer.
10/24/99 12:30:36 PM,Clipper,Good idea.
10/24/99 12:31:14 PM,Nancy,I have only a couple comments to read into the log. 1. that Quickbooks for Jan has been purchased, but Ron wants to verify that it will interface with his copy before mailing it to you, Jan. 2. that I think we should label all the equipment purchased for the corporation as Inc property, so it is clearly identified as belonging to the corporation, Troubled Times, Inc, with little metal labels, etc.
10/24/99 12:31:16 PM,Roger,I have a question concerning these herb seeds I have. How should I disburse them?
10/24/99 12:31:17 PM,Ron,Do we need approval for Clipper to wire money to the Checking account?
10/24/99 12:33:04 PM,Nancy,Ron, this is between you and he. The Bylaws state that when the Gift Pool reaches $1,000 OR when the Treasurer calls for a transfer. We're at this point, etc.
10/24/99 12:33:15 PM,Ron,Roger, my opinion is to dispurse small amounts to known sucessful growers.
10/24/99 12:33:39 PM,Nancy,Roger, herb seeds should be handled as all other seeds. By the by, I'm collecting dill seed from my sisters plants today, hopefully.
10/24/99 12:34:03 PM,Ron,I therefore request all monies in the Gift Pool leaving enough for a minimum balance.
10/24/99 12:34:19 PM,Nancy,Ron I therefore request all monies in the Gift Pool leaving enough for a minimum balance.
10/24/99 12:34:25 PM,Clipper,I will send it out monday
10/24/99 12:34:56 PM,Nancy,Last Agenda item #6 is a report by the President re Conditional Use application to the Village Board.
10/24/99 12:35:29 PM,Nancy,The area where my home and land is located is within the Village, at least the house and cottage are (the marsh and woods are rural area).
10/24/99 12:35:47 PM,Roger,Okay. One of them is gingko tree and we have only 300. These should be disbursed carefully and only to those that are fairly well established (have a survival site selected, etc.). They will keep for a while in my refridgerator.
10/24/99 12:35:48 PM,Clipper,
Shirley. (this is to reimburse Nancy).
10/24/99 12:36:06 PM,Nancy,It is zoned as residential, R-1, but houses there can be used for other than single family use if application is made, a hearing is held, and the Village Board so rules.
10/24/99 12:36:15 PM,Ron,The bottom line vs #6 is that I cannot do all the prototype projects that have been approved at this location.
10/24/99 12:37:36 PM,Nancy,Correct. The statues also state that such a conditional use, as running a business from the home, should not be a nuisance. This removes any such thing as methane gas generation, wood gas, steam turbine demo, or the kind of welding Ron would need to do to set these demos's up on site.
10/24/99 12:37:40 PM,Roger,Not even outside of the city limits...i.e., in the marsh or woods?
10/24/99 12:38:25 PM,Nancy,However, I also see that we will not be the ONLY place around here willing to have a prototype. Many folks are moving to this area, etc. There will be a small farm inthe area willing to host these prototypes, I'm sure, shortly.
10/24/99 12:38:29 PM,Ron,I will therefore modify the prototype list to include items that I CAN do at this location. Other activities will be performed on property to be purchased in the area within a short time ... end of next summer.
10/24/99 12:38:42 PM,Nancy,Ron I will therefore modify the prototype list to include items that I CAN do at this location. Other activities will be performed on property to be purchased in the area within a short time ... end of next summer.
10/24/99 12:38:50 PM,Clipper,So they are more concerned with looking pretty than surviving?
10/24/99 12:39:25 PM,Roger,How big is New Freedom?
10/24/99 12:39:59 PM,Clipper,Meetme there and we will find out Roger :-)
10/24/99 12:40:00 PM,Nancy,Roger, the marsh and woods are close enough to the Village Limits that the neighbors would consider this a nuisance, especially as children abound here, and any explosion or possibility of such would cause a problem. We need to pass the hearing, objections stated being silly, etc., not valid! We could also lose our conditional use permit, if an explosion or risk existed, etc.
10/24/99 12:40:09 PM,Nancy,We need, in short, to be good neighbors.
10/24/99 12:40:29 PM,Jan,Clipper, I think most people have no clue that they will need to survive until it is rather late. In the meantime, we must comply to chatever regulations there are, even if they do limit our preparations
10/24/99 12:40:39 PM,Ron,Nancy, should I mention my new job and it's essential nature as a gift to TT Inc.?
