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Board Meeting

October 28, 2001

(Brent) I call the meeting to order.
(Brent) Item 1 Minutes of the last meeting..any comments or discussion?
(Jurian) None here
(Mary) None
(Barry) Nope
(Shaul) None here
(Roger) Looks good to me.
(Toni) No
(Brent) OK, then the minutes will be ratified as correct.
(Brent) Item 2 Snail Mail Response
(Gerard) None over here too ..
(Brent) Discussion of Shaul's Letter?
(Barry) I think it is good
(Jurian) Yeah, same here, I like it :-)
(Shaul) Shaul: "I like it" (hehehehe)
(Toni) It looks very good to me. Thanks Shaul!
(Roger) Shaul, you're in a mood! It is wonderful and I personally appreciate your effort.
(Mary) Darn, I can't find the copy. I had a question on the prophecy part.
(Brent) Shirley and Brent Agree...looks good!
(Shaul) No problemo folks. Wasn't really that difficult, thanks for the comps.
(Mary) Hold on while I find it.
(Roger) Sure it wasn't difficult, just that you were willing to spare the time is the real effort.
(Shaul) It's on the web a link off Nancy's agenda
(Brent) I thought the prophecy part was copied directly from the TT main page?
(Shaul) That's right, word for word.
(Shaul) But I liked Mary's comment on the Inc about it, I think we should change the wording as she says.
(Mary) Got it. The quote "prophecies fortell" I would like deleted.
(Shaul) "prophecies" may be a religously controversial word that can turn some people off.
(Mary) I don't care if it was on the site or not, I don't like the connotation.
(Shaul) I agree, it doesn't matter what it says on the site in this respect, this is a personal letter.
(Roger) Mary has a good point.
(Mary) Could we just delete that "and the prophecies fortell"? The rest is great!!!
(Roger) I'm all for it.
(Shaul) Me too.
(Toni) What is the address to mail to? Mary's address?
(Brent) Fine with Shirley and Brent...
(Barry) I agree as well. Some may be put off by that part
(Mary) May I move that we accept Shaul's letter with the above correction?
(Shaul) And there's also the question about the price. Mary's right, we did agree that the first one is free, didn't we?
(Brent) Toni, Nancy will probably be sending this out to people writing to the PO Box's.
(Mary) Yes the cost is free for the 1st one. and $5 US for each additional.
(Brent) Shirley seconds the motion
(Shaul) So that should probably be stressed then, sorry I didn't notice this before.
(Mary) No problem. Just add a statement to that order form.
(Toni) I vote yes that we accept it then.
(Shaul) Right, Nancy'll be printing it out anyway, and can add that extra sentence, then.
(Shaul) Ok, no more comments here.
(Brent) A motion has been made and seconded to approve the letter with changes
(Brent) Vote yes or no
(Barry) Yes
(Mary) I vote yes
(Shaul) Yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Roger) Yes
(Brent) Brent & Shirley Yes
(Brent) Motion passes, the letter is approved.
(Brent) Jurian? Did you vote?
(Jurian) Sorry, I vote yes
(Brent) No problem :-)
(Jurian) On phone with boss
(Brent) Item 3 Jurian's report on UNIX servers
(Brent) Lets pause while Jurian talks to his boss....
(Brent) Whenever you are ready Jurian....
(Jurian) Heh, there really isn't much to report, the router hasn't arrived yet, so I cannot get on the servers to work on them.
(Jurian) I have done some work on them via Nancy's modem, but that is a while ago, so I'm not sure what has been done, and what still needs to be done.
(Jurian) Basically, we're waiting for the router
(Mary) So we'll table this until next month?
(Jurian) Yeah, I think that would be the best thing to do
(Brent) This is the problem with Cisco recalling the firehazard routers?
(Jurian) Yes :-)
(Jurian) I would like to know from all board members if they would like a email address, and if so, where they want their mail forwarded to.
(Jurian) If all members could let me know please :-)
(Jurian) Also, and are both up and running
(Mary) Could you explain why we would need a e-mail address?
(Jurian) There is no real need, but some people might appreciate it
(Jurian) Like, if you dont want to receive TT related email at your work address, for example
(Jurian) Basically, privacy protection
(Mary) Great, I like that. What with the new legislation and all (-;
(Jurian) Exactly :-)
(Jurian) So, let me know, and I'll set them up as soon as the servers are ready :-)
(Shaul) Oh, they got us all pegged already, you can be sure of that.
