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The R-1 Single Family Residential District is intended to provide a quite, pleasant, and relatively spacious living area protected from traffic hazards and the intrusion of incompatible land uses.

The following uses are permitted in this district:

a.Single family dwellings
b.Horticulture and gardening, but not including commercial greenhouses
c.Telephone, telegraph and power transmission towers, poles and lines, including transformers, substations, equipment and housings and other necessary appurtenant equipment and structures) excludes service garages and storage yards)
d.Water storage facilities and their accessory structures
e.Signs advertising a permitted home occupation or professional office shall be permitted. Such signs shall not exceed six square feet in gross area, shall be attached to the building, and if illuminated shall be indirectly lighted. No more than one such sign for each use located on the premises shall be permitted.
f.Private garages, carports and paved parking areas when located on the same lot and not involving the conduct of a business, except as a permitted household occupation or conditional use, provided that no such garages shall be erected prior to the erection of the principal building to which it is accessory.

The following uses are permitted as conditional uses within this district:

a.Two family dwellings
b.Farm buildings on an existing farm, provided that the buildings in which farm animals are kept shall be at least 100 feet from the nearest residence on a non-farm lot
c.Permitted home occupational offices when incidental to the principal residential use, situated in the same building, and carried on by the residential occupant, subject to the following conditions:
d.Public park and recreational areas, churches, schools, historic sites, public museum, and municipal buildings.

Within the R-1 district the following standards shall apply:

a.Maximum Building Height:25 ft.
b.Minimum Front Yard Setback from Highway of Street Right-of-Way: (Note: More restrictive standards may be imposed by state and county regulations in certain circumstances where lots abut on state or county highways.) 10 ft.
c.Minimum Rear Yard Setback:
Principal buildings:10 ft.
Accessory buildings: 10 ft.
d.Minimum Side Yard Setback:
Principal buildings:10 ft. ea. side
Accessory buildings:10 ft. ea. side
e.Minimum Lot Width:66 ft.
f.Minimum Lot Area for Single Family:6,600 sq. ft.
g.Minimum Lot Area for 2-Family:9,900 sq. ft.
h.Minimum Floor Area:1,000 sq. ft.
i.Off-Street Parking, Residential:2 space/per
dwelling unit