10/24/99 12:40:48 PM,Nancy,Roger, 591 folks. When my mother was a girl, just under 500. Very small town.
10/24/99 12:41:03 PM,Jan,Ron, ???
10/24/99 12:42:12 PM,Roger,Hmmm, same size as the town I grew up in. There will be elections soon...
10/24/99 12:42:22 PM,Ron,I will anyway ...
10/24/99 12:43:06 PM,Nancy,I feel the importance of this site as an educational outlet, with an NT server(s) and office to receive fax, mail out brochures and videos, and as a food growing demo place is sufficient. The Village will tolerate this, but NOT explosions and risks to children. We can't have it all on one site, botton line, nor do we need to.
10/24/99 12:43:16 PM,Clipper,Politics and logic don't match. I just get urked when these situations arise.
10/24/99 12:44:23 PM,Roger,Windmills and shelters do not pose risks for children.
10/24/99 12:45:27 PM,Nancy,For this reason, I left the prototypes on the list, Ron's list, with his verbiage and the like, but REMOVED a site map showing where those would go. Likewise we need to consider attended classes and a possible out. No insurance, etc., and a possible nusiance. Video classes will reach more folks anyway.
10/24/99 12:46:19 PM,Roger,Nor do they create a nuisance.
10/24/99 12:46:27 PM,Nancy,Correct Roger, but these is a Wisconsin State statute that states power generation cannot be more than 1,000 feet from a river, 300 feet from power lines. This essentialy excludes windmills and water wheels from the site.
10/24/99 12:46:45 PM,Ron,Daniel, (InnPkg) has hired me indefinately at $1000/month salary to locate property for him to purchase in this area, locate housing in Madison, WI for his family, and locate a warehouse in Madison into which to locate his business which is to include twice the floor space needed so as to store materials for others who will relocate to this area. He did this so that I could work full time on TT Inc. while spending a little time for his needs. This is not a direct gift to TT Inc.; but is effectively a $1000/month continuing gift!
10/24/99 12:47:04 PM,Nancy,Roger, I should clarify, that shelters and food production and educational outpouring via media are compatible with this site, not a nusiance.
10/24/99 12:47:51 PM,Nancy,We have yet to ask that a storm shelter for tornadoes be allowed to grandfather onto the stone barn foundation. We're not going to state that someone would live in the storm shelter, as for how that would not be the case, etc.
10/24/99 12:49:16 PM,Jan,Ron, this is great! (Btw, what does InnPkg stand for?)
10/24/99 12:49:21 PM,Roger,Well we definitely need their approval to have our home office there and I'm sure they will get used to the idea of what we intend to do at the site. Also, as more like-minded families move into the area, we will eventually have a more sympathetic city council to deal with .
10/24/99 12:49:26 PM,Nancy,Yes, and this job puts Ron in a position of coming into contact, potentially, with many newcomers to the area. He will be able to discuss prototypes with them ALL :-).
10/24/99 12:49:46 PM,Ron,Jan, Innovative Packaging ... his company name.
10/24/99 12:50:29 PM,Clipper,

I forgot to vote on the other part--which was to set aside money for the
Seed Team expenses, and also reimburse Ron for his metal cutting tool.
I vote yes to both of these as well.
10/24/99 12:50:36 PM,Nancy,I believe our Agenda has been exhuasted, all business concluded, and will entertain a motion to adjourn. We can continue to chat afterwards ..
10/24/99 12:51:13 PM,Roger,Sounds good to me, I motion we adjourn the meeting.
10/24/99 12:51:16 PM,Clipper,I make a motion we adjourn
10/24/99 12:51:16 PM,Nancy,I've noted your vote on that Clipper.
10/24/99 12:51:31 PM,Clipper,That was Shirleys vote
10/24/99 12:51:39 PM,Ron,I second Clipper's motion
10/24/99 12:51:43 PM,Nancy,Yes, I stand corrected :-)
10/24/99 12:52:13 PM,Clipper,:-)
10/24/99 12:52:21 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to adjourn. All in favor say yes, opposed say no.
10/24/99 12:52:23 PM,Nancy,yes
10/24/99 12:52:26 PM,Jan,Yes
10/24/99 12:52:27 PM,Roger,yes.
10/24/99 12:52:28 PM,Ron,yes
10/24/99 12:52:31 PM,Clipper,Yes
10/24/99 12:52:32 PM,Gerard,yes
10/24/99 12:53:01 PM,Nancy,The motion passes. The meeting is adjourned. .