(Mary) Ah, lets not go there!
(Shaul) Right!
(Brent) Shall we table the UNIX discussion till next month as Mary suggests?
(Roger) Pegged and catalogued.
(Jurian) Agreed Brent
(Roger) I move to table the UNIX discussion.
(Barry) Agree
(Mary) I second that
(Jurian) But I'd still like to get those email address requests by email :-)
(Mary) Will do jurian
(Roger) Jurian, got mine?
(Jurian) Yes
(Brent) OK Jurian... Shirley will email you later...
(Roger) Cool, the speed of light is still constant.
(Jurian) Right. :-)
(Jurian) Next item :-)
(Brent) I didn't think we needed a motion, but.... Vote yes or no to discussing the UNIX servers next meeting.
(Mary) Yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Toni) Yes
(Roger) Yep
(Brent) Brent & Shirley yes
(Barry) Yurp
(Shaul) Yes
(Brent) Motion carries
(Brent) Item 4 Treasurers 3Q Report
(Brent) Any discussion?
(Mary) None. I move we accept the treasurer's report as it stands.
(Barry) Yes. What does it means when we have deficit spending?
(Barry) Where does the money come from to cover the gap?
(Gerard) I voted a yes too
(Shaul) I don't think we have deficit spending, do we?
(Barry) I thought we did. Maybe I was looking at the wrong report....
(Brent) No deficit spending.... that was expenses only...
(Barry) OK. Never mind. Then I approve the report. I'm not an accountant
(Barry) In fact, that was my worst class in my degree program :)
(Brent) Me either, Barry! :-)
(Jurian) Looks fine to me as well, but like Barry, I'm not an accountant :-)
(Roger) I second Mary's motion.
(Shaul) Hehehe... I think it looks like the expenses were more than income this year, and the difference evidently came out of previous funds, would be my guess.
(Brent) We have a motion and 2nd... Vote yes or no on the 3Q report.
(Toni) Yes
(Brent) Brent & Shirley vote yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Mary) Yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Roger) Yes
(Shaul) Yes
(Barry) Yes
(Brent) Motion carries...3Q report accepted as is.
(Brent) Item 5 Short Wave Radio Report
(Brent) Discussion, or questions of Shirley?
(Brent) Hello?
(Jurian) None here :-)
(Shaul) None from here
(Barry) None here
(Shaul) Hoping things will look better on that front in the future.
(Mary) None here
(Barry) You ain't kidding Shaul
(Shaul) We'll get there yet.
(Gerard) None here either
(Toni) No
(Brent) OK... Barry.... Your report on HF Information?
(Barry) Well, not a whole lot to say, but will share
(Barry) I talked to a company representative from Alaska a couple of weeks ago
(Barry) They are looking into technologies that can be used to help out Alaskan law enforcement dept do their jobs better.
(Barry) This guy got ahold of my network paper awhile back and thought that it could be put to use in Alaska to solve some of the comms problems they are having.
(Barry) Unfortunately, my company doesn't have the money to fund a demo of the project and has to wait until some agency in Alaska decides that it is worth throwing some money at it.
(Shaul) How much is it?
(Barry) Now I suspect that this will happen, but I have no timeline at this time
(Barry) Depends upon the number of nodes they want to set up.
(Barry) I told them a rough ballpark figure of 20K to get a few sites up and running and to test the theory out.
(Barry) For us this is a huge amount, but for gov't agencies, this is a mere drop in the bucket.
(Barry) So about all I can say now is that there is interest, but that hasn't translated into commitment.
(Barry) Any questions?
(Shaul) Why bring it up here, how is the tt involved?
(Jurian) Nope, just hope it works out :)
(Jurian) Shaul: knowledge :)
(Shaul) Ah, sure.
(Barry) Exactly
(Shaul) Best of luck, man.
(Jurian) They pay, we learn :-)
(Barry) Besides, maybe Clipper could use another job
(Jurian) Lol :)
(Gerard) :)
(Shaul) He ain't leaving that site now, ever.
(Roger) Hahaha
(Barry) Yeah, but he could be one of the test nodes....
(Roger) Hasn't he moved up there yet?
(Roger) Joking.
