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Board Meeting

September 30, 2001

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Tractor & Plow Rental Reimbursement - Vote or NOT
- Roger is seeking reimbursement for the rental of a tractor and plow to clear his project site.
- As Roger saw significant board member approval via email discussion, he decided to rent the equipment and seek reimbursement at this meeting of $200.00
3. UNIX Servers Online with DSL and Static IP Addresses - Discussion
- Additional Costs are associated for DSL with static IPs.
- Century Tel as Cisco Router vendor vs other vendors
- Ideas for Server Use (UNIX and Nancy's NT Server)
4. Troubled Times Booklet Supply Account - Vote or NOT
- A Supply Account needs to be established for booklet production.
- This will cover printing cartridges, small binders, paper, etc.
- Discussion and vote on amount needed.
5. Snail Mail Response/Mission Statement Letter-Discussion - Vote or NOT
- Nancy has received at least one post card at the P.O. Box requesting information about our nonprofit, where to buy seeds, and how to raise fish.
- A recent phone call to the 800 number was requesting a call back with any information about jobs in Antartica.
- Instead of sending each snail mail inquirers a booklet, it was suggested that we compose a standard letter including our mission statement, with a place to personalize underneath.
- Additionally, a decision on what phone calls (nonsensical and inappropriate) to return needs to be determined.
6. Progress of Short Wave Radio Project - Report
- Interim report on Canadian radio network