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Board Meeting

September 21, 1997

"9/21/97 10:39:01 AM","Nancy","Please come to order so the Board Meeting of September 21, 1997 can proceed."
"9/21/97 10:39:18 AM","Nancy","Our first order of business is to approve the choice of bank. "
"9/21/97 10:39:54 AM","Nancy","Our Treasurer, Di, is not present at this meeting, but she cashed my check for $1,000, the gift to cover incorporation costs, so I have the name of her bank."
"9/21/97 10:40:16 AM","Nancy","The canceled check lists Union Bank and Trust Co. of Pottsville, PA."
"9/21/97 10:40:34 AM","Clipper","Sounds good."
"9/21/97 10:40:41 AM","Nancy","Would someone please move to approve this as the official bank of Troubled Times, Inc., at this point in time."
"9/21/97 10:41:31 AM","Clipper","I move we approve Union Bank and Trust Co, as the official bank of choice"
"9/21/97 10:41:36 AM","Nancy","Gerard, would you let Geson know that we will be asking for his vote on approving this as the official bank at this time."
"9/21/97 10:41:47 AM","Nancy","Would someone second the motion just made by Clipper."
"9/21/97 10:41:51 AM","Gerard","k"
"9/21/97 10:42:17 AM","Nancy","Gerard, you and Geson are the only ones who can second the motion."
"9/21/97 10:42:52 AM","Gerard","i know.. be right back"
"9/21/97 10:46:33 AM","Gerard","i am waiting for Gesons vote"
"9/21/97 10:47:36 AM","Gerard","(Geson) I approve as well"
"9/21/97 10:48:25 AM","Nancy","I didn't hear a second, but as Gerard is stating approval I will take this as a second."
"9/21/97 10:49:01 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to approve the Union Bank and Trust Co. of Pottsville, PA as the official bank of Troubled Times, Inc at this present time."
"9/21/97 10:49:09 AM","Nancy","All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"9/21/97 10:49:10 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"9/21/97 10:49:12 AM","Gerard","Yes"
"9/21/97 10:49:14 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"9/21/97 10:49:30 AM","Nancy","And I note that Gerard states that Geson (Geson) also approves."
"9/21/97 10:49:35 AM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"9/21/97 10:49:44 AM","Nancy","The next item on the agenda is logo selection"
"9/21/97 10:49:59 AM","Nancy","I broadcast to the membership the results of the vote, via e-mail, yesterday."
"9/21/97 10:50:20 AM","Nancy","A majority of the membership did indeed vote, so we have a representative opiniion."
"9/21/97 10:50:39 AM","Nancy","All mentioned Logo 10 as either a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice."
"9/21/97 10:51:04 AM","Nancy","Logo 9 was close behind, and in fact is similar to Logo 10, could be considered a variation."
"9/21/97 10:51:16 AM","Nancy","I'm in the process of putting both these Logos onto the whiteboard, page 3"
"9/21/97 10:51:45 AM","Nancy","Please note that the logo is a gif that accepts the white background of a hypertext page, and this is not working right on the whiteboard, so it looks a little odd."
"9/21/97 10:51:51 AM","Nancy","Nevertheless, its looks right on the web."
"9/21/97 10:52:07 AM","Nancy","Give me a moment to put up Logo 9, so there can be no doubt what we are talking about."
"9/21/97 10:52:19 AM","Clipper","agreed"
"9/21/97 10:55:17 AM","Nancy","I had to put it all on page 4 of the whiteboard, as for some reason I couldn't get Logo 9 onto page 3. "
"9/21/97 10:55:50 AM","Clipper","Ok"
"9/21/97 10:55:51 AM","Gerard","btw as far as i remember i didn't vote for number10.."
"9/21/97 10:56:10 AM","Nancy","Now, my thoughts are that since these Logo's are both a variation of each other, using the same text, same wording, same color text, that Logo 9 could be used when we want to put something on stationary, or perhaps a business card, and Logo 10 be used for a web page."
