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Board Meeting

Sep 11, 2004

Session Start: Sat Sep 11 12:47:43 2004
(Roger) I formally call the meeting to order. We will skip the first agenda item and log the reports as we wait for Gerard and Steve to check back in.
(Roger) The first item for discussion (in the second agenda item) is the CD and survival booklet.
(Roger) The Paypal balance is $464.23 and the stock of booklets and CD's is holding well.
(Nancy) And we have over $500 in the bank account here, so are accumulating funds to renew the inventory when the time comes.
(Roger) We have had only occasional orders since the last meeting. The average is 1.5 per week.
(Roger) I have nothing further to report.
(Gerard) sorry
(Gerard) i am here now
(Nancy) So for the present, are holding steady. And when demand uses our inventory, we are prepared to move to replenish.
(Gerard) i almost forgot
(Roger) No problem Gerard. We skipped the first item and are just logging the reports while we waited for your return.
(Gerard) ok
(Roger) Next report is the Acreage and Seed storage project.
(Roger) I am still waiting for my acquaintence to finalize his purchase of land. In the meantime, I have been maintaining the seed stock in storage and replenishing what small amount I can in my small household garden.
(Roger) I have not had any contact with Stan since our last meeting.
(Roger) Do you have anything to add Nancy?
(Nancy) Likewise I here have been saving what seed our small home garden will provide, fresh seed.
(Nancy) It was a good year for sweet corn.
(Nancy) End of report from this end.
(Roger) The next report would be the Shortwave project. I have not received any news from Helena. Has anyone else?
(Nancy) No, but I want to remind everyone the special qualities of short wave. Ichi in Japan heard a Lou Gentile broadcast, in Japan, via short wave!
(Nancy) So, we are postured in good stead, for when the time comes for interest to rise.
(Nancy) Short wave reached from Pennsylvania to Japan, where the other radio outlets were not possible, that reach.
(Nancy) End of rant.
(Roger) Finally, the server project...I have checked the contents of the boxes and connected the equipment to make sure of its functionality (it is okay). The Fall semester has just started here at the local university so I will begin the process of finding someone to assist with the continued setup very soon.
(Nancy) Good news! Universities are our best bet, my thinking.
(Roger) There is a large unix users group here. I will make contacts soon.
(Roger) End of server report.
(Gerard) good to hear
(Roger) Is there any business to discuss? Steve, are you back?
(Nancy) I have no business needing attention.
(Roger) Well the first agenda item remains. Are there any comments or discussion concerning the minutes from the last meeting?
(Nancy) None here.
(Gerard) No not from me
(Mary) None here.
(Roger) The minutes are accepted then.
(Nancy) I move we adjourn.
(Roger) If there is no other business, then I accept Nancy motion!
Session Close: Sat Sep 11 13:31:47 2004