(Brent) Well, Barry, why not follow any progress, and report back when something develops relevant ot our situation.
(Barry) Roger er yes boss
(Brent) Hehehhehe....:-)
(Shaul) Hehehe
(Brent) If someone gets it going up there, and we can gain knowledge, it will be great.
(Barry) Agree
(Shaul) Definitelimont
(Brent) OK, moving right along.... Item 6 Hydroponics and Carbon Arc
(Brent) Discussion?
(Jurian) Nope, none here
(Shaul) It's a pretty cool development.
(Roger) She's definitely got her winter project outlined!
(Barry) Can I get a quick snapshot?
(Mary) Has she or will she be asking for funding and if so $?
(Brent) Nancy is still looking for a "Techie" to help with the carbon arc development.
(Barry) I've used carbon arc lamps before, so I'm a little confused
(Barry) Now that's funny
(Brent) Mary - no funding unless further Carbon Arc research.
(Barry) From what little I know about the whole setup, coming by the carbon rods PS could be a problem
(Shaul) She would have to submit a project proposal then.
(Mary) Are these things pre made and put up or is she making them from scratch?
(Brent) Yes, Shaul. Barry, see Nancy's link off of the agenda, Re: Carbon Arc home development.
(Barry) Roger
(Brent) Nancy is trying to develop new easier methods of using carbon arc for hydroponics.
(Mary) I appologize, I didn't read the link.
(Roger) Huh?
(Barry) Sorry, I should've said OK Roger. Old military joke.
(Shaul) And she's talking about "home-made carbon replacement", old pencil leads and coal shavings and stuff.
(Roger) Hehe
(Shaul) That could be a good post PS solution
(Gerard) Right
(Barry) I agree. The light is excellent for growing purposes
(Roger) I think Nancy is counting on some developing interest fueled by her starting the project.
(Barry) You would really have to stay up on the rod production, though
(Roger) It's a good plan. An existing project definitely gets more attention than an idea.
(Shaul) She should talk about it more on the lists, someone's bound to get interested.
(Mary) We could put out a "help wanted" ad on the forum list?
(Roger) That would help, for sure. But now she will have problems and breakthroughs to report on the forum and that will generate interest, etc.
(Shaul) Good, good.
(Shaul) I don't know about a "help wanted", doesn't really sound so good
(Mary) OK, not help wanted... um....
(Barry) You know, carbon rods would store easier than bulbs during the PS...
(Roger) True.
(Shaul) On the other hand, we have to let people know that we need the help, so certianly some discussion will have to be generated.
(Roger) And broken rods are just short rods.
(Barry) Correct
(Barry) Hmm, this is worth further investigation
(Mary) See... You boys get this going on forum ((-;
(Roger) Yea, yea, we know Mary :)
(Barry) Shot by the Posse!
(Barry) And I thought you were on our side Mary :)
(Mary) Only up to a point (;
(Shaul) Hehehe
(Barry) I guess that's not a carbon point....
(Roger) Haha
(Gerard) :)
(Shaul) You're pretty "sharp" today...
(Barry) Blech
(Shaul) We need a "lead"-er...
(Mary) Brent!!!!
(Shaul) Enough, enough!
(Brent) Yes, further discussion on the Forum and Inc will be helpful. Maybe generate interest, and support.
(Barry) Agreed
(Mary) I move we close this meeting.
(Brent) Shirley moves that we accept Nancy's report as it stands.
(Shaul) I second the motion
(Shaul) Brent's motion, that is.
(Mary) (:
(Shaul) And Mary's also, now that we're at it
(Brent) We have a motion and 2nd...Vote yes or no...
(Jurian) Yes
(Roger) Yes
(Barry) Yes
(Shaul) Yes
(Mary) Yes
(Brent) Shirley & Brent vote yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Toni) Yes
(Jurian) Now, I second the motion to close this meeting :-)
(Shaul) Ah, a kind soul :-)
(Roger) Cool, cool.
(Brent) We have another motion and 2nd to close the meeting....
(Brent) Vote yes or no...
(Toni) Yes
(Shaul) MidEast votes yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Mary) Yes
(Brent) Brent & Shirley vote yes
(Roger) Wait.... Ah okay, yes
(Barry) East Coast votes yes
(Brent) OK meeting adjurned! Thanks every one, good meeting!