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Board Meeting

September 30, 2001

(Brent) OK, I'v got 11:05.....So I'm calling the meeting to order.
(Brent) Item 1 Minutes of last meeting....any questions or comments?
(Gerard) No comments
(Roger) Nope
(Jan) No
(Barry) Back, grettings all; no comment on the minutes
(Brent) Then the minutes are ratified as correct.
(Brent) Item 2 Tractor & Plow rental reimbursment...comments?
(Roger) Well, the weather has not been kind.
(Roger) We have had too much rain each week of this month, save for this one, and no plowing was possible.
(Roger) We still plan to do this, just waiting for a dry weekend (proceeded by a relatively dry week).
(Brent) Are you still planning to plow roger?
(Roger) Yes, we still plan to plow, etc.
(Brent) OK, so this isn't a reimbursment but a request for funds?
(Roger) It was dry enough this weekend, but with this meeting and all, we decided to hold off.
(Roger) I suppose so, yes, this is now a request for funds.
(Brent) OK, there has been much discussion on the lists about this, shall we just vote on the $200.00 for Roger?
(Barry) Please
(Jurian) Yeah
(Brent) Shirley moves that we vote $200.00 for the tractor & plow rental...second?
(Jurian) I second that motion
(Barry) 2nd
(Brent) Vote yes or no on the equipment rental
(Jurian) Yes
(Barry) yes
(Toni) I vote yes
(Roger) Abstain
(Jan) Yes
(Brent) Brent:yes Shirley: yes
(Gerard) yes
(Brent) The motion carries.
(Brent) Item 3: UNIX servers online with DSL...comments?
(Jurian) More a question, do we need to vote on buying those 2 domains?
(Brent) I believe that all we need to vote on is what Nancy laied out in her first link off the agenda: "costs".
(Brent) Three items at the bottom....
(Jurian) So I just buy the domains then? We'll need them anyway
(Gerard) Before someone else decides to register them, right?
(Jurian) Yeah
(Jurian) I move that we approve the additional costs regarding the DSL connection (static IP's, Cisco Router, Installation costs)
(Brent) Shirley seconds
(Roger) I second
(Jan) I 2nd the motion
(Brent) hehehhe
(Jurian) Guess that's clear :p
(Brent) OK, lets vote on the motion...all in favor yes, opposed no
(Barry) yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Gerard) yes
(Jan) Yes
(Toni) yes
(Brent) Brent: yes Shirley: yes
(Roger) yes
(Brent) Motion carries. Jurian, the board has faith in the UNIX server committee, and it can work out the domain purchases.
(Jurian) Right, I'll get that done then
(Jurian) Just one question, who should be set as "owner" of the domains? TT Inc, or Nancy?
(Brent) Any more comments on item 3?
(Jurian) I assume the Inc?
(Brent) Oops
(Roger) I think TT Inc.
(Jan) Yes, TT Inc
(Brent) I would think TT-Inc, with Nancy as the representative.
(Jurian) TT Inc as owner, Nancy as admin, me as tech contact
(Jurian) That sound about right? :)
(Roger) Sure!
(Brent) Yes
(Jurian) Ok then :)
(Roger) Seems there is trouble in the eastern US
(Barry) yup
(Brent) OK, Item 4 Supply Account for Booklet
(Brent) Discussion
(Brent) ?
(Jan) The only item for discussion should be the amount needed for such an account. The need should be obvious, methinks.
(Jurian) Not really, I think its quite obvious we need this. I move we establish an account for booklet production.
(Roger) Does anyone have an idea what amount is needed?
(Roger) I agree with Jurian, in that we should only need to settle on the amount.
(Roger) Shaul's coming...
(Jurian) welcome :)
(Roger) Howdy
(Shaul) Hi friends, sorry I'm late.
(Toni) how about a couple hundred to start?
(Brent) Hi Shaul...we're on item 4 :-)
(Toni) Hi Shaul
(Jurian) Nothing on the agenda regarding an amount, should there be a set amount??
(Toni) Cartridges are expensive
(Shaul) Oh wow, my clock REALLY off... daylight savings and such...
(Barry) Yo Shaulster
(Barry) It's proably to do with slowing.....
(Shaul) hehehee...
(Brent) As to an amount.....$200.00?
(Barry) That sounds good
(Jurian) Seems acceptable
(Toni) What about the envelopes and mailing costs?
(Jan) Seems a reasonable amount.
(Toni) Are they already covered?
(Brent) Shirley says what about $200.00 for now, then discuss later if Mary needs more.
(Toni) Ok
(Shaul) sounds logical
(Brent) Shall we vote?
(Jurian) Of course, as the booklet is an ongoing project, there will be need for aditional funds later on
(Brent) True Jurian
(Brent) Shirley is making a motion....(more)
(Roger) I think $200 is a good starting point. It will establish the "account" and we can add to it as needed, especially once we have an idea of amount of the costs, etc.
(Brent) Shirley: I move that the Booklet supply account be set up with an initial amount of $200.00, with more to come later as needed, with Board discussion.
