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Board Meeting

September 20, 1998

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting and IRC and Private Chat, due to Netcom server revamping in the Bay Area. Lacking a quorum again, the meeting was not called to order but discussion on two of the agenda items occurred. There were no Whiteboard contents during the meeting. 5 of the 11 Board members were in attendance, with two member guests - Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Nancy, Shirley, with Michel and Morgan as guests.
1. Vote to approve Board Members to Fiscal Controls Committee
- the issue underwent extensive discussion on the list serve and during the August meeting
- no further discussion on this matter occurred
- this issue will be dealt with via e-mail motion and vote
2. Vote to approve Article 4, Section 14, re Lockbox changes
- no discussion on this matter occurred
- this issue will be dealt with via e-mail motion and vote
3. Vote to approve Storyboard for Video Clip of Pole Shift
- the storyboard underwent extensive review during the August meeting
- no further change was suggested during the September meeting
- no issue was taken with the Vivo clip presented by Michel
- without contention on the Board, this issue does not require a vote
- the Video Clip Grant Proposal will be updated with the Storyboard and Vivo clip
4. Report on pending Physical Place of Business
- members were enthusiastic about the site and potential for use by the corporation
- no recommendations were made regarding President's plans for use of site
5. Discussion on Lack of Quorum during Board Meetings
- the lack of a quorum for two months running was noted
- concern that some Board member are not taking their responsibilities seriously was expressed
- recourse to address issues via e-mail was noted as the only course of action at present
- desire to have at least one annual meeting face-to-face was expressed by several members