"9/21/97 10:56:47 AM","Nancy","Any thoughts on the use of these two logos are our official logo's and under what circumstances these might be used?"
"9/21/97 10:56:48 AM","Clipper","Good thoughts"
"9/21/97 10:57:08 AM","Gerard","I agree.. good thoughts"
"9/21/97 10:57:11 AM","Clipper","That about covers it."
"9/21/97 10:57:43 AM","Clipper","You have basic and basic graphic."
"9/21/97 10:57:53 AM","Clipper","Just what we need."
"9/21/97 10:58:16 AM","Nancy","Gerard, please communicate to Geson that these are both his Logo's, that Logo 10 is the gold lettering circling a blue world with TT in the middle, and Logo 9 is the gold lettering straight, with ""A Public-Benefit Nonprofit Corporation"" under the larger ""Troubled Times, Inc"" letters."
"9/21/97 10:58:43 AM","Nancy","Please ask Geson if he has any thought on where the circle Logo might be used, versus the stright lettering might be used."
"9/21/97 10:58:53 AM","Gerard","k.. will do that"
"9/21/97 10:59:56 AM","Gerard","i pasted what you said into IRC"
"9/21/97 11:00:00 AM","Clipper","# 10 could be used as a link design for other web sights to use."
"9/21/97 11:01:14 AM","Nancy","While we're waiting, Clipper, lets discuss a bit a related item, which is stationary. As we are operating on the Internet, many times we will want to send an electronic memo. Most folks have WORD, and even some predecessors such as Rich Text Format allow inserting graphics. We could easily create a WORD Template document that has our official Logo 9 included. "
"9/21/97 11:01:48 AM","Nancy","Stationary is expensive to print, and in this way, each of use could print off a memo as needed, using the Template and if an officer, affixing the Seal to the memo."
"9/21/97 11:01:54 AM","Clipper","That is a very good idea."
"9/21/97 11:02:41 AM","Nancy","Printing off from a WORD Template document would mean the Logo 9 would appear as gray scale, not gold, but this is a minor problem."
"9/21/97 11:03:09 AM","Clipper","Even in gray scale, I think it would look good."
"9/21/97 11:03:18 AM","Nancy","If we get large and are doing a lot of correspondence, we can go to a printer and have stationary run up, distribute among the officers, and share the cost that way."
"9/21/97 11:03:25 AM","Gerard","(Geson) Well...I believe that logo 10 can be used on business cards as well as on the web! I agree that logo 9 is more suitable for stationary cards etc... I just need to redo it with a 300 DPI resoulution.
(Geson) ...and I´m flattered :-)"
"9/21/97 11:03:26 AM","Nancy","However, for starters, I think this would be find."
"9/21/97 11:03:32 AM","Nancy","find=fine"
"9/21/97 11:03:41 AM","Gerard","(Geson) I like logo 10 more than 9!"
"9/21/97 11:04:15 AM","Nancy","What I hear Geson saying is that he can make a small model of Logo 10, as well as Logo 9, so that we will have many choices."
"9/21/97 11:04:24 AM","Gerard","(Geson) I can make a business card using both logos for a tryout?!?"
"9/21/97 11:04:49 AM","Clipper","Good idea"
"9/21/97 11:04:57 AM","Nancy","I'd like to ask Geson, if you would relay this, Gerard, what Geson thinks would be the best Logo, 10 or 9, for a letter head, stationary, memo's, etc."
"9/21/97 11:06:19 AM","Nancy","My own thoughts are that a business card should have the circle, Logo 10, as a visual symbol helps folks instantly understand who they are talking to when handed a business card."
"9/21/97 11:06:30 AM","Gerard","i copied and pasted what you said into IRC"
"9/21/97 11:06:51 AM","Nancy","Memo's however, are not as important in this regard, as the heading To: From:, etc., is where the eye drops."
