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Board Meeting

September 22, 2002

(Brent) All right then....let's call this board meeting to order.
(Gerard) okay
(Brent) Item one Ratification of minutes: july and August
(Jan) OK. But no quorum today then?
(Gerard) No comments from me, about the minuts
(Brent) Jan:there are 5 members present....out of 9. We seem to have a Quorum.
(Jan) OK.
(Jan) No comments to the minutes.
(SteveH) no comments as well
(Brent) Nancy reviewed the problem with the minutes......and all seems to be repaired. If there is no question or comment, we will consider the minutes from both months ratified as correct.
(Brent) Item 2: booklet orders from foreign countries and general status.
(Brent) Unfortunately, Mary is not here to discuss,but she can review the log later.
(Brent) Any discussion on the foreign currency orders? Shirley and I are recommending money orders in US Dollars.
(Brent) Nancy also mentioned this to me...
(Jan) What about PayPal?
(Gerard) and how should the people pay it... That's something to think about also i think
(Gerard) I thought about paypal too
(Gerard) paypal might be an idea
(Brent) The problem with Paypal is that not all folks are on the internet that are ordering booklets.
(Jan) I think people order the booklet to have a printed copy or for give-aways, not because they cannot use the net or download the pdf's.
(Brent) I know Nancy has received several snailmail orders from folks who heard about the booklet from her interviews on the radio, etc.
(Gerard) And another thing is that not everyone has a credit card or wants to send a cheque by post...
(Jan) Foreign orders cost more in postage as well, so we will soon deplete our funds (even if Nancy did a refund on the room & board) if we do it for free.
(Brent) Are postal money orders hard to get in foreign countries?
(Jan) I believe you can get money orders at the post office
(Jan) Maybe both PayPal and money orders could be the solution.
(Brent) I paypal easy to set up?
(Brent) I=is
(Gerard) For what i know yes about paypal
(Brent) Nancy would have to set it up off the server, and as the treasurer.....we should probably talk to her about paypal.
(Jan) I have only used it for purchases, but since it deals with smaller amounts, it must be simple to use, w/o high overhead costs. At least, that's the idea
(Brent) Is there a cost to set up Paypal?
(Gerard) from the paypal site
(Gerard) Does it cost money to sign up for PayPal?
(Gerard) No. It is free to open and send money using a PayPal account. We do charge modest fees for our Premier and Business members to receive payments
(Brent) Gerard: you said "we", you have experience with papal?
(Brent) Could you help Nancy set it up?
(Gerard) i have no expierence with paypal but i just looked at the site
(Gerard) also as a help page
(Gerard) that's where i found the info
(Jan) Fees: See (or maybe you have to be signed in?)
(Brent) Shall we take the Paypal idea under advisement so it can be discussed with Nancy? In the mean time, we could recommend moneyorders...
(SteveH) sounds good
(Jan) Sounds good
(Gerard) sounds good
(Jan) The PayPal cost is between .7% & 2.9% + 30cents.
(Brent) Shirley: I move that we recommend the use of moneyorders from foreign countries, and review the possability of Paypal as well with the treasurer.
(Brent) Second?
(Jan) I second
(Brent) Let's vote: all in favor: yes, against: no
(Jan) Yes
(Brent) Brent: yes
(Gerard) yes
(Brent) Shirley:yes
(SteveH) yes
(Brent) The motion carries unanamously. We will work on the Paypal propasal before next meeting.
(Brent) Item 3: ongoing projects.
(Brent) both reports are linked off the agenda...comments?
(Jan) I don't see any links to any reports from the agenda
* Gerard neither
(SteveH) I read stan's report from the email
(Brent) Hmm.....OK, check tt-inc emails...I forwarded Stan's report and apology this morning, and Shirley posted her report a few days ago.
(Gerard) Yes, i read those
(Jan) brb
(Jan) Read both. Seems the seed project is gathering some good experience, while HF Radio is more quiet. Still, I think itæs good Shirley hangs in there
(Jan) No activity on my side currently either, seems there will be a busy spring getting everything in place
(SteveH) for all of us hehe
(Brent) Jan, any activity in Europe as far as Ham radio?
(Brent) oops...on the same wavelength, eh Jan? :-)
(Jan) Brent, unfortunately no. Partly due to much travel, partly due to economical reasons. Does not seem to be any hope for much activity or any radio tower untill early spring.
(Brent) OK, thanks Jan.
(Brent) Looks like Roger & Stans acerage project is moving along well, and seed harvest is progressing.
(Brent) Any other comments or questions?
(Gerard) No comments or questions from me
(Jan) Not to the reports.
(SteveH) Jan, I jsut spoke to my contact in California who helped me take the images and he said the 0 exposure frames would not make any noticable difference on the images
(Jan) I wonder however if the TT Inc video was distributed, and if you have taken a look at it?
(Jan) Steve, thanks
(SteveH) because of the skies being so dark and the long exposures from the dark images would cancel it out anyways
(Brent) If there is no more discussion of any agenda items, I will adjourn the meeting.
(Brent) None?
(SteveH) none from me
(Gerard) not from me
(Brent) Shirley: none here