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Board Meeting

September 28, 2003

The meeeting was called to order by the President at 18:15 UTC. Those attending: Brent (President, and chairing the meeting), Jan, Nancy, Roger, and Mary. Shirley had given Brent her proxy prior to the meeting.

Agenda Item 1: Minutes of Last Meeting – Approval
- Jan objected to his comments being characterised as having to do with Agenda Item 2 of the previous, July 2003, meeting, and wished to correct that ‘They were related to the fact that the minutes did not show the request for the 2002 Annual Report, not the agenda item as such.’
- With this correction the Minutes were ratified.
Agenda Item 2: Changes to the Nonprofit - Discussion & Vote
- There was considerable discussion on Mike L’s request to leave ‘pole shift’ in as an example of cataclysmic earth changes. Mike L’s significant contribution to the content of the Troubled Times web pages as a volunteer were noted, information which was then incorporated into the nonprofit Survival Booklet.
- Nancy brought up Bylaws that might relate, Section 1, Amendments where inferred membeship rights are amended by the Board, and Section 8: Referendums where one can be called if an issue is ignored and ‘twarted’ by the Board. The President noted that Section 8 did not apply as we were addressing Mike L’s issue. Nancy then seconded Mike L’s motion.
- Since the votecall did not include Mike L’s option, and a pole shift is a cataclysmic event, Roger motioned THAT the booklet remain unchanged with respect to the pole shift references and that the Bylaws be changed as agreed by the recent votecall. Passed unanimously.
Agenda Item 3: TT-watch Discussion re Missing Funds - Discussion
- Brent and Roger stated they could find no missing funds in the information provided by the Treasurer.
- Jan stated the issue was that the information had not been put into a Balance Statement. Nancy reiterated that assets had not changed in 2002, and the Bylaws only then required that income and expenses be noted.
- Jan then left the meeting.
Agenda Item 4: Domain Name Renewal - Discussion
- It was determined to renew the Domain names. Many motioned THAT we appropriate the funds to pay for another year. Passed unanimously.
- Nancy volunteered to pursue the renewal.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 19:43, UT.