"9/21/97 11:07:02 AM","Clipper","Maybe we should stick to one Logo all around?"
"9/21/97 11:07:36 AM","Nancy","Also, if we are using a WORD Template to print off memos to mail, would the globe print in gray scale well, etc."
"9/21/97 11:07:47 AM","Gerard","(Geson) Not really sure! I think logo 10 is more intresting and would therefore choose that one in all cases."
"9/21/97 11:08:02 AM","Nancy","Perhaps we need to have Geson prepare some scaled models, and send to the board members to print off, so we have choices next Board Meeting."
"9/21/97 11:08:15 AM","Clipper","I doubt that 10 would print well in Gray."
"9/21/97 11:08:45 AM","Nancy","It may be that some adjustments need to be made to Logo 10 so it prints well in gray scale."
"9/21/97 11:09:13 AM","Nancy","We can have a Logo 10 in full color for the web sites, to be used to click on when other web sites want to link to us, etc."
"9/21/97 11:09:48 AM","Nancy","We could have a special Logo 10 in black and white, gray scale, for inclusion on WORD Template documents or whatever might be printed off at each officers home, where they don't have color printers."
"9/21/97 11:09:58 AM","Nancy","Same logo, different mediums. "
"9/21/97 11:10:37 AM","Nancy","I'm inclined to stick to Logo 10 too, keeping Logo 9 as an alternate if needed for special circumstances."
"9/21/97 11:10:43 AM","Clipper","Yes... thereby havinf the same logo, but different variations."
"9/21/97 11:12:07 AM","Nancy","I think we're ready for a vote on this matter. I believe we've all said that Logo 10 is the best, all round, with Logo 9 as an alternate should the need arise, and that Geson will work on making small versions and gray scale versions."
"9/21/97 11:12:34 AM","Nancy","Gerard, would you relay what I just said to Geson, as this will be the gist of the vote to come."
"9/21/97 11:12:56 AM","Nancy","Would someone make a motion regarding settling on a Logo to use for stationary, web site, and the like."
"9/21/97 11:13:06 AM","Gerard","(Geson) Yep, I can make a PDF file with the tryouts for you to view and print. I can also make a small logo for other sites to use as a link to TT; like the fisherman logo on the Swedish mirror site!"
"9/21/97 11:13:49 AM","Clipper","I would like to make a motion to use logo 10 as the official logo , and # 9 as the alternative."
"9/21/97 11:14:03 AM","Nancy","Would someone (Gerard or Geson) second this motion?"
"9/21/97 11:14:39 AM","Gerard","second"
"9/21/97 11:15:06 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to adopt Logo 10 as our official Troubled Times, Inc. logo, with Logo 9 as an alternate."
"9/21/97 11:15:13 AM","Nancy","All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"9/21/97 11:15:15 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"9/21/97 11:15:17 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"9/21/97 11:15:22 AM","Gerard","yes"
"9/21/97 11:15:38 AM","Nancy","Gerard, could you collect Geson's vote?"
"9/21/97 11:16:18 AM","Gerard","(Geson) Yes!"
"9/21/97 11:16:39 AM","Nancy","The motion passes"
"9/21/97 11:17:18 AM","Nancy","I'll modify the Inc. web pages accordingly, and Geson, when you recieve this later today, feel free to modify the home page and send this back to me as the official home page."
"9/21/97 11:17:42 AM","Nancy","You're the Public Relations guy, and should be calling the shots on what the web page looks like."
"9/21/97 11:18:19 AM","Nancy","Please note that I intent to use logo candidates that did not make the selection here and there on the Troubled Times web site, windmill or whatever areas, so they will not go to waste."
"9/21/97 11:18:22 AM","Gerard","i pasted and copied what you said to IRC"
"9/21/97 11:18:35 AM","Clipper","Agreed"
"9/21/97 11:18:40 AM","Gerard","agreed"
"9/21/97 11:19:01 AM","Gerard","Norseman> Nancy I'll modify the Inc. web pages accordingly, and Geson, when you recieve this later today, feel free to modify the home page and send this back to me as the official home page.
