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Planet X: 3 Observatories PAST

Last Spring, 3 observatories in 3 countries found Planet X at the Zeta
given coordinates, all 3 reporting the same object.  This is documented
at the Troubled Times TEAM page at

February 7, 2001: The first sighting, in France, took the observatories
by surprise. The daughter of the astronomer reports that they suspected
a comet or a brown dwarf on the process to become a pulsar since it
emited waves. "Observatoire de Neuchâtel (celui du paternel) toute
première réponses: oui,ce pourrait être une comète. Elle est sur un des
bras d'Orion (?) et vont se mettre à mieux regarder pour valider ou non
'la naine brune'... car je ne sais pas si tu sais, mais ce stade est
juste avant celui du pulsar et donc émet des ondes..." The astronomer
did not get permission from the Neuchatal observatory to release the
image he had taken.  

April 1, 2001: For the second sighting, the historic 24" telescope at
Lowell had been rented, so the observatory had notice.  The team arrived
to find the rented scope had scafolding in front of it preventing it
being pointed in the direction of Orion.  Tisk.  But the persistent team
was able to get a second 16" scope pointed in the right direction, and
confirmed "I had asked the operator earlier if this scope would be able
to see something as far away and faint as, say, Pluto. He said he had
seen Pluto with this scope once before but it was so faint (magnitude
17) he could only see it out of the corner of his eye. So I tried
focusing on the periphery of the viewable area while directing my
attention to the middle. Lo and behold, there appeared a faint blip not
too far off center. ... I had the operator center the telescope on the
faint object so that we could get the oordinates more precisely and then
I checked a third time to make sure we were talking about the same
thing. We were; the elusive blip was centered now."  

April 8, 2001: During the third sighting, in Vancouver by Steve Havas
who posts here on sci.astro on this subject, there was ALSO scafolding
moved so as to discourage the scope from pointing toward Orion, but in
spite of this, the team succeeded and reported "Near the center I see
nothing that I think looks like [Planet X] (just a couple stars) but at
the very top right corner if I moved my head I could see what appeared
to be a darkish, diffuse, round spot, fairly large".  The astronomers in
charge of the observatory made all manner of attempts to prevent this
viewing, including pointing the scope in the wrong direction and
refusing to help in the endeavor.  Shortly thereafter, the observatory
was unexpectedly closed for a month of repairs.  That was, per Steve,
over 6 months ago, and per Steve's recent postings, the observatory
appears to be closed down for the duration.