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Board Meeting

October 27, 2002

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
- If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Major Donation - Acceptance Vote
- A major, unqualified donation has been made to Troubled Times Inc.
- Because it is over one thousand, board approval is necessary.
3. Trouble Times, Inc. Booklet - Discussion
- General report of Orders Status.
- Status of booklet shortage and new order - Roger, Mary
4. 800 Number Cancellation - Discussion & Vote
- The 800 number has had little or no use, and costs too much for so little return. Cass is no longer interested in maintaining it.
- It is suggested to the board that we cancel it, and final bills sent to Nancy for payment.
5. Treasurer's 3Q Report - Discussion
- Due to a delay in getting the paperword to the bookkeeper, a formal Balance Sheet is not included. The CPA firm likewise changed bookkeepers again, the former bookkeeper retiring, but by year end we should be caught up in the process for the Annual Report.
- Due to the return of prepaid expenses ($1,126) last month, and a generous donation ($3,000) from someone who received an Inquiry Letter re seed distribution in early October, funds seem adequate to cover immediate needs.
- At end of 3Q the available cash at hand was $3,047, but at the time of this meeting is $5,605.
a) Disbursement requests for Booklet production ($1,000 for another 200 count) and Seed Packet mailing ($600) would reduce this to $4,005.
b) Insurance and State Registration in both Delaware and Wisconsin is covered until mid-2003.
c) Year end CPA fees are likely to be minimal as an audit for Wisconsin is not required unless $100,000 is received, and IRS filing not required unless $25,000 is received for the year.
d) Fixed expenses such as DSL at $101.74 monthly are covered by cash in hand, and contributions of $5 each for booklets and an occasional $20 donation for Seed Packets recieved replenish accounts to some extent.
6. Server Project - Discussion & Vote
- The President is offering to have Linux Server 2, currently unused, to be shipped to Hawaii, and utilized for Troubled Times backup, audio & video.
- Nancy is aware, and we request board approval of $200 shipping cost.
7. Ongoing Projects - Discussion
- Acerage Project
- Shortwave Project.
8. Seed Disbursal - Vote for Funding
- The Seed TEAM is disbursing seeds to individuals likely to take the need for them in future, and the value of non-hybrid seeds, seriously. Those who ordered the Survival Booklet early are considered to be of that mind set. Accordingly, some 190 Inquiry Letters have been mailed to these individuals.
- 150 Seed Packets, each containing about 3 dozen seed types, have been prepared at the Wisconsin location. Where inadequate stock existed, the packet gets one of a type. Example: Spinach or Lettuce, but all get Rocket, so 2 leafy salad types included. Roger, from the Kansas location, will fill in later in like manner.
- Since the initial mailings started in late September, 50 responses have been received and packets mailed at an average cost of $6 each when mailing materials are included. From the tone of the letters, this in indeed a serious minded and diverse group, many already making their preparations. An estimated additional $600 is needed to cover mailing costs from Wisconsin at this time.