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There is another confirmation of the coming pole shift I found recently in the Megapolis-Express newspaper, of June 6, 2001. This is Vanga's last interview, recorded on the Dictaphone by one Russian journalist in 1994. Vanga very seldom allowed tape recording, but this time she has agreed, on condition that he will not show it nobody until new century. Vanga was old blind woman from poor Bulgarian village. At the age of 11 Vanga got into a tornado. She has become blind, but found abilities of clairvoyance and contact with souls of the died. She died in 1996 at the age of 84. I have left here only answers of the questions. The interview is more extensive, but I have included here only the themes connected to the coming global cataclysms and ET.

Then miracle will come, wonderful times will come. The science will tell, that in the old books the truth and that is not, people will find life in space and will know, whence it has come. The large underground city will dig out. The new people will arrive from the sky and there will be great miracles. But it is necessary to wait, it is impossible to hurry events, it will not be soon.

Soon, in nine years [2003], there will be the end of the world. The Earth will turn away from the Sun. Where was hot, there will be an ice, many animals will die out. The people will fight for energy, but they will have enough soul to stop. And then time will turn back.

The flood will be too, in 30 or 40 years. The large body will fly to the Earth and will hit the water. The waves will wash away a lot of countries, and the sun will dim for three years. The good-hearted people will survive, and malicious people, which consider themselves clever, will perish. Many people will perish. And then will be a very good life, and immortality will come.

Offered by Dmitri.