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Board Meeting

Sep 28, 2003

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
- If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Changes to the Nonprofit - Discussion & Vote
- Nancy has made wording changes to the mission statement, and other areas of the website. These have been posted to the TT-Inc website previously.
- Mike L has requested a review of these proposed changes by the board & membership via email. He has included his own suggestions as to these changes to be made. This Email is linked off the web for board review.
- Note: This will be the third month of discussion of this issue. The President feels it is time to bring this issue to a conclusion, and move on.
3. TT-watch Discussion re Missing Funds - Discussion
- There is discussion on TT-watch regarding "missing Funds" from the nonprofit. Shirley sent me the Thread.
- Taking the end of 2001 report, accounting for 2002 as in the end of 2002 report, shows no missing funds. Details are in this 2002 Accounting link. Note that the 2003 expenses includes copying and postage charges for duplicating 4Q 2002 paperwork and mailing this to the President and Internal Auditor, Jan, in Norway.
- Per the Bylaws, a quarterly financial report is required, which has been done, and an annual report stating income, outgo, and assets, which has been done. This is all a matter of record in the Minutes.

4. Domain Name Renewal - Discussion

- Troubled-Times.COM and Troubled-Times.ORG are going to expire on 9 AM Tuesday September 30.
- Jurian is the current owner of these domains, which he established for the UNIX servers, not no longer online. Renewal fees are minimal.
- The Survival Booklets distributed refer to these domain names on the cover and introductory pages.