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Board Meeting

September 21, 1997

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, and was called to order and proceded according to the published agenda. Whiteboard contents during the meeting were the scheduled Agenda, and Logo Finalists - Logo 10 and Logo 9. 5 of the 8 active Board members were in attendance, a quorum - Clipper, Diane, Gerard, Nancy, and Geson. All votes were unanimous, the 50% of the active board required by the Bylaws or better.
1. Approval of Union Bank and Trust Co. of Pottsville, PA as official bank at present.
2. Approval of Logo 10 as official Logo, with Logo 9 as alternate.
3. Approval of the following Grant Proposal ideas as candidates that the Board would consider for approval.
- Funds for distribution of Video of pole shift animations, Aftertime scenarios, etc.
- Funds to research Vitamin C production from common household ingredients
- Funds or partnership for film production based on Pole Shift fiction written by Nancy
- Funds for support of prototype survivial sites using proven technologies such as windmills, water wheels, worm beds, fish tanks with algae and recycling sewage cleansed by ultra-sound or irradiation, indoor gardening, 12 volt batteries. Such sites to be used for educational purposes.