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Ideas for Server Use

UNIX Servers: Online

- UNIX Servers online with DSL and static IP addresses

This should be done by the meeting, with pointing to them but no new domains
registered as I think this requires board approval.
Jurian says he can do this for about $15 each.
I have the router now, the IP addys will come in
the mail, then I have to make some changes via
Jurian/email instructions, then Jurian has to get
the time to get in an tweak the UNIX boxes.

- Domain, now unused, can be used as a mirror site pointer
- Domain names for (nonprofit) and (TT directories) can be reserved by Jurian inexpensively
- Domain pointers setup so that the nonprofit domain points to the home page (/nonproft/home.htm), the Troubled Times domain points to the (thub.htm) page.

Note all cross linking will work without any changes
in directories needed! I think much of the high MB data
on the PA Online site can be moved to the UNIX. I'm over
50 MB there, especially with translations booming, and
fear another increase in charges from them. MOST of
the high MB stuff is /nonproft/ photos by Ron, etc.
Seldom accessed, so can be a link to the UINX, my thinking.
Also, other big MB graphics (the graphic of Europe as
safe location by Michel was 1/2 MB alone!) Also, I
archieved many photos so can put them back, as the UNIX
is gobbie with disc space.

UNIX Servers: Possibilities:

- E-Mail addys for the board members or whatever can be established on the UNIX.

Forwarded to the normal e-mail so it won't be a long
distance call for a pickup. Just my thinking.

- List serve support ( does a good job now, but if it goes away, etc.) for new lists or whatever.

I have a copy of Mustang (paid $500 couple years ago,
never used though installed on the NT) if this is
worthwhile Mustang is a list casting application.

- ZetaTalk weekly web radio broadcast. This would be done via the NT Server, but requires another servers elsewhere to propagate the audio packets to the public.

NT Server has audio boards and Ernie says they weren't
installed in the UNIX (no need). ZetaTalk brings in
donations, in general, which are low right now. This
would require Kiko and Ernie to do a bit on the NT
Server (which I own) but the biggie that this would require is
to line up another servers someplace else that would allow
the public to PICKUP the audio packets. Our DSL would
not support this traffic, only a single packet outbound.