<Norseman> Nancy You're the Public Relations guy, and should be calling the shots on what the web page looks like.
(Geson) Okey! I´ll do my best!"
"9/21/97 11:19:05 AM","Nancy","Our next agenda item is to discuss in general grant proposals what we will be writing, and what in general should be considered a valid candidate and what should be considered out of scope."
"9/21/97 11:19:41 AM","Clipper","Our first choice should be the video."
"9/21/97 11:20:12 AM","Nancy","Clipper and I have had some discussions about this off line, and feel that the video, the media outlet idea that Geson and Michael talked about producing, is top quality and should be considered as a first grant proposal."
"9/21/97 11:20:24 AM","Clipper","That can be used for public relations and getting the word out."
"9/21/97 11:20:24 AM","Gerard","that will be a good first choise i think "
"9/21/97 11:21:12 AM","Nancy","Remember, the public will get their first impressions of us, and this 1. is in keeping with our educational goals, 2. will be top notch in appearance as Geson and Michael can add some graphics to the proposal on the web that will be very impressive, I'm sure, 3. reasonable in cost and likely to be funded."
"9/21/97 11:21:13 AM","Gerard","(Geson) The video project does not need any funding at this point in time. When the video is ready to be published it´s another story...
(Geson) I would like to fund projects that works with:
(Geson) € Vitamine C production
(Geson) € Dome constructions... if they are as safe as I hope they are"
"9/21/97 11:21:41 AM","Nancy","4. it also can produce results that are measureable and concrete, and grantors like that too."
"9/21/97 11:21:41 AM","Clipper","It will also act as a good ice breaker in the Grant writing scedual"
"9/21/97 11:22:40 AM","Nancy","Geson, what I'd like to propose is that a grant proposal be put forth, on the web, as our first grant proposal, on the video."
"9/21/97 11:23:42 AM","Diana","good afternoon :)"
"9/21/97 11:23:49 AM","Nancy","Even if you are not ready to mass produce, you can put something attached to the proposals on the web and this will be SO IMPRESSIVE."
"9/21/97 11:23:54 AM","Clipper","Diana has joined the meeting."
"9/21/97 11:23:59 AM","Nancy","In effect, I'm saying we should show off a bit!"
"9/21/97 11:24:09 AM","Nancy","Geson, you and Michael as SO TALENTED!"
"9/21/97 11:24:23 AM","Diana","what'd i miss. Sorry, butI had a lonnnnnnnnnnng night!"
"9/21/97 11:24:26 AM","Nancy","Di, we voted to have your bank be the official bank :-)"
"9/21/97 11:24:39 AM","Diana","ok--"
"9/21/97 11:24:45 AM","Nancy","Di, you and I and Lyn :-) Well talk about that later."
"9/21/97 11:24:50 AM","Diana","I'll send you all bank info"
"9/21/97 11:25:24 AM","Nancy","Di, we voted to have Logo 10 (on whiteboard page 3) be the official logo. Note it looks a bit odd on the whiteboard, but great on the web."
"9/21/97 11:25:47 AM","Nancy","Di, it's official. I had the name on the back of the canceled check."
"9/21/97 11:26:01 AM","Diana","ok, cool!"
"9/21/97 11:26:12 AM","Diana","logo 10 is fins with me"
"9/21/97 11:26:20 AM","Gerard","<Norseman> Nancy Geson, you and Michael as SO TALENTED!"
"9/21/97 11:26:35 AM","Nancy","Right now, we're talking about grant proposals, general guildlines before we plunge into writing proposals."
"9/21/97 11:26:38 AM","Gerard","(Geson) thanks for both of us!"
"9/21/97 11:26:59 AM","Nancy","Clipper and I want to write a proposal on the video production project that Geson and Michael are setting out to do."
