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Board Meeting

October 23, 1999

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, IRC, and via e-mail. More than a quorum attended - Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Mitchel, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron. All votes carried without opposition.
1. Vote on Film Clip
- The film clip produced by Geson was approved for distribution
- The clip had gotten high praise from Board Members and other reviewers
2. Discussion on Film Clip Distribution
- Nancy will request a VHS format from Geson in both PAL and NTSC format
- Ron will determine video copying costs and options in the Wisconsin area
- Making the video available to all organizations requesting a copy is an option
3. Vote on Accepting $3,000 Contribution
- Gift of $1,000 Gift(s) from the Whites of Michigan accepted
- Designated $1,000 for Metal Roof of Bermed Hut frozen pending clarification
- Combining Bermed Shelter with 30 ft. BioDome model a possible outcome
4. Vote on Distribution of Gifts
- April 26, 1998 Board Resolution to repay $1,500 Startup Gift finalized
- $100 for Seed TEAM and $100 for cutting tools approved
- All available funds distributed
5. Report on Quarterly Balance Statement
- Reviewed by Board; no problems noted
- Quickbooks for Internal Auditor purchased, to be shipped to Norway soon
6. Report on Conditional Use Statute
- Requirement to be good neighbors, not create a nuisance, explained
- Opportunities to relocate some prototypes in the area a distinct possibility