(Roger) Second
(Brent) Vote Yes or no...
(Toni) yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Brent) Brent: yes Shirley: yes
(Gerard) yes
(Shaul) yes
(Barry) yes
(Roger) yes
(Brent) Motion Carries.....Supply account is set up!
(Jan) Yes
(Brent) Item 5 Snail mail response.....
(Brent) Comments?
(Shaul) any jobs in Antarctica?
(Shaul) hehehe...
(Brent) hehehehe
(Shaul) Sorry
(Brent) I wish Mary was here to offer input...
(Shaul) That's right, she was taking care of some of this, no?
(Brent) No, Nancy and I just got some mail from folks not on the internet.
(Shaul) Ah, right. I'm not really clear what we're voting on here, I guess
(Roger) Not a vote, per se, just discussion, I think.
(Gerard) A discussion and a vote
(Jan) As to the last part, what phone calls to return, it should be good enough applying common sense. Especially if we get phone calls from disruptors or people making fun at TT, there is of course no requirement that we return all calls
(Shaul) Yes, that should be pretty obvious, for sure.
(Roger) I see, a vote on policy.
(Roger) Making fun--the request for jobs in Antartica.
(Shaul) Right
(Jan) I think this item was more a wish for a discussion with the Board, Since neither Nancy nor Mary are here, I think that may be futile
(Gerard) If the calls, request are unserious then don't give a response I would say
(Barry) Correct
(Shaul) That would be the thing to do, and those who answer would have to decide what constitutes a "serious" call.
(Barry) Should be easy to figure out the serious from the comic
(Brent) And, since I'm currently the only one making return calls, I've already beem making those"judgment call" so to speak...
(Jan) Yes, there should be no need to create a "policy" for this, except asking the phone operator to use common sense as to which calls to return or not.
(Brent) agreed.
(Jan) As to a mission statement, do we need this?
(Shaul) Well, I think that some kind of an "introductory letter" may be better to send than giving them the booklet right away.
(Brent) Shirley suggests that we discuss the rest of this item next meeting when Mary is here, and can talk about mailing, doing a letter, etc.
(Jan) Isn't this a given re. the TT homepage etc.
(Gerard) I think that's better Shirley to do that
(Shaul) true, then why have the snail-mail response at all, we can just point them to the Net site.
(Shaul) But maybe not everyone is connected, that's it no?
(Barry) Except that some folks don't have the Net
(Brent) Jan: this is for folks not on the internet....
(Barry) WE have to give those folks something. A letter first, then a booklet is my suggestion.
(Shaul) I agree. First let them know what we're all about, and anyway the booklet is supposed to cost something, right?
(Jan) Sorry, I misread the mission statement part. Yes, a standard letter would be nice to have. Still, I think we should pospone this as Shirley suggested.
(Brent) Basic communication first.... form letter, mission statement, blank space to personalize, then see what happens.
(Jan) Be right back ..
(Brent) Shall we discuss details of the snail mail letter now, or next meeting?
(Shaul) That sounds fair
(Barry) We could do it now.
(Jan) Back again
(Brent) Well, as far as the details, seems we have a good plan now... good layout at least. Let's wait till Mary can add input from a production point of view.
(Gerard) That would be better yes, Brent
(Brent) Any other thoughts?
(Brent) Hello?
(Gerard) Not from me.
(Jurian) None here.
(Toni) No
(Shaul) If we decide this now, what exactly do we have to be deciding upon, once again?
(Roger) Sorry, had a visitor at the door.
(Barry) Nothing further to add from here Pres.
(Jan) I think this item should be postponed to the next meeting, when Mary hopefully is present. Nothing further to add.
(Shaul) Ok, I withdraw the question. No further comment.
(Toni) I agree. Mary should be here.
(Brent) Shaul: pretty much what we have already discussed... I think Nancy just added the vote because of the letter contents etc, aand we can do that next meeting.
(Roger) So we table this for now and continue next time when Nancy and Mary may be present?
(Brent) Ok, we will table this till next meeting, when Mary will be here....
(Shaul) Well, since we're at it - just a sec. Do we just have to decide on the letter content now?
(Brent) :-) yes Roger
(Shaul) Out of timing here, sorry.
(Roger) I think it would be good to facilitate discussion if a proposed letter (or two) were drafted for us to see.
(Roger) Ever try to write a letter with more than two authors?
(Shaul) I'm saying that maybe this is not such a big issue that we can't decide on it now, because it's better "corporate form" not to postpone decisions which CAN be made.
(Brent) No problem Shaul.... Roger... not a bad idea... do you want to draft a form letter?
(Roger) Well, I can, but I'm awfully busy right now, what with school, the harvest, and prepping that land.
(Brent) I agree Shaul.... this isn't such a big issue.
(Shaul) I volunteer to write the letter, if that's Ok with everyone.
(Roger) Thanks Shaul
(Brent) Good Shaul.... and share it at the next meeting?
(Shaul) I'd just like to get a better idea of what do we think should be in there.