"9/21/97 11:27:15 AM","Nancy","Geson says that he does not need money for production, just distribution."
"9/21/97 11:27:47 AM","Clipper","Is he paying from his own pocket?"
"9/21/97 11:27:48 AM","Gerard","note: i copy what we say into the IRC channel"
"9/21/97 11:27:52 AM","Nancy","I'm saying that we should put the proposal up, with examples from Geson and Michael, so that public can be impressed, first impressions, etc., even if they don't need the money at the moment to proceed."
"9/21/97 11:28:07 AM","Diana","am i sending him a check for distribution?"
"9/21/97 11:28:09 AM","Gerard","<Norseman> Nancy Geson says that he does not need money for production, just distribution.
(Geson) There are many things that cost in a video project but it is a bit difficult to meassure now. I am willing to discuss this with Michael and one of my friends first..."
"9/21/97 11:29:17 AM","Nancy","Di, no. The order is 1. we write a grant proposal, 2. the Board approves to let it on the web, 3. the grant gets funded, 4. we approve accepting the grant, 5. the grantor sends you $$, 6. you send Geson a check :-)"
"9/21/97 11:29:50 AM","Diana","gotcha"
"9/21/97 11:29:52 AM","Nancy","Beyond the grant proposal for video production, Geson mentioned Vitamin C production and dome construction."
"9/21/97 11:30:37 AM","Nancy","I want to ask Geson what he meant by Vitamin C production, finding a method that folks could use, from for instance household chemcials or stuff in nature (limestone, perhaps) in case they must manufacture Vitamin C?"
"9/21/97 11:30:44 AM","Clipper","Prototypes for folks to touch and see."
"9/21/97 11:31:19 AM","Nancy","Another I think worthy is worm recipes. I have no idea if they taste like cardboard or what! I think as protein powder, finely chopped and added to soup, for instance, would work well. "
"9/21/97 11:31:27 AM","Nancy","I'd like to have a good cook experiment."
"9/21/97 11:31:43 AM","Gerard","be right back.. coffee"
"9/21/97 11:31:43 AM","Nancy","Clipper, you talking about dome construction?"
"9/21/97 11:31:53 AM","Clipper","Yes, "
"9/21/97 11:32:02 AM","Clipper","Prototypes that work."
"9/21/97 11:32:20 AM","Clipper","Wind mills, alternate power, etc."
"9/21/97 11:32:32 AM","Nancy","We need to have prototype sites that use windmills, distill water, have fish tanks fed from algae grown in irradiated (or ultra sound treated) sewage, etc."
"9/21/97 11:32:54 AM","Nancy","This is a worthy grant proposal, just from the solution sets that we KNOW are available and will work!"
"9/21/97 11:33:06 AM","Clipper","Yes, and their should be prototypes in different climates."
"9/21/97 11:33:17 AM","Nancy","Now remember, in a grant proprosal, we need to be prepared to spend the money if we get funded!"
"9/21/97 11:33:32 AM","Clipper","Some for cold climates and some for warm climates."
"9/21/97 11:33:41 AM","Nancy","Each grant proprosal must list the principals, the people who will be spending the money and conducting the activity."
"9/21/97 11:33:50 AM","Clipper","That should not be hard ."
"9/21/97 11:34:10 AM","Gerard","<Gerard> Nancy I want to ask Geson what he meant by Vitamin C production, finding a method that folks could use, from for instance household chemcials or stuff in nature (limestone, perhaps) in case they must manufacture Vitamin C?"
"9/21/97 11:34:12 AM","Nancy","In the video production project, Geson and Michael have stepped up to take responsibility for producing this."
"9/21/97 11:34:23 AM","Gerard","(Geson) Well I know so little about this (vitamine C) and I presume that it is one of the most important things to overcome?!"
"9/21/97 11:34:48 AM","Nancy","We HAVE names to put on the grant proposal, and by pointing to the fisherman site (Gesons) grantors can see they are not dealing with wishful thinking!"
