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Board Meeting

September 24, 2000

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. E-Mail Votecall Results - Report by President

During this past month a votecall was placed before the Board on three Motions made by Nancy. As a result, an (800) number will be established for the nonprofit and a PO Box in Baraboo, WI, to distance the home in Wisconsin from public contact. As a result, Ron's travel expenses for his return trip to Texas will be reimbursed, as well as his 1999 expenses for travel to Wisconsin. As a result, Ron's resignation as Treasurer was accepted, and Nancy appointed as Treasurer. A new Internal Auditor must be appointed.

3. Phone Team - Discussion
In that an (800) phone number and answering service were approved during this past month's e-mail votecall, a phone team will be established to responde to calls from the public. Nancy will pick up messages from the (800) answering service, and list them on e-mail to the phone team. Cass, Mary, and Ron have volunteered for this service.
4. Compensation for Web Wrapping - Vote or NOT
A motion has been made by Aron, seconded by Sol, to compensate Nancy with $1,000 for her many years of web wrapping for both the Troubled Times web site and the nonprofit. This service was not listed or considered during the June, 2000 compensation considerations.
5. Jan as Internal Auditor - Vote or NOT
In that Nancy was appointed Treasurer during this past month's e-mail votecall, she can no longer serve as Internal Auditor. A motion was made by Nancy, seconded by Roger, for Jan to again be the Internal Auditor. Jan is eminently qualified for this position. He was a consultant with Anderson (a financially oriented consulting firm), and his appointment as Internal Auditor would go a long way toward reassuring our donors. Jan would be at Board meetings as required.
6. Cell Phone for Ron - Vote or NOT
As Ron will be retaining the General Project Manager position, it has been determined that he will need a cell phone for work on the projects. Ron is investigating prices: currently $150.00 for the phone itself, plus $35.00 per month for 1,000 minutes. Ron is to Present exact figures to the Board at the meeting.
7. New Member Process - Vote or NOT
A Motion has been made by Sol and seconded by Nancy to change the current Bylaw process whereby new members are added to the membership roster, and to establish a new Policy regarding recruitment. This motion was heavily discussed by the membership on the tt-inc mailing list. Action items for the Board in processing this motion are:
- Approve the process whereby the entire Board, or a select committee from it, will be made moderators of this TT-Inc. membership, and will be the only address for starting a new member application process.

- Approve the process whereby people from the general TT membership, or anybody else for that matter, are approached and asked to join.

- Vote to have a "hidden" link on the Web with the names of all the members of the TT-Inc. and the dates they joined. This link will not be made public for now, but will be mailed privately to every single member of this Corporation. Sol has volunteered to do the mailing, if necessary.

- Vote on wording change to Section 2 of Article 8:
8. Public Access TV Documentary - Report by Nancy
Over Labor Day weekend, a film crew from Tarzania, CA traveled at their own expense to Wisconsin to film a 30 minute documentary to air on Public Access TV. This documentary will include Geson's 4 minute TV clip and animations developed by this film crew and Jason Martell, an animation specialist with a developed lecture on Planet X, a.k.a. the inbound 12th Planet.
9. Budget Modifications - Discussion
The current Budget was developed in the Spring of 2000. In that a phone team is being established and Ron and Ichi will not be housed in Wisconsin at the former headquarters, working full time, the requirement for full salaried personnel has been removed. There has been discussion on the membership mailing list regarding purchase of a campground, perhaps in Montana. In anticipation of a large donation at end of year, this Budget needs to be reviewed.
10. Streaming Video Review Committee - Discussion
During the development of the UNIX Servers in Silicon Valley, an Executive Committee was established to advise the President on the hardware selection. This committee worked well, in that both Jurian and Ernie independently selected the same motherboard, Roger was unable to better Ernie's component prices, and all questions were addressed. In anticipation of a T1 line being funded at end of year, these servers can go on-line and be configured by Jurian. The selection of software for audio and video editing and streaming, and for other functions, needs to be addressed. Issues to be addressed are selection of Routers, T1 Line, streaming software, and editing software. The President-at-Large this month, Brent, wishes to establish such a committee. Several qualified members have volunteered to be on this committee, notably Barry, Jurian, Michael, Morgan, Nancy, and Ron, as well as the hardware assembler, Ernie.
11. President-at-Large - Vote or NOT
Brent has served this past month as President-at-Large. This position needs to be filled for the forthcoming month of October.