(Jurian) Fine here, make it a good one Shaul :-)
(Shaul) hehehehe... no problem guys.
(Roger) Mission statement, web address, offer of booklet, etc.
(Shaul) Just the most basic stuff, you mean, without getting into particulars too much?
(Roger) Oh, and thanks for interest/inquiry. It sort of writes itself...
(Shaul) Sure, that goes without saying.
(Barry) He's a lawyer, remember? He's a master
(Roger) Yeah, at least that's what I had in mind.
(Shaul) Thanks man.
(Brent) Shaul: just generic... thanks for your interest in TT, etc., mission statement, blank area for personalization. And of course, add what you think would be appropriate.
(Shaul) Ok I get it. When should it be ready, you recon?
(Roger) Didn't they used to call lawyers facilitators?
(Brent) Lets NOT offer a booklet until we see where they are going with Troubled Times.
(Shaul) hehehehehe... "agents" probaly fits better...
(Jan) Shaul, if it could be ready some days before the next Board meeting so everybody can check it out?
(Barry) Brent - correct. These things cost us money by golly
(Roger) Well, if we state the cost, etc. along with the booklet offer...
(Shaul) You think not, Brent? I would think that we can tell them of its availability on the very first correspondence they get.
(Brent) Shirley says: once they've seen the mission statement, they may no longer be interested in Troubled Times, so why waste a booklet?
(Roger) You know, offer to sell them a booklet.
(Shaul) Ok, a week before the next meeting it is, then.
(Barry) Yeah, but we should tell them about the book
(Shaul) I agree, we just say the book is available, but don't send it to them right away.
(Roger) That's what I meant: offer them a booklet at the usual cost. If they're interested, they'll definitely ask, otherwise, we only confirm our mission (by making the booklet available).
(Brent) If they write back, and show interest, then offer a booklet.
(Shaul) I disagree, Brent. I think we can OFFER it right away, but not SEND it right away. Then they know it exists, and can order it.
(Barry) Agree
(Roger) Exactly
(Toni) Yes
(Barry) You should at least let them know a book exists.
(Shaul) What you're saying is that we'd offer it only in the second letter, which seems to be a bit of a waste.
(Barry) Let them request it
(Brent) OK, and if they write back, with interest they can get a book...
(Barry) Yup
(Roger) Besides, letting them know of its existence only provides more meat for the letter.
(Toni) If they are really interested, they won't mind a small donation
(Shaul) This is something else, this already involves getting into a whole correspondence with one person.
(Shaul) We should only write back once, I think, with ALL the pertinent info. Then they can write back and order a book,
(Brent) True...just mention the booklet and the website in the letter...see what happens.
(Shaul) And we can decide whether it'll be COD or payment in front.
(Roger) I agree, Shaul.
(Barry) Agree here as well, Shaul
(Brent) I agree, and Shirley agrees...
(Roger) Shaul, draft it up such that they know the booklet is condensed from the web, not all inclusive.
(Shaul) Got it.
(Brent) OK, so we'll look forward to your letter next meeting, Shaul! :-)
(Roger) Then they'll know, up front, that if they get the booklet, they're not getting all we have to offer.
(Shaul) Right!
(Brent) OK, Item 6..... Short wave radio project.... has everyone read Shirleys post?
(Jurian) Yes
(Barry) Yup
(Jan) Friends, the radio project and a lot of other things at my end have been slowing down for financial reasons. I planned to sell my current estate this spring, only had to do some repairs etc. first. The work took longer than expected, and was just recently finalized. This may not bee a good time of year for real estate sales, so I may have to wait until the spring.
(Jan) I currently have only a 30m multi-band dipole multi-band antenna. Having a good rig (Icom 756) doesn't help much if the antenna isn't there.
(Brent) Jan: your saying this because you need to buy a tower?
(Jan) Brent, yes
(Jurian) A tower is nice, but the antenna is THE most important thing, I think
(Brent) OK, Shirley says thats Ok, there's lots to do in the project otherwise, such as learning packet, emergency training, etc.
(Jan) My location is in a valley, where I need to get as high as possible. Also the tower would be the place for the required antennas
(Brent) Jan: Shirley says you and her can keep in close touch on this project.
(Jan) Brent, I agree. Shirley and I can continue this with direct communication.
(Jan) Bottom line: No contact yet, but no failure. Needed equipment (tower and antennas) will be added later.
(Brent) OK, Shirley says she's will to report to the board and email to TT-Inc monthly.
(Jan) End of report. Any questions to Shirley or me?
(Jurian) None here
(Gerard) None
(Barry) Nope
(Jan) Brent and Shirley, I can report to TT Inc as well. Maybe we should do a joint report?
(Shaul) Shoot folks, I'm really sorry, I was late and now I have to run, I'll get that letter out, real glad to help out with something. see you all later!
(Gerard) we should vote on ending the meeting ... I think
(Barry) Already?
(Brent) Jan: Shirley says Ok
(Roger) I move to adjourn the meeting.
(Barry) 2nd
(Brent) Ok, the meeting is officially adjourned. Great work, people! And so fast today!