"9/21/97 11:35:24 AM","Nancy","Correct, Vitamin C, lack of it, will kill via scury. Not a pleasant death, either, hemorhage body wide."
"9/21/97 11:36:15 AM","Gerard","be right back... getting some coffee"
"9/21/97 11:36:42 AM","Nancy","OK, we have a list of things forming. I'm a little unsure of dome construction at the moment, as we have 1. commercial production such as Monolithic and Geodesic, and 2. list serve discussion that is really rather primitive and exploratory at present."
"9/21/97 11:37:22 AM","Nancy","We HAVE no ideas for dome construction that the average man could put up, given that they didn't have time to prepare and have only junk at hand, or perhaps rocks and tree branches."
"9/21/97 11:37:46 AM","Clipper","Yes, but putting some of these applications to work will improve them."
"9/21/97 11:38:09 AM","Nancy","I think this is evolving on the list serve, however, and might mature to be an educational matter, with models to be filmed or photographed, a booklet to be produced, in time."
"9/21/97 11:38:34 AM","Gerard","(Geson) You can of course write a proposal and point to my site. I will still do things in my speed... I mean that I wont stress or sleep, just take first things first!"
"9/21/97 11:38:51 AM","Gerard","(Geson) Michael and I need to talk this over, as it is a higher responsibility when money comes in the picture :-)"
"9/21/97 11:39:41 AM","Nancy","My thoughts are that we should not ask for funding for stumble-bum attempts. The dome construction now will be no better than the existing construction techniques, and we need to have something to offer or it looks like we're asking for money in order to grope!"
"9/21/97 11:40:21 AM","Clipper","You are correct, that is why we should go with the video first."
"9/21/97 11:40:56 AM","Nancy","Gerard, please tell Geson that the grant proposal, which we are NOT approving at this board meeting but just discussing, could be general, saying WHEN a video is produced, that money would be needed to facilitiate distribution and perhaps distribute free to TV stations, etc."
"9/21/97 11:41:18 AM","Nancy","Then you mention contacts that grantors can contact to get more information."
"9/21/97 11:41:39 AM","Nancy","As their ideas form, and come together, they can add film clips or whatever to the web site."
"9/21/97 11:41:55 AM","Gerard","Nancy, i copied what you said into IRC"
"9/21/97 11:42:00 AM","Clipper","Yes, there should be info in the video"
"9/21/97 11:42:19 AM","Nancy","You know, in the movie making business, Hollywood, I know they have a script, then they get actors lined up, and all the while they are looking for funding."
"9/21/97 11:43:28 AM","Nancy","Oh! Here's another idea! I wrote a film script with Noologic, but it was my creation, in fact, and now Noologic does not anser my e-mail. This script is mine, and we should ask for funding to produce the film, or to partner with a production company!"
"9/21/97 11:43:45 AM","Clipper","So we should concentraite on the video first and fore most."
"9/21/97 11:43:52 AM","Nancy","I know I'm prejudiced, but I'll send you all the script, and you can judge for yourself."
"9/21/97 11:44:22 AM","Nancy","So, we have the following grant proposals discussed, that seem like good ideas"
"9/21/97 11:44:35 AM","Clipper","Please send the script. and that is a good idea."
"9/21/97 11:44:44 AM","Nancy","1. video on the pole shift and aftertime by Geson and Michael, funding for distribution when produced."
"9/21/97 11:44:45 AM","Nancy","2."
"9/21/97 11:45:01 AM","Nancy","2. Vitamin C manufacturing, how to do this average guy in the woods."
"9/21/97 11:45:21 AM","Nancy","3. film production partnership on pole shift fiction script written by me"
"9/21/97 11:45:41 AM","Gerard","take a note that Geson follows most of our discussion, "
"9/21/97 11:45:57 AM","Nancy","4. prototype sites using windmills or water wheels, 12 V batteries, fish tanks and worm beds, recycling sewage, indoor gardening."
"9/21/97 11:46:11 AM","Nancy","Have I missed any?"
"9/21/97 11:46:31 AM","Nancy","Gerard, could you be sure that Geson gets my point 1 through 4, as I'm trying to summarize."
"9/21/97 11:46:31 AM","Clipper","That about covers it."
"9/21/97 11:47:04 AM","Gerard","Yes,, i already pasted them into IRC.. He gets most of our meeting"
"9/21/97 11:47:17 AM","Gerard","i paste almost everything we say"
"9/21/97 11:47:51 AM","Nancy","My thoughts are that where we are not voting to APPROVE grant proposals, we should vote saying that these ideas are worthy and efforts on these ideas would BE CONSIDERED by the Board. This means that anyone reading the log of this board meeting will have solid guidelines."
"9/21/97 11:48:22 AM","Nancy","There may be many members of the list serve who read these logs and ponder if they should join the membership, etc. "
"9/21/97 11:48:23 AM","Gerard","i am right back"
"9/21/97 11:48:54 AM","Nancy","In any case, its good to make a statement like this, as things may be busy and this sets a precedence."
"9/21/97 11:48:55 AM","Clipper","Good thinking."
"9/21/97 11:49:19 AM","Nancy","We can point to this log to answer inquiries, as an indication of the Board's leanings and predisposition."
"9/21/97 11:49:57 AM","Nancy","I'd like to take a vote that we say 1-4 are reasonable proposals, and work on these ideas would be considered by the Board and not rejected out of hand."
"9/21/97 11:50:18 AM","Nancy","What does everyone else think? Should we move and second and vote?"
"9/21/97 11:50:34 AM","Clipper","I think we should move on this."
"9/21/97 11:50:47 AM","Diana","yup, think we should"
"9/21/97 11:50:57 AM","Nancy","Would you do this, Clipper? Make a motion."
"9/21/97 11:51:39 AM","Clipper","I make a motion that that proposals 1-4 be voted on."
"9/21/97 11:51:47 AM","Nancy","Would someone second this motion?"
"9/21/97 11:51:55 AM","Diana","i sencond that "
"9/21/97 11:52:39 AM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded that ideas 1-4 above in the Board Meeting log be approved as worthy of pursuing, and would be CONSIDERED by the Board for approval if submitted."
"9/21/97 11:52:45 AM","Diana","or--second it too"
"9/21/97 11:52:48 AM","Nancy","All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"9/21/97 11:52:49 AM","Nancy","Yes"
"9/21/97 11:52:58 AM","Clipper","Yes"
"9/21/97 11:53:01 AM","Diana","Yes"
"9/21/97 11:53:09 AM","Gerard","yes"
"9/21/97 11:53:17 AM","Nancy","Gerard, would you relay the vote call to Geson?"
"9/21/97 11:53:37 AM","Gerard","(Geson) yes!"
"9/21/97 11:53:43 AM","Nancy","The motion passes."
"9/21/97 11:53:55 AM","Nancy","This concludes the formal Board Meeting agenda. "
"9/21/97 11:54:20 AM","Clipper","Can we chat now?"
"9/21/97 11:54:23 AM","Nancy","Does anyone have other issues that should be addressed? (Remember, if material needs to be reviewed, this needs to be in Board members hands 3 days ahead of time)"
"9/21/97 11:55:05 AM","Clipper","Procedures for the proposals should be discussed off line."
"9/21/97 11:55:06 AM","Nancy","If no one has further official business, I'll adjourn. However, I need to hear from you that official business is completed. Anyone say otherwise?"
"9/21/97 11:55:30 AM","Nancy","It appears we have no further official business, and futher discussion is not part of the Board Meeting."
"9/21/97 11:55:34 AM","Clipper","I move that official business be concluded."
"9/21/97 11:55:38 AM","Nancy","The meeting is adjourned."